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In the latest competitive scenario Scrum Master has brought a out of the box certifications that inhales your career. Everyone who already availed this certification knows that Scrum Master Professional (SMP) perform highly supporting role in facilitating and teaches the Scrum practices to all the people who are willingness to establish better career. After completion of training period all the candidates are awarded the Scrum Master certification by SCRUMVersity only after passing the certification exams.

What are the main Benefits of Scrum Master Certification?

Specially create for software development projects, scrum master accelerate the performance of team work. It helps in improving the completion of project successfully on a certain time period. Here are the few benefits of a Scrum Master Certification training which are obviously real:

Scrum Master Certification Training

A unique methodology to change your mind set is none other than Scrum master. This training and certificate improve your approaching capacity and help you in performing out of the lead with perfection.

The process of training is completely professional which help you to stay relevant and according to the market strategies.

Most of the time best organization do not need any proof, similarly scrum master benefits you and your organization as well. It is a fact that adopting the new methodology is a big decision because it affects many aspects of the business.

In case you are newer to the process, even then there is nothing to worry because achieving the certification will make you professional by teaching in the digital methods. Once you achieve the certification you have full chance to grow up and up.

Get the idea of Scrum Master Professional Exam Format:

The exam format is very easy and the contents and questionnaire indulged in it are of moderate level. Candidates usually get multiple choice questions. You get 100 questions in every exam. Here the benefits of no negative marking have been provided to the candidates. Duration of this exam is 120 minutes followed by online examination. The latest pass rate is 95 percentile. These are some points, if you learn them then Scrum Master Exam Format will run in your mind and also you will be able to detail the same to others as well.

Take a look over Audience Profile:

In this certification the Audience Profile says that anyone who are interested to become the Scrum Master are highly welcome and this certification is completely appropriate for everyone.


In the provision formal prerequisites is none for this certification. It is compulsory to complete the Scrum Developer Professional (SDPTM) prior to the application of Scrum Master Professional Certification. You are suggested to involve in classroom training for 2 days.

How to Apply Scrum Master Professional training simply?

All the formalities can be completed online, only you need to get registered into the and apply for the exam or to attend the classes. However the classes are also attended online. You need to pay very nominal charges around 250 USD. By paying the amount you will get a voucher that will be necessary while attending the call or appear for the exam. Just summit the relevant documents if demanded.


Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter - 1 What is Agile
Chapter - 1.1 Agile Manifesto
Chapter - 1.2 Definition of Scrum
Chapter - 1.3 Scrum History
Chapter - 1.4 FIVE values of scrum
Chapter - 1.5 Scrum Values defined
Chapter - 1.6 Scrum values and behaviors
Chapter - 1.7 Scrum Characteristics
Chapter - 2 Empirical process control
Chapter - 2.1 Defined process control
Chapter - 2.2 Why is scrum empirical process control
Chapter - 2.3 Scrum Roles- Scrum Master, PO, Dev Team
Chapter - 2.4 Sprints
Chapter - 2.5 Sprints- Time boxed, Protected, Iterative and Incremental
Chapter - 2.6 Sprint planning
Chapter - 2.7 Sprint Length
Chapter - 2.8 Sprint Burn down
Chapter - 3 What is User story,Epic
Chapter - 3.1 Sprint Burn down
Chapter - 3.2 Release Burn Down
Chapter - 3.3 Burn down chart examples
Chapter - 3.4 Scrum Master - Authority, Responsibility
Chapter - 3.5 Product Owner - Authority, Responsibility
Chapter - 3.6 Team - Authority and Responsibility
Chapter - 3.7 Impact to Roles
Chapter - 4 Ideal persons for Scrum roles
Chapter - 4.1 Sprint planning Meeting
Chapter - 4.2 Sprint release meeting
Chapter - 4.3 Sprint Review meeting
Chapter - 4.4 Estimation in Scrum- Story points
Chapter - 4.5 Story point estimation techniques
Chapter - 4.6 exercises on estimation
Chapter - 4.7 Sprint Goal
Chapter - 4.8 Sprint Velocity
Chapter - 4.9 Definition of Done
Chapter - 4.10 How to handle undone work in sprint
Chapter - 4.11 Product backlog and backlog management
Chapter - 4.12 Sprint Backlog
Chapter - 4.13 Scaling Scrum team
Chapter - 4.14 Scaling product backlog
Chapter - 4.15 Scrum of Scrums
Chapter - 4.16 Locations and Challenges- Distributed team


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