Backed by Google and developed entirely using TypeScript, Angular is one of the most advance, performance-efficient, and robust frontend frameworks. The design of the Angular Framework is supported by certain rudimentary components. The basic building block of this framework is angular components. These components are arranged in the form of modules. In addition to it, Angular also allows a very easy, fast, and sophisticated way to manage code. Apart from this, all those developers are looking for a framework that allows their web applications to responsive in a very quick manner. It works along with the MVC component. Angular allows a very flexible usage of external libraries. Some of the giant organizations such as Google, PayPal, Microsoft, and Deutsche bank make use of Angular in their framework.

The angular Certification course is for all those who are looking forward to making a career in web development. The course is set in a way to make sure you take a step every day towards understanding even the most complex concepts of Angular. More than the module, the course focuses on the practical aspects. Once you completed the course you will also be assigned to a live project. Following are the few objectives of the course-
•    Help you in developing a proper understanding of web developments,
•    Developing frontend applications,
•    How to write a test case for a web application,
•    How to create angular components using TypeScript,
•    Create applications using angular CLI command.

 Pre-requisites For this Course-

a.    You should have knowledge of object-oriented concepts,
b.    And you must have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.



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