Advantages of a Data Science Certification


Advantages of Data Science Certification

Advances in the field of computer science and information technology have enabled Data Science to advance from cleaning datasets and applying statistical methods to becoming a field which contains Predictive analytics, Data mining, Data examination, Business intelligence, Deep learning, AI and more. Now, there may be many who still think that Data Science is only a fad and the hype around it will drain away in time. But nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that Data Science is picking up steam as businesses and organizations obtain tremendous volumes of data to bring changes and improvements to their modus operandi and processes.

As the amount of data grows more and more voluminous organizations attempt to process the data generated, skilled Data scientists will become more and more engrossed by data associations of every kind imaginable. For instance, a glance at the job board in highly-rated job portals shows top associations dueling with each other to obtain and secure Data scientists. The associations include big names like Facebook, Twitter, Airbnb, Apple, LinkedIn, IBM, and PayPal among many others. It is a very fruitful time for anyone who wishes to improve and increase their abilities in Data Science and Big Data analytics to exploit the Data Science job openings through Data Science certifications.

Are you starting your career in Data Science, please take a look on how enrolling in the Data Science certification program is worth it?


It shows a degree of interest and self-driven learning –

If your resume has a certification it will show to your potential employer and professional network that that you are a person who is completely serious about your career and job profile. This digital age is rapidly advancing and is full of new and cutting-edge developments and innovations. In this age, the validity and value of a potential employee’s skill sets is decreasing at an incredibly fast rate, and this unfortunate news means that professionals have to keep updating and upgrading their skill sets along with the passage of time. Only in this way can they hope to ever be featured on the hiring manager’s potential employee’s lists in various companies around the world.

In today’s competitive job market, only those professionals have chances to get selected from the hiring manager’s candidate pool, who have the latest and most up to date skills reflected on their resumes. They can do that easily and smoothly through acquiring Data Science certifications from trusted and reputed online certification course providers who offer reliable services. It shows the hiring managers that the candidates are self-driven and genuinely serious about their job hunting and job related dreams.

Gives a mark of credibility to the candidate –

In today’s world there are many unscrupulous elements also vying for lucrative and attractive positions in the already competitive job market. They provide many false reports of their skills and experiences and hope to pass the screening rounds by the hiring managers and secure lucrative positions for themselves in the company. They seek to dupe the screening processes of the company through dishonest means and provide false information about their qualifications and attempt to mislead the recruiters and the hiring managers about the items listed on their resumes and curriculum vitaes. In such an environment of falsity and duplicity hiring managers constantly seek sources of authentication, veracity, and legitimacy from different directions.

In the field of Data Science at least, their search meets success as they can look for the different professional Data Science courses that a potential employee has completed. When organizations seek a data scientist or a data analyst to hire, the first preference always goes to the candidate who has a professional certification course from a reputed institute listed on his resume. If one can show a completed professional certification course from a renowned institute it is an indication of good skills, practical experience, and a high standard of education.

It increases the chances of getting the most highest paid job roles in the company –

Obtaining a professional Data Science certification course will increase the probability of getting selected by the hiring managers in the screening process of a company for the most lucrative and attractive positions such as the roles of a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst. In a widely referenced and popular study conducted by Amazon, 92 percent of hiring managers responded to the study by putting forward the claim that the certification played a major role in the screening process that the candidates were put through.

Companies and hiring managers across the spectrum fully recognize that it is reasonably difficult to secure and earn a Data Science certification course certificate and thus earning one immediately sets a candidate apart from the crowd and gives them the distinction of having put in hard work, time, and energy and of having gained practical experience and acquired skills by dedicatedly completing the certification course. Your resume will be heads and shoulders above the rest and will bear the mark of a real and relevant investment in the field of Data Science instead of just a list of mere mentions of what the candidate thinks the hiring managers will find appealing.

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It will give you valuable knowledge about the most current industry trends –

If you obtain a Data Science certification, it will enable you to stay updated about the most current practices in the Data Science field. You will be able to learn all kinds of new pieces of information about how the field of Data Science is progressing and what the most recent and latest developments in it are. If you complete your professional certification course from a reputed institute, you will be sure to receive all the latest and greatest pieces of information about which way the field of Data Science is headed currently.

All this new information will be very important and in fact essential in expanding your knowledge base about the current trends; something that you will not be able to obtain short of approaching industry insiders inside top companies around the world. So if one is getting access to this kind of information through a professional Data Science certification course, they should definitely go for that option and pursue the course without delay. This updated information will make the person a valuable resource for any business or organization who is looking to hire potential employees for positions related to Data Science such as Data Scientist and Data Analyst.

It makes you eligible for positions across various domains and industries –

 Various industries across a wide spectrum are seeking to step into the Data Science field today. Retailers for instance need to correctly anticipate what their customers want and provide those things. If they don’t do this they will be in all likelihood left behind the competition. Big Data and Analytics provide retailers the insights they need to keep their customers happy and returning to their stores. One study by IBM said that 62% of retail respondents claimed that insights provided by analytics and information provided them with competitive advantages. There are many ways retailers can use big data and analytics to keep their shoppers coming back for more.

For instance, retailers can use big data and analytics to create hyper-personal and relevant shopping experiences that make their customers highly satisfied and more prone to making purchase decisions. Similarly, Data Science finds numerous and multifarious applications in various other industries such as Medicine, Banking and Finance, Construction, Transportation, Communications, Media, and Entertainment, Education, Manufacturing and Natural Resources, and Government industries. A data science certification will make you eligible for jobs throughout all these industries in positions  like Solution Architect, Data Scientist, Project Manager, Business Intelligence Professional and Statistician.

It will teach you the essentials needed for the job and cut the fluff out -

 As a professional Data Scientist a professional will never be expected to derive any AI algorithms from first principles. They also don’t need to extensively mull through the details and specifics of the history behind each algorithm nor learn techniques like SVD (Singular Value Decomposition) or Gaussian Elimination on a detailed matrix without a computer program for easy assistance. While you will be required to have a good idea of algorithms you will not need to have such an in depth knowledge of intensive computer science concepts such as Jacobians or Hessians. Those domains are very academic and usually come into play during computer science research or academic endeavours.

The field of professional Data Science is usually separated from those domains. Thus a professional Data Science certification course will teach the learner all the practical details and skills required to handle the job responsibilities and perform the job tasks involved in a Data Science position, such as in the role of a Data Scientist or a Data Analyst. The curriculum of a professional Data Science certification course will help you in eliminating the unnecessary pieces of information such as the esoteric computer science concepts out of your Data Science preparation.

You will receive individual attention from the instructors-

An MOOC or a college typically has thousands or even tens of thousands of students enrolled in it. Most of the time, it is simply not possible for the instructors to provide individual attention to the students enrolled in the courses there. Thus, the students learning and depending on the course instructors for their education will be put at a disadvantage whenever doubts or questions arise in their mind, as they surely will.

But in an online professional certification course from a reputed institute the program is structured in such a way that each student receives individual attention from each of the instructors including special doubt clearing sessions, one on one video chatting sessions, and individually graded assignments and end term projects. All this will make the learner’s learning experience much more holistic and comprehensive.

Github Project Portfolio guidance-

It is very advisable to create and develop one’s own Github profile full of practical hands-on projects that contain one’s own real and genuine work and efforts. All college professors and the instructors of MOOCs will advise you to do so but they will not be able to give your individual profile genuine attention, the reason being that they have too many students and demands upon their time for them to be able to give time to individual project portfolios and really provide mentorship to you in helping you design your own project portfolios. On the other hand, experienced industry professionals who are typically the instructors of professional online Data Science certification courses can help you on a much deeper level.

Instead of turning a blind eye over your project, those instructors can help you pinpoint niches for your project and help you turn your project into a special endeavour which fills that niche and sets your project portfolio in a class apart by itself. In this way you will be able to make your special project portfolio into a kind of brand for yourself and put it as a strong point and a special strength on your resume.

Careerera is very helpful in helping professionals to improve their job profile and resumes by providing the means to them to up skill themselves. Careerera has tie-ups and partnerships with many of the top MNCs and organizations around the world who give preference to candidates during placement screenings and in many cases hire them directly after the completion of their Data Science certification courses. As an education provider, Careerera aims at developing the overall personality of an individual so that they can progress into becoming highly skilled working professionals. Careerera’s faculty utilizes contemporary tactics in order to deliver training sessions which include one-to-one interaction between the participants and the instructor.

The trainers appointed for Careerera’s courses possess a very high level of expertise in their subjects and fields. Therefore Careerera can easily guarantee positive results for all the participants. 24x7 guidance is provided to those who need it via call, email, or video call. Candidates can opt for demo classes in order to get a good idea of the actual training sessions. Careerera provides the online live virtual classroom training model in order to make it easier for working professionals to attend the sessions on one hand while balancing their work on the other. Careerera’s instructors will also make sure that all the learners are kept up to date with the latest and most current industry trends in the field of Data Science.

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