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Course Description:

Puppet certification acknowledges students about the skilled approaches to succeed infrastructure with Puppet IT automation software, which leads to enhance the advantages of the Puppet Module Architecture. The main aim of this online certification course is to enhance skills in particular. This course helps you have command over all Puppet agents. The objective of Puppet training is to let students utilize basic system configurations with the help of skilled approaches for Puppet in a Master-Client setup.

Main Objectives of Puppet Certification Course:

Post accomplishment of Puppet for System Administrators Training & Certification Course you will be well known to the ground rules of Puppet and will be able to execute the following

  • Setup Puppet successfully.
  • You will be able to manage well the modules and infrastructure.
  • Architect Puppet for scalability, idleness, and presentation.
  • Explore the functionalities of Puppet.
  • Perform Puppet reporting, testing, and troubleshooting

What are the requirements for Puppet Certification Course?

The course has no such particular essentials but,

  • Worthy understanding of Development Operations and better knowledge of Configuration Management Structures.
  • Involvement with managing systems, applications, infrastructure, or with automation.
  • The course requires minimal familiarity with a junior Unix/Linux administrator to the attendees for accomplishment.

Benefits of Puppet for administrators training and certification course:

  • The Puppet for System Administrators Training & Certification course is in trend nowadays as it augments the speed and act by mechanizing IT configuration rather manually configuring servers.
  • The particular course helps administrators to get an in-depth knowledge of course implementation in IT infrastructure.
  • On an individual basis, it helps get you jobs like Puppet specialist, DevOps Engineer and more in the field.
  • The certification is like a cherry on the cake in your IT experience which also includes validity and access to the IT industry.
  • This certification course benefits on an organizational basis as it works as a powerful tool for modern automation for security, compliance, software development, and management.
  • The benefit which every single firm looks for i.e it reduces lots of manual work.

Course Highlights:

  • The Puppet certification course is primarily based on the enhancement of IT configuration and in-depth understanding.
  • Develops the concepts of Puppet and setup.
  • 24 hours is the online course duration from the verified professionals.
  • E-learning sessions with a detailed study by the professionals.
  • $1200 is the course fee.


Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter - 1 Introduction to Puppet
Chapter - 1.1 Evolution of Infrastructure
Chapter - 1.2 Overview of Infrastructure as a Code
Chapter - 1.3 What is Configuration Management
Chapter - 1.4 Puppet Overview
Chapter - 2 Puppet Architecture & Components:
Chapter - 2.1 Puppet Master -Slave Architecture
Chapter - 2.2 Puppet Components
Chapter - 3 Puppet Installation:
Chapter - 3.1 Install Puppet Master and Puppet Agent
Chapter - 3.2 Edit hosts and Puppet configuration files in Puppet Master and Agent
Chapter - 3.3 Establish a Secure Connection between Puppet Master and Puppet Agent
Chapter - 3.4 Deploy Apache Tomcat using Puppet.
Chapter - 4 Puppet Resources & Resource Types
Chapter - 4.1 Overview of Puppet Resources & Resource Types
Chapter - 4.2 Understand Resource Abstraction Layer
Chapter - 5 Puppet Classes - Collection of resources
Chapter - 5.1 Overview of Puppet Classes
Chapter - 5.2 Writing and define Puppet Classes


Puppet is a configuration management tool that has been extensively adopted by small and large organizations around the world because of its scalability, high availability, interoperability, cost savings and time savings. Also, Puppet has plenty of resources and a huge knowledge base available because of its popularity. Puppet administrators are in great demand and their average salary falls in the range of $83,884 per year. This course will introduce you to the world of Puppet and give you a base to build your career in configuration management.
You will learn about: Installing and configuring Puppet Master and Puppet Agents Working with Resources and Resource Types. Writing Puppet Resources , Classes , Modules and working with Manifests Working with Puppet Forge for downloading and Publishing Modules
Basics of DevOps, Networking and Linux Fundamentals is required for this training.
Yes, Careerera offers this training online.
On successful completion of the course you will receive a course completion certificate issued by Careerera.
Your instructors are configuration management experts who have several years of industry experience.

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