Why and How to become certified Scrum Product Master Owner?

Well, before going any further, you must get informed about the role of a Product owner first to realize the relevance of the Scrum Product Master Owner Certification Training program.

The Product Owner is the link between the stakeholder community and the scrum team. The interests of the stake holder are propagated to the scrum team through the channel provided by the product owner. It is also responsible for designing the required criteria as well as the fulfillment of those criteria. It is a prerequisite that the product owner has a neutral view of looking at things. He/she must take interests of each and every stakeholder under his/her wings without any prejudice, and at the same time understand the dynamics of the scrum team.  

It must be understood what Scrum Product Master Owner Certification Training is all about and what are its nitty-gritty.  On successful completion of the Scrum Product Master Owner Certification training online exam, the candidates will be awarded the Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC) certificate by the SCRUM.

Here are the constituents of the Scrum Product Master Owner Certification Training:

  • Highly informative Video tutorials
  • An online version of SBOK
  • The Bubbleman Case Study
  • Crossword
  • Robust Phone App
  • 30 PMI PDUs

What are the Benefits of Scrum Product Master Owner Certification Training?

You will enjoy numerous benefits on completion of this certification The SDC or SMC Certified professionals will become champions in the subjects require to clear this certification exam. Here is the course outline to get more clarity regarding the exam:

  1. Introduction of Agile and Scrum
  • What is Agile?
  • What is Agile Manifesto?
  • What are the Principles included in Agile Manifesto?
  • What are the SPOC Agile Methods?
  • What are the SPOC Scrum Principles?
  • The fundamentals of Scrum? 
  1. Introduction of Scrum Roles
  • Who is the Product Owner?
  • What constitutes Scrum Team?
  • Who is the Scrum Master?
  1. The process of planning in Scrum
  • An overview of Scrum Flow
  • How to prioritize the Product Backlog?
  • Introducing adaptive Project Management
  • Details of Acceptance Criteria
  • What is Scrum Board?         
  1. Introduction to Sprint Planning
  • What are Sprints?
  • An overview of Sprint Planning Meeting
  • What is the role of Product Owner in Sprint Planning Meeting?
  • How Task Estimation is done?
  • A brief description of Sprint Backlog
  1. Introduction to scrum implementation?
  • Introducing Daily Stand-up Meeting
  • A brief description of Sprint Review Meeting
  • A brief description of Sprint Retrospective Meeting
  • An overview of Product Backlog Grooming.
  1. Scrum for Large Projects
  • Who is the Chief Product Owner?
  • How to distribute teams in Scrum?
  • How to keep the stakeholders involved?


Exam Format

  • There will be multiple choice questions.
  • Each exam will consist of 140 questions.
  • There will be no negative marking.
  • The exam duration will be 180 minutes.
  • It will be a proctored online exam.
  • The current passing rate is 93%.



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  • Gayathri Sridharan
  • The online training course material which includes videos, ebooks and case studies are great and helped me in passing the certification exam successfully. I personally want to thank Kanishka Gautam (Assistant manager) at careerera who is very helpful from start to finish and had provided all the needed guidance and help throughout certification process. I give him 5 star as he is a customer delighter and was solely responsible for enrolling for other courses.He deserves a spl applause for all the help he has been providing. Thanks to the whole careerera team and Kanishka.

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