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Expert Scrum master professional certification is a great way for professionals to exemplify their Scrum knowledge through the application of the Scrum methodology in the working environment.

Join the class of Careerera to truly comprehend the Scrum and its related practices and allow yourself the chance of self-development through our holistic learning approaches.


  • Get insight into the scaling process of the Scrum in complex environments and projects.
  • The training will allow Scrum practitioners to further their abilities and chances of managing and supervising the convoluted scrum projects and big Scrum teams.
  • Upon the completion of the training, you will be able to illustrate your understanding of the Scrum methodology in an actual environment.
  • Not only Scrum but this training will also give you required expertise in the Agile concepts and theories so that you become able in the successful application of the Agile methodologies in the Scrum projects or Scrum teams.


In order to be eligible for the Expert Scrum master professional candidates must have any one of the following certifications:

Advance Scrum master professional


Advance Scrum product owner professional.


This course is an ideal option for anyone having experience with handling the Scrum teams and is capable of handling complex Scrum projects.

For attending this course a candidate must be a certified Advanced Scrum Master Professional or a certified Advanced Scrum Product Owner Professional.


  • A total of 90 minutes are given to the candidates in order to complete the examination.
  • The examination consists of 60 questions per exam.
  • It is a proctored online examination and the assessment is done through the help of subjective and case study based examination.
  • The overall passing criteria are 95%.


  • The total training time offered at Careerera is 16 hours wherein you also get to take with you all the course-related materials in the printable formats.
  • The trainers are more than cooperative and are capable enough to deliver training that focuses on individual development.
  • Multiple rejoining sessions are offered to all the candidates participating in the training session.
  • We offer flexible modes for study and this makes our training program a best suitable option for all the professionals working in their respective fields.
  • The delivery of the course is through english language and all the materials provided are also in the English language.
  • Our certification partner is Scrumversity. For more information visit

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : Do you provide any Certification? If yes, what is the Certification process?

Every course delivered at Careerera comes with an added certification that validates the training hours attended by the participants. It is also a validation of the skills that you obtained during the session. For getting the certification, it is advised to submit the project work on time for the evaluation process. Once your project is evaluated, based on the credits secured, a certification will be awarded to you by Careerera. Once you complete the certification examination and qualify it, a certificate by Scrumversity will be awarded that will validate you as an Expert Scrum Master Professional.

Q2 : Will I be working on a project?

Yes, you need to complete a credit-based project in order to get the certification. The project will be assessed by your trainers or instructors and points will be given to you based on your performance in the project. Moreover, these points are necessary to get the course completion certification.

Q3 : What kind of learning does Careerera provide?

We offer a truly transparent and practical learning environment where candidates are our main focus and flexible joining options are provided to each working professional who attends our training.

Q4 : Who are the instructors at Careerera?

The instructors and trainers are well experienced to deliver best-in-class training to every individual. They have more than 25 years of working experience and are capable of delivering personalized training to all the participants.

Q5 : How do you conduct the classes at Careerera?

At Careerera, we offer classes through modes like E-learning, live virtual classroom training and physical classroom training. Candidates can select any mode as per their choice and preference. All three training modes are different from one another. To know more visit our official website

Q6 : How long do I have access to course material?

You can keep all the given materials with you for as long as you wish. Whatever course material we offer during the training is complimentary from our end.

Q7 : How long do I have access to course material?

You can keep all the given materials with you for as long as you wish. Whatever course material we offer during the training is complimentary from our end.

Q8 : What if I miss a session of a course?

You can cover your session by taking another class or the same class in the upcoming batch. You can do so by emailing us at

Q9 : What if I require extra assistance?

You can always connect with us in case you require any help. To do you give us a call or else you can email us at

Q10 : What if I have more concerns?

If you face any study-related concerns then you can connect with your trainer or instructor through an email or a call. For email, you need to wait for at least 24 hours in order to receive a revert from his/her end.

Q11 : How do I get a refund?

All the refund requests are initiated at once. You need to drop an email at listing the reason for a refund (it can be any reason). The team will get back to you. However, you cannot file a refund request after taking the second class in your session.

Q12 : How do I redeem a coupon?

You can redeem the coupon code at the payment page. You need to make the payment on our official site. If you find any problem locating the payment option on the website, in that case, you can communicate with our service support team and they will provide you with the payments link.


Expert Scrum Master Professional By ScrumVersity

Agile And Scrum

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