Russian Language Training(A1& A2)

Know your way around the Russian Language Training(A1& A2).

Russian language translation plays a key role in conducting business in Russia. Along with the business opportunities, the Russian language opens a door for vast opportunities for aspiring professionals owing to the fact that the Russian language is naturally on the rise and so is their economy. 

To achieve a global perspective altogether, it has become a necessity now that people are motivated towards learning different languages and bilingualism is encountering a tremendous rise as we are moving towards the future. The cross-pollination, of course not the one that happens in the flowers, but of businesses, cultures and joint ventures requires to overcome the language barriers in order to conduct smooth business ties that can result in maximisation of profits, career advancements and growth not only for the individual but for the country as well. 

The Russian language certification comes under the global language program offered by Careerera to strengthen individuals so that they carry out the globalisation of business without any difficulties or challenges.

The Russian language certification traininggives an insight into the Russian culture along with its geography to emphasise the importance of language as a medium to converse thoughts and perceptions clearly among the Russian speaking population. Allow yourself an opportunity of transformation and to look for endless possibilities by learning the Russian language in order to administer the change yourself. 

Skills you Wi ll Learn: 

  • Submerge yourself in the true understanding of the Russian language through comprehensive learning of the dialects and elocution related to the Russian language. 
  • Once you master the phonemics, build your natural diction of the Russian language. This will aid the process of learning a foreign language smoothly and without failure. 
  • Get fluency in speaking, achieve natural writing skills, build organic reading speed and contemplate listening to the Russian language through Russian language certification training offered by us. 
  • The emphasis is put on the learning and perfecting the basics and fundamentals so that the candidates do not lose interest in the learning process as patience is the key in learning any language other than your mother tongue. 
  • Understand the correct usage of Russian expressions to comprehend the grammatical structures and formations. 

What are the Benefits of Learning Russian Language ?

Learning the Russian language not only promises a lucrative career in Asia but also in other continents as well. 

It is a well-researched fact that Russian linguistic services are in huge demand all over the globe. The demand of the Russian language is growing in leaps and bounds and it is quite astonishing as well. To be able to speak Russian will surely enhance possibilities for you to venture into. 

Embracing the Russian language is equivalent to embracing globalisation because it offers a great deal of experience and exposure as far as mobilisation is concerned. Moreover, there are endless opportunities for Russian speakers in the corporate world. Russia offers a pool of vast business opportunities and if you are looking for venturing out of your oyster then Russian language is your best bet. Learn it today and reap the benefits tomorrow. Learning a new language also accelerates your employment opportunities in a variety of fields. 

Career Prospects :

  • You can take up several job roles in various industries like banking, finance, education, international trade and business, etc. 
  • You can also explore the field of journalism and communication. 
  • You will get lucrative job offers as a translator and an interpreter in various countries, if you master the Russian language. 

Course Highlights : 

  • The Russian language certification training offered by us comprises 150 hours of the training schedule that is delivered by experienced and vernacular tutors. Apart from the training, materials aiding education like the books, sample papers before examinations are also provided to every participant. 
  • Multiple rejoining sessions are offered in case he/she is not able to take the class. 
  • A proper learning environment is built to motivate candidates towards learning through engagement in group discussions, extempore, podcasts, etc. 

Why you Should Go Forward With Careerera ?

  • The trainers are Native Speakers and are competent Enough to Deliver unswerving learning experience. 
  • We provide a duly attested certification that ensures your capability with Russian writing, speaking, reading and listening. 
  • Contemporary tactics and techniques are utilised to Deliver Best-In-class Training. 

Program Curriculum

courseID =203

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • Introduction to the foundations of the Russian language
  • Chapter - 2
  • The study of Russian texts, cartoons, music videos, films, songs, liteary texts
  • Chapter - 3
  • Grammar : Nouns, Adjectives and Pronouns. Gender, Number , Ordinal and Cardinal Numeral
  • Chapter - 4
  • Phonetics:Aspects of phonetics , Classification of Russian sounds: Vowels and Consonants
  • Chapter - 5
  • Lexicology and Polysemy:Different types of meaning and its stylistic usage Metaphors, Metonymy
  • Chapter - 6
  • Sentences:Parts of sentences, Simple sentence and its classification, Complex sentence
  • Chapter - 7
  • Culture and Civilization:Early Inhabitants. Eastern Slavs. Religion and Culture of Ancient Russia
  • Chapter - 8
  • Russian Folklore: Features of Major figures and their contribution in the field of Art

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Q1 : Who are the instructors at Careerera?

All our trainers are well qualified and are indigenous people who can deliver result-bearing training. 

Q2 : Can I take my course irrespective of my location?

You can take any course irrespective of your location. We provide numerous flexibilities as far as learning is concerned.

Q3 : How do I make the payment?

For payments, you are requested to utilize a cashless mode of transactions such as debit cards, credit cards and internet banking systems.

Q4 : Do you also provide any course material?

We provide language books and sample papers to every individual attending the training program.

Q5 : Do you provide any Certification? If yes, what is the Certification process?

Yes, we provide a course completion certification at the end of the program to every participant based on their performance in the formative and summative assessments.

Q6 : What if I have more concerns?

You can connect with us by emailing us at 

Q7 : How do I get a refund?

You need to submit a mail at stating the reason for the refund. Our customer care executive will get in touch with you and your refund will be initiated on the very same day. However, if you file the refund request after the second class of your session then, no refund request will be entertained from our end.

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All the coupon codes can be redeemed at the final payment page. The discount will be added to your payment and you need to pay the final amount reflected on the screen after the discount.

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We offer discounts and coupon codes quarterly. We always recommend to our loyal customers to subscribe to our newsletter for remaining up to date with all the ongoing offers and discounts. You can also navigate to our official website to know more about the recent and ongoing offers.

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Russian Language Training(A1& A2)

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