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Scrum and Agile technologies are being used on a wide scale in today’s world. Several organizations are adopting Scrum and Agile techniques and best practices in order to maximize productivity and to build a reliable working environment.Professionals are taking up several Agile and Scrum related certification to meet the demand of Scrum professionals and Agile professionals in the workplace. This, in turn, creates a great demand for certified trainers that can provide ultimate knowledge and skills to the aspiring professionals.

Scrumversity certified trainer certification program allows professionals who are proficient with Scrum and Agile to upgrade their career as a Scrum trainer. The program offered at Careerera provides a scrumversity certified certificate to the candidates upon the completion of their selection process. Becoming a trainer can be a tedious process owing to the fact that it comes with several denials and refusals in the beginning, but acquiring the certification, after all, is surely comforting and very satisfying. To be able to achieve a trainer level in itself is an achievement. Join the program at Careerera, get certified from Scrumversity and make this world your oyster.


  • The program aims at giving a total comprehension of the screening process that takes place in the very beginning of getting the certification.

  • The trainers aim to provide you with an insight into how you can create a case study in order to relieve yourself from the pain of denials and refusals.

  • The proper documentation process is explained to all the participating candidates thus to eliminate chances of any mistakes.

  • The course follows a proper theoretical study along with practical application in order to prepare individuals for the day of the interview.

  • Practice ‘training simulation’ sessions are held to allow candidates to gain confidence in the art of mentoring and teaching.

  • The course also focuses on the overall personality development of the individuals so that they are motivated throughout their journey in order to achieve what they desire.


There are numerous benefits associated with getting the Scrumversity certified trainer certification. Some are listed below:

  • Getting a Scrumversity certified trainer certification allows you a fair opportunity to venture in the training world. Not only it opens great possibilities for career advancements but also leads to overall growth and development.

  • The Scrumversity certified trainer certification allows you to remain relevant and updated in an ever so changing world.

  • Being a trainer allows you to remain intact with the studies and thus your knowledge strengthens and possibly widens.

  • You become a better influencer and aims at motivating the organization towards Agile adoption.


  • The selection process is a two-fold process wherein the interested candidates are required to submit their application along with the documents for the Screening process.

  • If the documents and the experience do not match with the minimum requirements then the Scrumversity staff specialist will draft detailed feedback and you can resubmit your application later after meeting all the necessary and desired requirements.

  • Once the Scrumversity staff specialist confirms that you meet the requirements, your documents and work experience will go for further evaluation that will be done by the Formal review team and the members of the Trainer Approval Committee will review your application.

  • Once your application is approved, an in-person interview will be scheduled. The interview process is further divided into two stages wherein you will be called for a personal interview followed by a training simulation. Your leadership qualities will be put to test as far as Scrum is concerned.

  • Once you qualify each stage of the interview, you will receive approval by Scrumversity to be certified as a Trainer.


All the interested professionals must have any one of the below-mentioned qualifications:

  • Expert Scrum Master Professional certification.

  • Expert Scrum Product Owner Professional certification

  • Expert Scrum Developer Professional certification.

Along with this, a candidate must fulfil all the requirements and credentials needed for the Screening process and he/she should have valuable work experience.


  • The total course curriculum is completed through a 16-hour long training wherein all the essential topics are covered.

  • The training classes are accompanied by the training simulation sessions so as to allow candidates to prepare for the actual simulation part in the interview process.

  • Additional study materials in the form of in-house handouts and research papers are provided to each and every candidate so as to allow them a chance of overall preparation.

  • Access is given to attend cover-up sessions in any upcoming batch of the same training.



  • The whole purpose of the certification is to provide an idea to all the candidates how they can prepare themselves for the selection and the interview process.

  • The training provided at Careerera not only focuses on the theoretical part but also aims at building the confidence required to crack the interview process.

  • The teaching faculty at Career Era is proficient enough to deliver result-oriented training which not only helps the individuals achieve their dream of becoming a certified trainer but also allow them to remain motivated towards constant learning.

  • We also provide an understanding of the detailed feedback received by any candidate in case of refusals encountered before.

  • With the assistance of our trainers, individuals are able to represent themselves as Global Scrum leaders and acquire best-in-class training abilities.

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : What if I miss a class?

You can get access to another class in a different batch. To join another batch leave a mail on

Q2 : Do these online courses include hands-on-training?

At Careerera, the emphasis is laid on practical training and participants are motivated to utilize their knowledge and skills in actual environments.

Q3 : Will I be working on a project?

The project work will be to demonstrate your abilities as a trainer and for the same, you will prepare a practice simulation training session. Scores will be awarded and thus will be added to give you the course completion certification from Careerera.

Q4 : Will I be getting a certificate after the completion of the course?

You will receive a course completion certificate from Careerera. However, once you qualify the interview and the Screening process, a certificate validating you as a Scrumversity certified trainer will be awarded from Scrumversity.

Q5 : Is it possible to get in touch with the instructor for any query?

Is it possible to get in touch with the instructor for any query?

Q6 : Who are the instructors at Careerera?

All the instructors are certified trainers and deliver world-class training that allows candidates to crack the screening process as well as the personal interview.

Q7 : What if I require extra assistance?

Just drop an email at Or you can connect with our service support team.

Q8 : How do I get a refund?

The refund policy at careerera states that any individual can ask for a refund by submitting a refund request. All the participants are supposed to send the request just after attending the first class in their scheduled session. No refund requests will be considered if any candidates fail to do so. To file a refund request, all are advised to drop an email at The concerned department will get back to you and your refund will be initiated. It may be noted here that all the refunds initiated will take at least 7 days to reflect in the source of payment. If you face any inconvenience then you can contact our customer care representatives and they will guide you.

Q9 : How do I redeem a coupon?

To redeem a coupon you need to visit the official website that is for payment purposes. While on the payments page enter all the necessary details. You will be able to spot the coupon code option. Enter the code provided to you and proceed as case of queries please contact our service support team through an email send at



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