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  • 25February

    Master Of Business Administration By EIMT


    Careerera (WS104213) 24 Months Live Online

Agenda of the Training:

EIMT developed the Master of Business Administration to provide learners with the optimal knowledge gaining and to equip them with excellent skills to become leaders, managers, or successful entrepreneurs. Our programs emphasis on hands-on experiential learning in combination with an exploration of the core theoretical concepts will develop highly-skilled professionals with competent skills for effective management of leading organizations. 

Our MBA Program Agenda Include:

  • To help students develop the ability to leverage best practices while solving managerial issues. 
  • To capacitate students with effective communication skills in written forms and oral presentations of business procedures
  • Implementing the best blend of theory and practical pedagogy to enable students for performing strategic analysis
  • Impart leadership quality and skills necessary for effective working with a diverse group of people
  • Generating knowledge of identifying and analyzing business ethics and relative responsibilities
  • Empowering students with excellent decision-making skills in both  quantitative and qualitative analysis and applying them to  management issues

Outcome of the Training:

Our outgoing MBA graduates will gain excellent skills through this program. Students may expect to see the following outcome:

Potential of creating, executing, and evaluating corporate problem-solving solutions

Exhibit professional competencies to manage an organization and lead a firm in the face of a competitive market

Ability to put their knowledge into a professional set-up and bring innovative ideas to the table for organizational growth

Ability to work in a multicultural setting and globalized workplace

Capable of developing, analyzing, and communicating empirical academic work and implementing them practically

Capacity to eloquently communicate information verbally and in writing

Ready to take leadership roles in an organization and competently carry out expected roles

Orientation Date: 25-February-2024 (America/New_York Time Zone)

Class Time: 08:00 AM-10:00 AM(America/New_York)

Note: Date and class time can change in the wake of unavoidable circumstances

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