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Is English hard to learn? Do you fear the English language? Careerera has the solution for you!

We bring to you the next-level English language courses that can help set you right in your career. English is recognized as the second language in many native countries. Due to its usage as an external foreign language and its recollection as a second speech, the language is seen as a difficult one. Keeping this traditional thought in mind, we at Careerera, present our online English course and English learning classes in a very grasping way for you. From descriptive writing to verbal communication our expert instructors get it all covered. The weekends are open for productive and enlightening virtual discussion meets so that the learners can stay query-free all the time. 

About the Course

In the Advanced level of C1 language training, our language masters add and provide the needed vividness and luminosity to the English language of the learners. From mundane, daily used English to Business Communication expertise, we get everything covered. At this level of language training, the learners get to work on more complex topics that suit the professional writing styles of the society they live in. In the English learning classes, one in one conversation is supported by expert guides. The focus is more on social-political and economic issues so that aspirants get into the skin of world issues and can experiment with the lines that they choose to write more descriptively, making verbal communication additionally fluid.

After the C1 Advanced level, the language of the learners becomes more spontaneous, detailed, and well structured. They are ready to grab the best of jobs now! They can become communicational leads and assets for many businesses in the private and governmental sector, work for embassies as language supporters and experts, and serve as content managers and writers. Other than this learners can look out for many vacancies in Mass Communication, Travel and Tourism, Corporate, Publishing, PR, and Branding.



At Careerera we create the best professionals that suit the marketplace needs in every way possible. To achieve this goal, we focus on learners’ career objectives and growth. We are the most suited Edtech company that provides educational solutions for every academic domain through the most applied online mediums. Our Professional Certifications and Language Training courses are the best-selling educational programs and courses in the educational forum today! At Careerera, we know how important the English language can be in molding and making the professional careers of the students that enroll with us for the best educational services. Our English Language Training Program is the best English course online - 

  • It focuses on communication skills, interview skills, and presentation skills that add to the overall personality development of any aspirant. 
  • It is an extremely flexible program that will suit anyone who is looking to work, speak, and write in the English language. 
  • We focus on constant improvement. What is, even more, best about doing it at Careerera is that it is done with the ones who are at the same level of learning and upgrading. You won’t have initial panic or social anxiety while starting it with us. At Careerera, we comfort you to your most eased position. 
  • Here, the online English course has a strength of only 12 people in each session that will be taken independently by our skilled language experts. The number of learners is our main concern so that we can keep an eye of attention, and scrutiny over every attendant who is here to learn and grow with us.

The Assessment - 

We run 30 minutes of Assessment which are made of quick 100 MCQ questions that need to be attempted by the candidates. The assessment is devised to make the students more agreeable to what they already know in the form of the English language.  



  • Advanced level Course
  • A course that takes 45 hours duration to complete
  • Opportunity to learn from the finest industry professionals on-board
  • Live classes conducted through live video 
  • Dedicated Group Discussions
  • A complete provision of Student handouts, Lecture notes, and Revision topics to learners.
  • Working on Practical and Theoretical projects
  • Arrangement of Multiple Test series and Simulation papers
  • Offering Course Completion Certificate
  • Regular Job Assistance/ Chance to Get Placed with the best!


Learn English Online -

Advanced Course - C1

At this Advanced level of online English course training, improving language skills and ascertaining high-level achievement in the English language is of utmost significance. It comes up with an Advanced level of course that proceeds with supreme levels of proficiency, finesse, and dexterity.  It is further divided into two parts. C1 level is the first. In the first part of the Advanced level, learners converse about their aims and ambitions and exchange their point of view in a one-to-one conversation with the teachers and other learners. 

With time, our focal point is - our students readily indulge in healthy communication designs. They talk about their weaknesses, strengths, attitudes, write and verbalize upon complex topics like Global Warming, the Pandemic COVID-19 in a more business formal language, and involving other socio-political issues that continue worsening global situations today. Thus, vocabulary enhancement and complex language is the primal element here.

Program Curriculum

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • The tense system-Advanced Level
  • Chapter - 2
  • Reduced infinitives
  • Chapter -3
  • Hypothesizing
  • Chapter -4
  • Listening – understands longer speeches, presentations, TV news, etc
  • Chapter - 5
  • Reading – understands the articles of opinion and contemporary fiction
  • Chapter - 6
  • Speaking – speaking fluently with native speakers ,How to take part in debates
  • Chapter - 7
  • Writing – can write long and detailed letters, essays, reports, etc.
  • Chapter -8
  • The economic system and the legal order

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Q1 : What is the complexity of the C1 level Course?

Entering the Advanced C1 level of English language learning, denotes improving language skills and ascertains high-level achievement in the English language. Here, the students get an opportunity to talk about complex social, economic, and cultural topics that largely affect the economy in recent times.

Q2 : Do I have to learn English Grammar at this Advanced C1 level?

Q3 : What if I miss the class?

Q4 : What if I have doubts at the end of every class and want a one-to-one interaction with the mentor?

Q5 : Will I get a Certificate after the completion of this course?

Certificate Number : 0000901884


English Language Training(C1)

This Certificate is Proudly Presented to

John Smith

For Successful Completion of the English Language Training(C1)
Program with all the Mandatory Course Requirements with Distinction.


Issued on

Shashi Bhushan Singh

Director Training

Certificate URL : https://certificate.careerera.com/certificate/VFHLMYBpoQeWdIt


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