Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP)

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Advance Scrum master professionals (abbreviated as ASMP) certification can be called as the consequential stage for Scrum enthusiast, in addition, exhibiting their attitude in Scrum rationality. This course will help you to test your capability to fiddle with multifaceted scale Scrum and Scrum assignments in intricate endeavors including fabulous endeavor gatherings, tasks, and assortment. Advanced Scrum Master Professional validation will be granted to the applicants by SCRUMVersity upon viably passing the affirmation exam.

Benefits of an Advanced Scrum Master Professional:

  • Shore up the reception of DevOps, Agile design and building practices.
  • Improve your imminent capacity and help you in performing out of the lead with faultlessness.
  • Cover up the backing of cross-group collaborations in the help of the program carrying out and persistent change.
  • Deciphering how to apply Kanban eXtreme Programming (XP) systems to add to the cooperation and augment stream.
  • Pertaining to SAFe (Scrum Advanced agile framework) standards to aid, enablement, and guidance in a multi-group condition.

Exam Format of ASMP:

  • Multiple Choice type questions are there in the question paper.
  • Students have to counter 60 questions per exam.
  • The duration of an exam is 90 minutes.
  • The benefit of no negative marking has been provided to the candidates. 

Audience Profile

This Certification is best apt for any entity that is a professional in the SCRUM group and has the requirement to deal with long-winded Scrum extends as an 'Advance Scrum Master Professional'. 


  • To develop into a noticeable ASMP confirmed adept you ought to assure the complementary criteria:
  • Ought to have three years of experience managing Scrum/Agile Projects
  • Must be SPOC and SMP avow.
  • Should put forward 500 words review around two Scrum/Agile tasks.
  • You can similarly go to a 2-day ASMP classroom preparing gave by a SCRUMVersity A.T.P. 

The formalities regarding this exam may be completed online by the individuals. Further, you need to register to and apply for the exam. Moreover, the class can also be attended online by paying a reasonable amount of money i.e. around 250 USD. By shelling out this money, individual will get a voucher that is obligatory.



Scrum Master
Professionals (ASMP)

Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP)
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