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  • 18February

    Master Of Business Administration By Birchwood University


    Careerera (WS104399) 18 Months Live Online

Agenda of the Training:

Known for our innovative pedagogical technique, emphasizing a holistic and innovative curriculum, Birchwood designed the Master of Business Administration Program to develop competent business management leaders. The course program is oriented toward emerging and contemporary management issues. 


The Birchwood MBA Program Agenda includes:

  • To impart to students the fundamental concepts and interpersonal skills of developing a managerial decision-making potential
  • Nurturing leadership abilities to become competent instruments of change in the business landscape
  • Ingrain analytical and communication competencies and develop able business trendsetters
  • To make students cultivate comprehensive knowledge of managing business in a highly challenging and complex business environment
  • Impart Business and Management Strategies from a global perspective.

Outcome of the Training:

Upon completion of the MBA program, students will:

Exhibit the professional skills necessary to communicate effectively, thoughtfully, and compassionately within the business management field.

Develop competencies to integrate the knowledge of business, and technology, to arrive at innovative solutions to inherent organizational problems.

Develop competencies to work in multicultural organizations exposed to a globalized workplace.

Engage in ethical collaborative decision-making while using a shared vision.

Demonstrate the ability to develop, analyze and communicate empirical scholarly work.

Develop competencies of an effective leader and resource to the field.

Orientation Date: 18-February-2024 (America/New_York Time Zone)

Class Time: 09:00 AM-11:00 AM(America/New_York)

Note: Date and class time can change in the wake of unavoidable circumstances

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