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Scrumversity Scaled Scrum Professional Certification Training: An Overview

Scrumversity Scaled Scrum Professional certification is a professional certification that affirms the in-depth knowledge of scaling Scrum and Scrumversity Scaled  framework. Obtaining this certification would mean becoming the master in the Scaling Scrum and related technologies like the Scrumversity Scaled framework. It allows you to obtain an overall knowledge on scaling Scrum and agility.

The training offered at Careerera, focuses on your overall development as far as Scaling Scrum and Scrumversity Scaled framework is taken into consideration. The training allows individuals to qualify the examination in order to achieve the Scaling Scrum Professional Certification. Join the community of Careerera today and become a certified Scaled scrum professional.

What are the Objectives of The Scrumversity Scaled Scrum Professional Certification?

The main objectives of the Scrumversity Scaled Scrum Professional certification training include the following:

  • Upon the completion of the certification, individuals will become fully able to simulate a colossal software development project. They will be able to do this by utilizing the Scrumversity Scaled framework and other related resources.

  • Total comprehension of how several practices can be utilized in order to eliminate the chances of convolutions and reliances at scale.

  • Once your training is complete, you will be able to handle a large Agile project using Scrum technologies. Thereby, making you competent enough in structuring, launching, staffing and supervising a large Agile project with much ease.

  • In order to reap the maximum benefit from their software development initiative, individuals will learn about the infrastructure, tools and practices that are required for the successful scaling of the Scrum.

  • You will be able to understand the complications associated with the large scale development initiatives and how you can overcome them through indulging into a series of cost-effective solutions.

  • Identification of the irregularities in the development of inventiveness and how to deal with them appropriately.

  • Management of multiple Scrum teams through the application of relevant Agile practices and Scaling fundamentals.

  • Administration of Scaled software and utilization of Scrumversity Scaled framework in product development to procure productivity in an organization.

Who Should do This Course?

  • Team leaders

  • IT managers

  • Software developers

  • Program managers

  • Product managers

  • Product owners

  • Project managers

  • Agile coaches

  • Scrum masters

  • To attend the training and the examination, all the professionals need to already have an Expert Scrum master Professional certification or an Expert Scrum Product Owner professional certification or Expert Scrum Developer Professional certification.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Scrum certification is essential in order to sit for the Scaled Scrum professional certification offered by Scrumversity. Apart from this, candidates should have a thorough understanding of the Scrum framework and the Scrumversity Scaled framework in order to take the examination of the Scaled Scrum professional certification.

  • Anyone of the certifications mentioned below:

  • Expert Scrum product owner professional

  • ExpertScrum developer professional

  • Scrum master professional

Course Highlights:

  • The total training timing is 16 hours wherein the course curriculum is covered with the help of multiple materials provided to all the participating candidates. This allows a better understanding of the Scrumversity Scaled Scrum concepts and theories.

  • Several case studies are taken into consideration for strengthening the analysis skills.

  • Moreover, multiple practice tests and mock tests are included for effective revision of the concepts covered in the training curriculum.

Pattern of The Examination:

  • The Scaled Scrum professional certification examination qualification requires a minimum of 85%.

  • The total time limit provided to qualify the examination is an hour. There are 40 subjective along with case study based questions.

  • The medium of the examination is English and the difficulty level of the Scrumversity Scaled Scrum professional examination is Intermediate.

What makes Careerera Different?

  • The Scrumversity Scaled Scrum professional certification offered at Careerera is tailor-made to suit the contemporary pattern of the Scaled Scrum professional examination. The certification provided to the participants is from Scrumversity. For more information visit

  • The training covers the fundamentals of the Scrumversity Scaled framework and allows candidates to start from the basics in order to successfully identify the complexities related to the Scrum and Agile-based teams in an organization.

  • Repetitive and periodic assessments are done to deliver best-in-class training and also in order to identify the shortcomings of the participant so as to eradicate it and allow them to have an unswerving learning experience. The motivational level remains intact and the trainers associated with the training are professionals having great qualifications and experience with the Scrum and Agile methodologies.

  • At Careerera, we allow multiple rejoining sessions which in fact eases the whole process of attending the training sessions for the Scaled Scrum professional certification.


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