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The ISTQB Foundation training focuses on developing skills and expertise in the testing domain. It is an internationally recognised certification for the tester and persons belonging to the following professionals such as software developers, user acceptance testers, IT professionals, test managers, test consultants, test analysts, test engineers, testers and so on, can be a part of the ISTQB foundation training in order to accelerate their careers.

Get started with your testing career with an internationally recognized ISTQB foundation certification that not only covers the overall testing domain but also come with added advantages. The ISTQB credential adds volume to your entire working profile that can lead to better career prospects and professional growth.

Get started with your ISTQB certification and develop expertise in the testing domain.


The major objectives associated with the ISTQB foundation training are as follows:

  • The ISTQB training allows professionals a scope to understand how one can employ a common language to establish in order to establish smooth communication as far as the other testers and stakeholders are concerned. 

  • You will get an insight into the already established testing concepts, processes, principles and approaches that are helpful in the test objectives. The training covers all the crucial theories that are required not only for the examination but for practical application as well. 

  • Test designing and prioritisation can be understood well and you will also gain insight into how one can obtain the already established techniques for the same purpose. 

  • Gain insight into the functional and non-functional analysis related to testing levels. 

  • You will be able to understand the test plans to further plan for more strategies. This also includes insight into the analysis of test results and report creation. 

  • The review of the test basis and the test artefacts can be easily presented. This is majorly done for systems that belong to small to medium complexity groups. 

  • With the help of the training gain insight into the application and utilization of different testing tools to perform functions such as implementation, selection and application.


The major requirements for the ISTQB foundation certification are as follows:

  • If you are planning to do the ISTQB certification then you need to make sure that you have at least six months of practical experience as far as the professional testing role is concerned.

  • Moreover, the candidates must also ensure that they have thoroughly read and understood the curriculum and the topics that are going to be covered in the curriculum to obtain the internationally recognized ISTQB certification.

These requirements are necessary in order to take the ISTQB certification for solidifying the foundational concepts and theories related to testing.


The benefits associated with the ISTQB foundation certification are as follows:

  • Predominantly the certification allows professionals a scope to advance their career in the security domain. Not only it open up new opportunities but the same time it also provides various growth possibilities that can kick start your career in the testing domain.

  • Another most important benefit associated with the ISTQB certification is that it offers endless growth opportunities and also provides an added edge to the certified candidate owing to the fact that it delivers optimum exposure than can transform candidates into professionals who are well qualified and can deliver the optimum results.

  • The ISTQB foundations training provides a solid foundation in the testing domain. As far as the testing domain is concerned, the ISTQB certification is an ideal option for the professionals who are keen on building their testing career.

  • Get a chance to learn from the industry experts to get industry-centric experience. You will get a chance to demonstrate your skills and to learn from real-life experiences.

  • Certification is also a validation of your skills and knowledge and adds another feature to your overall work profile. Being a certified candidate will allow your employer to see your credibility. This will further allow you the chance and the scope to be available for better opportunities.


  • Along with the training sessions, the course also comes packed with Course ware that is highly informative and includes all the renowned published material related to the course. It also has some in-house material and handouts that are helpful from the examination point of view. 

  • The candidates also receive sample papers, mock test papers and practice papers for preparation for the certification. 

  • As far as the delivery of the course is concerned, only highly qualified and experienced professionals are considered for the position of the trainers and the instructors. They are committed to resolving the slightest of the doubts and confusion related to the course. Industry-centric learning is delivered that includes insight into the day to day challenges encountered in the real workplace. 

  • The training session also comes with a demo session that the participants can take before attending the actual training schedule. This will provide an insight into the learning classes. You can also opt for a refund before the commencement of the actual classes. 

  • You can also take various rejoining classes during your access period to the course. This adds flexibility to the entire training session and is also the best option for working professionals who have to manage between work and study. 

  • A bottom to top approach is utilised in order to render course training this makes it a better option for beginners as it provides all the elementary and foundational knowledge related to the ISTQB course. 

  • The ISTQB certification training classes are pre-planned in a manner that focuses more on the practical aspects because the main focus is on delivering the industry knowledge and the practical application of the theoretical knowledge. The skills thus gained are always helpful in the real working environment.

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