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In the latest competitive scenario Scrum Master has brought out of the box methodology certification that inhales your career. Everyone who already availed this certification knows that Scrum Master Professional (SMP) perform highly supporting role in facilitating and teaches the Scrum practices to all the people who have willingness to establish better career. After completion of training all the candidates are awarded with the Scrum Master certification by SCRUMVersity after passing the certification exams.

What are the main Benefits of Scrum Master Certification?

Specially created for software development projects, scrum master accelerate the performance of team work. It helps in improving the completion of project successfully on a certain time period. Here are the few benefits of a Scrum Master Certification training which are obviously real:

Scrum Master Certification Training

A unique methodology to change your mind set is none other than Scrum master. This training and certificate improve your approaching capacity and help you in performing out of the lead with perfection.

The process of training is completely professional which help you to stay relevant and according to the market strategies.

Most of the time best organization do not need any proof, similarly scrum master benefits you and your organization as well. It is a fact that adopting the new methodology is a big decision because it affects many aspects of the business.

In case you are newer to the process, even then there is nothing to worry because after achieving this certification will make you professional. Once you achieve the certification you have full chance to grow up and up.

Get the idea of Scrum Master Professional Exam Format:

The exam format is very easy and the contents and questions are of moderate level. Candidates usually get multiple choice questions. You get 60 questions in every exam. Here the benefits of no negative marking have been provided to the candidates. Duration of this exam is 90 minutes followed by online examination. The latest pass rate is 95 percentile. These are some points, if you learn them then Scrum Master Exam Format will run in your mind and also you will be able to detail the same to others as well.

Take a look over Audience Profile:

In this certification the Audience Profile says that anyone who are interested to become the Scrum Master are highly welcome and this certification is completely appropriate for everyone.


In the provision formal prerequisites is none for this certification. It is compulsory to complete the Scrum Developer Professional (SDPTM) prior to the application of Scrum Master Professional Certification. You are suggested to involve in classroom training for 2 days.

How to Apply Scrum Master Professional training simply?

All the formalities can be completed online, only you need to get registered into the and apply for the exam or to attend the classes. However the classes are also attended online. You need to pay very nominal charges. By paying the amount you will get a voucher that will be necessary while attending the call or appear for the exam. Just summit the relevant documents if demanded.

Program Curriculum

courseID =102

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • What is Agile
  • Chapter - 1.1
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Chapter - 1.2
  • Definition of Scrum
  • Chapter - 1.3
  • Scrum History
  • Chapter - 1.4
  • FIVE values of scrum
  • Chapter - 1.5
  • Scrum Values defined
  • Chapter - 1.6
  • Scrum values and behaviors
  • Chapter - 1.7
  • Scrum Characteristics
  • Chapter - 2
  • Empirical process control
  • Chapter - 2.1
  • Defined process control
  • Chapter - 2.2
  • Why is scrum empirical process control
  • Chapter - 2.3
  • Scrum Roles- Scrum Master, PO, Dev Team
  • Chapter - 2.4
  • Sprints
  • Chapter - 2.5
  • Sprints- Time boxed, Protected, Iterative and Incremental
  • Chapter - 2.6
  • Sprint planning
  • Chapter - 2.7
  • Sprint Length
  • Chapter - 2.8
  • Sprint Burn down
  • Chapter - 3
  • What is User story,Epic
  • Chapter - 3.1
  • Sprint Burn down
  • Chapter - 3.2
  • Release Burn Down
  • Chapter - 3.3
  • Burn down chart examples
  • Chapter - 3.4
  • Scrum Master - Authority, Responsibility
  • Chapter - 3.5
  • Product Owner - Authority, Responsibility
  • Chapter - 3.6
  • Team - Authority and Responsibility
  • Chapter - 3.7
  • Impact to Roles
  • Chapter - 4
  • Ideal persons for Scrum roles
  • Chapter - 4.1
  • Sprint planning Meeting
  • Chapter - 4.2
  • Sprint release meeting
  • Chapter - 4.3
  • Sprint Review meeting
  • Chapter - 4.4
  • Estimation in Scrum- Story points
  • Chapter - 4.5
  • Story point estimation techniques
  • Chapter - 4.6
  • exercises on estimation
  • Chapter - 4.7
  • Sprint Goal
  • Chapter - 4.8
  • Sprint Velocity
  • Chapter - 4.9
  • Definition of Done
  • Chapter - 4.10
  • How to handle undone work in sprint
  • Chapter - 4.11
  • Product backlog and backlog management
  • Chapter - 4.12
  • Sprint Backlog
  • Chapter - 4.13
  • Scaling Scrum team
  • Chapter - 4.14
  • Scaling product backlog
  • Chapter - 4.15
  • Scrum of Scrums
  • Chapter - 4.16
  • Locations and Challenges- Distributed team

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : What is Scrum Master Professional Certification?

Scrum Master Professional (SMP) is a 16 hours/2-day course that covers the principles and (empirical) process theory underpinning the Scrum framework, and the role of the Scrum Master in it. .

Q2 : What is Scrum Certification?

Scrum training and certification refers to courses and exams available to provide instruction and certify aptitude in Scrum, an agile methodology and framework for managing complex projects.

Q3 : What are Scrum Principles?

Scrum principles are the foundation on which the Scrum framework is based. ... Empirical Process Control—this principle emphasizes the core philosophy of Scrum based on the three main ideas of transparency, inspection, and adaptation.

Q4 : What are the three pillars of Scrum?

Three Pillars of Scrum. The three pillars of Scrum that uphold every implementation of empirical process control are: Transparency. Inspection. Adaption. Transparency.

Q5 : What are the three Scrum roles?

Clearly defined roles and expectations help individuals perform their tasks efficiently. In Scrum, there are three roles: Product Owner, Development Team, and Scrum Master. Together these are known as the Scrum Team.

Q6 : What is the goal of Scrum?

The Scrum Master is a servant leader who helps the self-organizing Development Team. The Scrum Master certainly does not determine the Sprint Goal. The Development Team should determine how it aims to achieve the Sprint Goal and create the increment. They do not determine the Sprint Goal on their own.

Q7 : Can Scrum Master be a Project Manager?

The Scrum Master is a servant leader A Project Manager is supposed to bring a project to a successful conclusion. A Scrum Master is supposed to empower the Scrum Team. ... A Project Manager is responsible to meet the project objective. Within Scrum there is no such role for a Scrum Master.

Q8 : Is there demand for Scrum Master?

With agile fast becoming standard practice at most companies, scrum masters are in great demand. Here is a look at the Scrum Master role, relevant certifications, expected salaries and career opportunities. There are three key roles within Scrum: Scrum master, product owner and Scrum team members.

Q9 : Is Scrum Master a management position?

The Scrum Master manages the Scrum process. If the Scrum Master is not a management position, he or she may not have the influence to remove impediments. The Scrum Master does not manage the team. The Scrum Master is a management level position, but it is not a "manager" position.

Certificate Number : 0000901884


Scrum Master Professional By SCRUMVersity

This Certificate is Proudly Presented to

John Smith

For Successful Completion of the Scrum Master Professional By SCRUMVersity
Program with all the Mandatory Course Requirements with Distinction.


Issued on

Shashi Bhushan Singh

Director Training

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  • arif munim pullath
  • Neha has been instrumental in motivating and following up on scrum training and accreditation Nehas kind words and detailed explanation and feedback has immensely helped me achieve scrum master certification . With a positive smile she imbibes confidence in candidates !! keep up good work Neha and all the best !!

  • Gomathi Mani
  • Neat and clean SMP training for beginners to understand about Scrum process. Last day session could be spilt into two session for better understanding.

  • Camele
  • I took this class over the weekend and the organizer Mukundan is very good. I also like that he start class on time and answer all of our question

  • It appeared to be a very good class. The training times on Saturday and Sunday mornings were considerate. I will know more after I take the exam.

  • Asim Javed
  • My SCRUM Master Professional course offered by SCRUMVersity taught by Mukundan Bashyam has given a great knowledge and a very in-depth understanding of AGILE Methodology SCRUM flavor among many of its other flavors. I would just simply put in a few words that after taking this course, I got the solid understanding, I was able to ace in my Projects and I truly feel that to me it has a great deal to do with the instructor. Mukundan is a superb teacher and with his great knowledge on this and other subjects related to the class is just extraordinarily excellent. I recommend others, who are looking to take a course of AGILE-SCRUM should take his class and benefit from it just as much as I did. You only need to participate and interact with him in all sessions and then you would find the results by yourself and hopefully will remember my words and for sure thank & appreciate Mukundan and thank SCRUMVersity for providing this a great platform to achieve an edge in whatever you are working that has SCRUM methodology flavor involved

  • Bill Lyles
  • I recently finished the SCRUM Master Professional training. Faced with an impending departure from my country i was faced with a couple of what seemed to be obstacles to hard to over-come, enter Mr. Ashutosh Rawal. He offered a couple of different solutions all with outstanding out-comes. Ashutosh went above and beyond on more than one occasion, each time with the greatest level of professionalism, Ashutosh is a true professional that would be an asset to any company, I hope to conduct further training with Careerera in the future solely due to Ashutosh's loyal commitment to ensuring that I was successful. Thank you Mr. Rawal.

  • Rashmi Gautam
  • Attended 'Scrum Master Professional' training recently. The training was really well-organized, live and interactive.Our coach Mukundan was knowledgeable, patient, encouraged everyone to participate and clarified queries. I really enjoyed the training and learnt a lot specially because the training was interactive and not boring.The participants asked multiple questions, answered quizzes and solved case studies. Experienced participants also shared best practices. I am glad I attended this training thanks to guidance by excellent counselor 'Saurabh Sharma'.He is prompt, responsive and overall a great counselor to work with.

  • Tatyana Chernetskaya
  • Support for the program was just excellent. Kushal Pratap Singh answered all questions I had in a very timely and professional manner. I wish we have such support everywhere - life would be easier and more pleasant too! He deserves some recognition for outstanding service

  • Mazhar Hoque
  • It was an wonderful experience working with Careerera for my “Scrum Master certificate “ and now working for my PMP certificate.

  • Gilberto Borrero
  • Outstanding customer service. I was able to complete my Scrum certification requirements in short order and am looking forward to a continued relationship with the Careerera team. I will also forward my remarks to all my colleagues. Thank you, Saurabh!

  • Aarush Sharma
  • Really loved the Scrum Master Professional classes as the trainer was well experienced and has dept knowledge of every topic and those real case scenarios were too good. Highly recommended

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