What Is The Basic Salary Of SAP FICO In The USA?


SAP FICO Course programs and training have become a popular and highly sought-after professional course in the USA as businesses have increasingly taken cognizance of the power that SAP business solutions offer. Given the importance of cutting-edge skills in attaining business growth, employers are looking for skilled and certified professionals. The salary of SAP FICO in the USA is relatively competitive compelling many professionals to vie for SAP FICO consultant positions.  According to Talent.com, the basic salary of SAP FICO in USA at the entry level is around $117,500 annually and may go up to $161,200 along with gaining higher experiences. Let us find out all about the perks and salaries of SAP FICO consultants in the USA in this post and the factors impacting the salary pattern. 


Basic Salary of SAP FICO Consultant in the USA and Determinant Factors for the Salary 

The SAP FICO consultant salary in the USA ranges from $74,000 to $126,000 annually. On average, a SAP FICO Consultant can earn about $97,165 annually. There are a few factors that influence the salary pattern of SAP FICO professionals


Education and Experience

Experience, credentials, and education are very crucial when it comes to determining the level of salary that professionals in SAP FICO earn. Beginners at the entry level make lower incomes than certified and experienced professionals. The higher the qualification and more experienced a professional is, they have the upper hand in gaining senior-level positions that pay attractive salary packages. Experience and certifications can be attained by enrolling in any SAP FICO course from reputed institutions and polishing or upgrading one's skills. 



Location is another crucial factor that impacts the salary pattern of the SAP FICO consultants. Metro cities and countries that house big businesses have a higher tendency to pay higher salary packages. In the USA, the highest-paying locations or regions are California, Washington, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. 



Another factor that decides the salary of SAP FICO in the USA is the variation in the company's or business' strength. As bigger businesses are challenged with the need to handle large financial matters, it is important for them to hire professionals who are skilled and have better experience in the business process. A SAP FICO consultant has a high chance of being hired by business organizations in comparison to a smaller or newly started business. 

To find out more in detail, let us explore the various salaries of SAP FICO consultants across the USA covering different regions and companies. 

Basic Salary of SAP FICO Consultant as per Region

  • Washington-$154,357
  • Florida-$146,250
  • New Jersey-$146,250
  • Colorado-$146,000
  • Kansas-$145,000
  • Massachusetts-$145,000
  • North Carolina-$145,000
  • Texas-$140,400
  • Delaware-$140,000
  • Illinois-$138,250
  • New York-$133,438
  • California-$131,625
  • Georgia-$126,750
  • Pennsylvania-$120,575
  • Ohio-$105,350

( Source:Talent.com)

Salary of  SAP FICO in the USA according to Percentile

The salary of SAP FICO Consultant in USA based on different percentiles across the year, month, and hours can be listed below:

  • 90th Percentile: Monthly -$126,000, Monthly- $10,500         Hourly- $61
  • 75th Percentile: Yearly- -$111,000 Monthly- $9,250 Hourly- $53
  • Average: Yearly -$97,165, Monthly$8,097,  Hourly-$47
  • 25th Percentile: Yearly-$84,000, Monthly-$7,000, Hourly-    $40
  • 10th Percentile: Yearly- $74,000, Monthly-$6,167, Hourly-$36


(Source: Zippia)

Salary of SAP FICO in USA of High-paying Companies

Avnet is recorded to pay the highest salary for SAP FICO consultants in the USA. Following Avnet are companies like Randstad North America and American Water that pay competitive salaries for SAP FICO Consultants. Let us find out the companies that pay high salaries for SAP FICO consultants in the USA.

  • SAP: Yearly- $110,844, Hourly- $53.29
  • Avnet: Yearly- $108,089, Hourly- $51.97
  • American Water: Yearly-$107,147, Hourly- $51.51
  • Randstad North America, Inc.: Yearly- $103,769, Hourly- $49.89
  • The Lanco Group: Yearly-$103,535, Hourly- $49.78
  • Attune: Yearly- $102,587, Hourly-$49.32
  • DXC Technology: Yearly-$102,345,, Hourly- $49.20
  • SYSMIND: Yearly-$102,318, Hourly- $49.19
  • Capgemini: Yearly- $101,992, Hourly- $49.03
  • United Business Systems: Yearly-$99,808, Hourly- $47.98
  • Accenture: Yearly-$99,754, Hourly- $47.96
  • Mastech Digital: Yearly-$99,452, Hourly-$47.81
  • Deloitte: Yearly- $98,946, Hourly- $47.57
  • SITA: Yearly- $8,621, Hourly-$47.41
  • Foxconn Assembly LLC, Houston TX: Yearly-$98,447, Hourly-$47.33
  • Enterprise Solutions Inc.: Yearly-$97,347, Hourly-$46.80
  • Katalyst Technologies: Yearly- $96,837, Hourly-$46.56
  • DGN Games: Yearly-$96,816, Hourly-$46.55
  • The APP Solutions: Yearly- $96,294, Hourly-$46.30
  • Cogent Communications: Yearly-$96,287, Hourly-$46.29


Average Salary of SAP FICO Consultants in the USA Across Industries

  • Pharmaceutical: Yearly-$109,775, Hourly-$52.78
  • Energy: Yearly- $104,937, Hourly-$50.45
  • Manufacturing: Yearly-$104,651, Hourly-$50.31
  • Professional: Yearly-$99,708, Hourly-$47.94
  • Automotive: Yearly-$99,460, Hourly-$47.82
  • Technology: Yearly-$99,063, Hourly-$47.63
  • Retail: Yearly-$95,793, Hourly-$46.05

Salary of SAP FICO Consultant in USA of the Highest Paid Positions 

  • Programmer Analyst: Yearly-$71,563, Monthly-$5,964        
  • Systems Analyst: Yearly- $75,383, Monthly-$6,282
  • Customer Relationship Management Consultant: Yearly-$97,795, Monthly-$8,150           
  • Consultant/Team Lead: Yearly-$97,051, Monthly-$8,088    
  • Information Technology Consultant: Yearly-$84,790, Monthly-$7,066        
  • Oracle Functional Consultant: Yearly-$97,036, Monthly-$8,086                  


Attain Certification through SAP FICO Course for Higher Salary

SAP FICO Certifications have become sought-after credentials by both hiring companies and aspirants. Organizations give greater preference to certified professionals as they possess industry-graded skills that can generate greater productivity at work. For aspiring candidates getting a certification is akin to opening themselves up to numerous opportunities in their career as they are considered apt by potential employers. SAP FICO in general is largely pervasive across industries, from pharmaceuticals to retail to manufacturing, and their roles have become critical. As discussed above in the salary pattern, almost all industries pay competitive packages for credentialed and experienced consultants. Hence, it is ideal that aspirants seeking growth or building a career in SAP FICO set forth by learning all the skills and talents through SAP FICO courses and training programs and attain certifications as well that will add additional stars to their profiles. Their increased knowledge and potential will bring greater returns on investment, generate higher performance, and help minimize organizations in retaining massive numbers of employees and cut costs. 

We have comprehensively discussed the salary of SAP FICO in the USA. This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to comparing salaries of SAP FICO professionals across companies and regions across the USA. It will help you with your future career plans as you gain a solid and broader idea about how much you may expect to make monthly and yearly in the US.


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