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Scrumversity Agile Leadership Professional: An Overview

Agile technologies and practices can transform the working of an organization, and that is the sole reason why organizations today are emphasizing more on leaders who are experienced in the Agile domain. Indulging into Agile technologies and frameworks not only mobilizes an organization towards more productivity, but it is also proven to have impacted employees in a positive way. A positive environment for an organization is truly essential as far as growth and development are concerned. Adopting Agile frameworks and techniques can have a positive impact on employee leadership and employee engagement. The whole product and service development process becomes swift and along with these employees feel empowered. This is the “Midas touch” of Agile.

The Scrumversity Agile Leadership professional certification training offered by Careerera will allow professionals to gain competency with the Agile technologies and frameworks. It will help professionals to have all the leadership quality to run an organization based on Agile systems and frameworks.

What Are The Objectives of The Agile Leadership Professional Certification Training?

  • One of the major objectives of the Agile leadership professional training is to give you an insight into how you can run an assessment of your level of leadership dexterity.

  • Total comprehension of Agile and its related terminologies and methodologies to improve your business practices for delivering high-yielding products and services for your clients.

  • You will undertake a complete transformation of your existing practices into Agile through leadership, sponsorship and understanding of the Agile support and practices.

  • Gain insight into how you can extend support to your Agile teams in carrying out tasks effectively and on time. This practice not only supports the existing strategies but also paves the way for the upcoming ones in order to achieve a higher performance level.


A candidate must have any one of the certifications mentioned below in order to take the training and the examination of the Scrumversity Agile Leadership Professional Certification:

  • Expert Scrum Master Professional

  • Expert Scrum Product Owner Professional

  • Expert Scrum Developer Professional


  • The examination consists of 36 subjective and case study based questions wherein you need to secure a minimum of 85% marks.

  • The time limit given to attempt the examination is 60 minutes wherein no extra time is given for reading.

  • The difficulty is of intermediate level and the examination is in the English language only.

  • Once you complete the examination with flying colours, you will be awarded a certificate of merit from Scrumversity that will validate you as an Agile leadership professional, and you will be fully equipped and ready to take up the job role.

Course Highlights:

  • The total training delivered is 16 hours. We make use of several contemporary approaches for delivering the best education that we can.

  • In-house study materials and published books in the form of soft copies are shared with all the participants for learning purposes.

  • Assessments are made periodically to evaluate the progress made by the participants.

Why You Should Go Forward With Careerera:

  • We at Careerera believe in innovations and performance as far as course delivery is concerned.

  • All participants are tended to individual attention from our trainers and it likewise produces desired results and outcomes.

  • We offer several cover-up sessions to all our participants so that their learning interests are intact and they are thoroughly motivated to achieve what they started.

  • We have a great passing result and for more details regarding the same, you can visit the review section on our official website that is

  • Our trainers are fully committed to guiding you through the registration process of the examination as well.

  • Scrumversity is our certification partner.

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You can get access to another batch of the same certification through your Careerera account ID. We also share the recorded session with the participants. These two options are available for you in case you miss any class.

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ScrumVersity Agile Leadership Professional

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