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Careerera curates top professional doctorates and Ph.D. programs to cater to experienced professionals seeking advanced growth and expansion of their fields of expertise. The programs are developed focusing on advanced research-based knowledge of theory, enhanced decision-making, and developing leadership skills. Our Ph.D. graduates are given the opportunity to explore the numerous challenges their professional fields experience in the face of globalization and a massive technologically driven world. The program is developed to prepare professional doctorates with skills and expertise equally dynamic with the changing landscapes across industries. 

This three-year Ph.D. curriculum at Careerera is designed with distinct features of holding classes on weekends to suit the demanding schedules of degree-seeking officers, professionals, and academics. Our program is ideal for those who currently hold a Master's degree and wish to further the theoretical and applied comprehension of their professional field in this highly globalized and rapidly evolving era. Apart from gaining theoretical and practical nuances, professionals gain advanced leadership and decision-making skills. 

The Doctorate of Philosophy program is delivered in a fully online format, which combines face-to-face sessions with online support. The Doctoral degree programs are disseminated to aid professionals in improving their knowledge of their professional field based on research-based innovations and practical trends in their respective industries. The programs are exclusively designed to give domain core theories, new research issues, and methodological methods via coursework. Develop advanced academic knowledge and reflect on your experience while focusing on your research problem.


Careerera Pedagogy

Individual Study Plan | Practitioner Based Project | Dissertation

The primary step for prospective scholars is drafting their research proposal. This proposal can be an 8-10 page document that consists of essential factors of the PH.D. program. Applicants can access our pre-defined template to have an easier and quicker process of documentation. Students are advised to keep their initial research proposal ready within the first month of enrollment and submit it. You will receive feedback and guidance on your Research proposal from your designated supervisor or Research Faculty. Click here for your preliminary research proposal template.

Checklist for Selecting Research Topic

  • Independent study and research that can lead to innovative intervention
  • An Action Research or Participatory Action Research project | A program evaluation
  • A field study that examines theoretical predictions;
  • Extensive survey to analyze opinions, attitudes, or practices of the area of research
  • A business process improvement.

A Doctoral Degree Program typically requires extensive knowledge of the literature pertaining to the particular subject areas and sophistication of how a project is developed and presented. These projects enhance students' experience and equip them to develop expertise in their specialization and prepare them to be competent practitioners/scholars. To achieve this goal, students are recommended to pursue a topic in which they already have extensive practical experience.

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Ph.D Program Core Structure

Program Delivery

The Ph.D. at Careerera is a research-based full-time doctorate program delivered through a blended learning paradigm comprising coursework, research, workshops, seminars, conference participation, and self-directed study. This program is meticulously designed to allow students to attain a doctorate without putting their job on hold. The classroom experience and learning can be blended with professional experience to make a difference in your specialized field. Professionals get to improve and enhance theri job experience as they get to combine their work knowledge with research-based information. 

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Professional professors

Top- Class Professors

Careerera is proud of the highly-accomplished team of faculty members with extensive knowledge of the field and each one of them is selected for their excellence and adroitness in teaching. Students will get exposure to an unparalleled education imparted by some of today's most talented academicians, at the same time being laurelled with multiple awards! Careerera partners with numerous renowned, top scholars around the world. We believe in the unique blending of talented and highly skilled professors equipped with crucial industrial experience in developing knowledge and innovative ideas.

Admission Requirements:

Cedrentiald for candidates to be eligible for admission to the Careerera Ph.D. program, 

  • Master's Degree from an accredited college or university in a relevant field with a minimum CGPA of 4.00
  • Work experience within a for-profit firm, non-profit organizations, and/or government including NGOs.
  • Candidate's Interview if necessary, as decided by Program Director.
  • Submission and evaluation of graduate school applications including; undergraduate and masters academic transcripts, ID or passport copy, and resume.
  • Candidates are exempted from an English exam for those who have completed their schooling/education in an English medium school/University.

Application Checklist

Applications are only accepted online. Our Admission panels will review your application, check your academic performance and future potential, and students will then be contacted accordingly.

What is Next?

Following a thorough assessment and review of your application with a +ve response, students will receive a letter of admission. Further, the fee payment process will be initiated and upon successful payment, an email will be sent to the students furnishing login and access credentials to our Learn Management System.

Ph.D Degree Requirements:

  • A Cumulative GPA of a minimum of 4.0 and a good academic record Students must complete all the course requirements inclusive of the submission of the final project, thesis/ dissertation.

Why Earn your Ph.D with Careerera


Careerera Unique Curriculum

Focused, Intensive research and exposure to develop novel individualized projects.

Application of Knowledge

Programs allow you to apply educational epistemology to the practical world problem

Industry Experience Faculty

Work with a highly-qualified team of faculty with decades of Industry experience.

Sequential learning Environment

Well-rounded courses to harness progressive and sequential learning.

Online Program

Program courses are delivered online allowing flexibility and accessibility for students across the globe

Speed to Completion

Completion of the program and attaining the degree in approximately three years

Practitioner-Based Project/Dissertation

Begin working on your final project immediately to do away with the additional time required for completing the project/dissertation.

Transfer Credits

Prospects of transferring up to nine doctoral credits into the program.


Not mandatory to take the GMAT or GREs except if you are seeking to be considered for scholarships.

No Residency Requirement

You do not need to adhere to a residency requirement.

The Curriculum

Careerera Ph.D Program Skeletal

The Ph.D program at Careerera is designed in a manner that will enable scholars to complete the degree program and attain their degree within 3 years. Extension years are usually not granted. The program essentially can be classified into three phases:

1) Course Work: This phase begins with your first semester and students will begin to work on their selection, and coursework on varied aspects of the program involving research methods, quantitative and qualitative methods, and techniques. This phase ends with the finalization of the research topic and the designation of the supervisor or research faculty. Multiple seminars and presentations will also be highlights of this phase.

2) Research Lab:Your second and third semesters make up this second phase. In this phase, scholars will largely engage with data collection and analysis. Scholars will also be required to submit their synopsis and monthly progress report every six months. Seminars and presentations are also an essential part of this phase.

3) Doctoral Thesis:Starting from your third to sixth semesters, this phase demands rigorous work engaging research scholars in thesis write-up, committee reviews, thesis rewriting, oral defenses, and award of the doctorate.

Students will be given intensive guidance and supervision by the research faculty and supervisor throughout the entire phase for holistic growth.

Distinctive Features of Careerera Ph.D Program

  • Progressively master and apply thoroughly researched theories;
  • Cohesive progression of each semester with an identified theme to blend learning and outcome
  • Competencies are organized within three major areas: (1) Managerial Foundational Skills (2) Global Management Skills and (3) Technical Skills;
  • A capstone project, e.g. dissertation to demonstrate summative knowledge;
  • A built-in curriculum cohesion approach featuring well-defined pedagogy for program completion.

Table 1 provides the curriculum map (course structure to be followed) showing the progression of mastery of materials.

Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Sem 4 Sem 5 Sem 6
1. Research Methods Data Collection and Analysis Doctoral Thesis (Dissertation)
2. Qualitative Methods & Techniques
3. Quanitative Methods & Techniques
4. Research Tools
5. The Research Proposal

1. Study Section (Modules) 2. Study Section (Thesis)

30 ECTS / 5 modules at 6 ECTS Each 90 ECTS - The thesis contributes 80% to the overall result of the doctoral studies.

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Definitely yes. Students can reapply provided they fill out a completely new application form following the same procedure via our online application form setup. 

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