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Business relationship management refers to the set of skills that aims at nurturing productive and value-producing relationships. The main goal of Business relationship management is to come up with plans that can stimulate, surface and shape business demands. The goal further extends to rendering recognition and optimisation to business value from the delivered products and services. BRM acts as a glue and a binding factor between the customer who receives the end products and the service provider which generally relates to the internal departments that are working to provide service to a business such as the IT, HR or accounts. The major role of BRM is to ensure that both the parties have realised the value of the service provider’s products, services or capabilities. BRM also works towards achieving a great communication link between both the parties. 

The BRMP Certification training is the first step for the Business relationship managers that provides them with the foundational and elementary knowledge required in order to understand the role of a business relationship manager or to get into the role of the Business relationship manager. The training aims at delivering the total comprehension of all the subjects and concepts prescribed in the BRMBOK which is the BRM body of knowledge. Be a part of the BRMP certification training and get started with your Business relationship management career as it is the first stepping stone towards it. This not only delivers a solid base to the beginners but at the same time offers a scope to get into the responsibilities related to Business relationship management. Moreover, the training offers comprehension of key principles, techniques, tools and process that are BRM-centric and are related to BRM role and discipline.

Learn and build skills that are necessary for Business relationship management and get certified.


The prime objectives associated with the BRMP Certification training are as follows:

  • First and foremost the BRMP certification training offers a foundational base to the beginners who are interested to build their BRM skills so that they can take over the job responsibilities as a Business relationship manager. It covers all the elementary concepts, key principles, techniques, tools and process associated with Busines relationship management professional certification.

  • Another important objective of the BRMP certification training is to deliver an overall understanding of the characteristics related to the BRM role.

  • Moreover, the training offers a substantial comprehension of how one needs to demonstrate their skills as a strategic partner and how one can actively participate in Business strategy formulation along with shaping business demands.

  • The training also offers an insight into how one can look for maximization of realized business value through techniques and disciplines that are associated with portfolio management.

  • Learn about the minimization techniques that can be utilized n order to minimize the value leakage. Business transition management plays n eminent role in minimizing the value leakage and hence it is also covered in details in the training.

  • Get proper knowledge and skills that are required in order to align services and service levels in accordance with the business needs. This also extends to the understanding of the BRM role in service management. 

  • Communication plays a vital role as far as businesses are concerned. Hence, BRMP certification training also focuses on the principles of effective and eloquent communication.


As the BRMP certification course is an elementary course therefore there are no such prerequisites that are needed to do the Business relationship management professional certification.

Anyone who is interested to take over the job responsibilities as  Business relationship manager can take this course to get the necessary skills and knowledge that one must have to perform the duties as a Business relationship manager. Moreover, if you are a BRM professional then you can get certified through this training and can upgrade your skills and knowledge regarding the contemporary principles and tools related to Business relationship management.


The benefits associated with the BRMP certification training are as follows:

  • If you are someone who is looking for a great career in Business relationship management then the BRMP certification can be the right choice and the right direction to start your career as a Business relationship manager.

  • There is an abundance of opportunities in the Business relationship management field and those who are certified can make use of it. The BRMP certification is a globally recognized credential which means having one will increase your chances of globe-trotting the world with your skills and knowledge.

  • Another important benefit of the BRMP certification is that it allows professionals the chance to upgrade their skills from scratch. After acquiring the necessary and desired skills they can venture into the job roles and responsibilities of a Business relationship manager.

  • The certification plays a major distinguisher among your peer and colleague. Being certified can really make you stand out in the crowd.


  • The curriculum of the course is designed in a manner that covers all the essential and crucial topics that are necessary to provide an industry perspective to the candidates so that they are able to walk the challenges encountered in the real setting.

  • The trainers appointed to deliver the classes are well qualified and learned to deliver pragmatic learning environment where all the candidates feel free to ask their doubts and queries.

  • The learning environment is highly interactive in nature which further facilitates holistic learning and the candidates are able to learn the practical application of all the theoretical concepts introduced in the training class.

  • Moreover, the classes are formulated in such a manner that provides flexible joining options to all the candidates whether working professionals or not. This act as an added advantage that provides ample satisfaction to the candidates who become a part of our learning community.

  • The training classes are offered through three delivery modes that are as follows: E-learning, online live virtual classroom sessions and then we also offer courses through the traditional classroom sessions.

Program Curriculum

courseID =149

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • The course has been segmented into several learning categories respectively
  • Chapter - 1.1
  • Course Overview
  • Chapter - 1.2
  • BRM concepts and Business-Provider Maturity Model
  • Chapter - 1.3
  • Demand Shaping
  • Chapter - 1.4
  • Strategic Partnering
  • Chapter - 1.5
  • Business Capability and Value Management
  • Chapter - 1.6
  • Portfolio Management
  • Chapter - 1.7
  • Business Transition Management
  • Chapter - 1.8
  • Relationship to Service Management
  • Chapter - 1.9
  • Powerful communication

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