Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP)

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Scrum Master
Professionals (ASMP)

Advanced Scrum Master Professionals (ASMP)
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Advanced SM is the next level in your path to Scrum mastery. As you get more experienced in your scrum master role, this course will help you to develop advanced skills which would help you learn along with practical examples on topics like coaching skills, facilitation techniques, guiding teams, product owner and the organization to achieve higher levels of performance and organizational agility. This course would build on your foundational knowledge of Agile and Scrum and develop implementation skills to address real-world issues. Using case-study based learning exercises and lively interactions, this course will help you to take your scrum master skills to the next level and stand out in your organization !

Benefits of an Advanced Scrum Master Professional:

  • Learn about Lean, Kanban methologies and principles
  • Improve facilitation and consensus building skills
  • Increase the effectiveness and productivity of teams by situation based coaching
  • Develop better engagement towards product owners
  • Understand how organizations can achieve higher levels of agility

Exam Format of ASMP:

  • Multiple Choice type questions & Case studies are there in the question paper.
  • Students have to counter 60 questions per exam.
  • The duration of an exam is 90 minutes.
  • The benefit of no negative marking has been provided to the candidates. 

Audience Profile

This Certification is best apt for any entity that is a professional in the SCRUM group and has the requirement to deal with long-winded Scrum extends as an 'Advance Scrum Master Professional'. 


  • To develop into a noticeable ASMP confirmed adept you ought to assure the complementary criteria:
  • Must have three years of experience managing Scrum/Agile Projects
  • Must be  SMP certtified.

The formalities regarding this exam may be completed online by the individuals. Further, you need to register to and apply for the exam. Moreover, the class can also be attended online by paying a reasonable amount of money i.e. around 250 USD. By shelling out this money, individual will get a voucher that is obligatory.


Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter - 1 Agile methodologies revisited
Chapter - 1.1 Kanban
Chapter - 1.2 Scrum
Chapter - 2 Scrum Master competencies
Chapter - 2.1 Perspectives of a SM
Chapter - 2.2 Facilitation
Chapter - 2.3 Coaching
Chapter - 3 Coaching the Development team
Chapter - 3.1 Self-Organization and team Dynamics
Chapter - 3.2 Key attributes of effective teams
Chapter - 3.3 Coaching for high performing teams
Chapter - 3.4 DoD
Chapter - 3.5 Agile engineering practices
Chapter - 4 Coaching the Product Owner
Chapter - 4.1 Understanding stakeholder requirements
Chapter - 4.2 Insights into measuring value
Chapter - 4.3 Facilitating Product Envisioning
Chapter - 4.4 Advanced Product Backlog refinement
Chapter - 4.5 Coaching the PO during retrospectives
Chapter - 5 Coaching the Organization
Chapter - 5.1 Organizational impediments – Barriers to Scrum adoption
Chapter - 5.2 Techniques to resolve the impediments
Chapter - 5.3 Scaling Scrum
Chapter - 6 Scrum Mastery
Chapter - 6.1 Evolving to become a great Scrum master


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