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The English language has marked worldwide recognition for many decades now. It has made its impression in every single field be it politics, media, economics, or science. It is very much significant that, being the master of all the languages, English has earned regular praises from around the world. In many countries, it has successfully recognized itself as a second language or L2, and not as a mother tongue in the native nation-states. Understanding the never-ending need to learn English has ruled the world for ages now. The truth is - if people want to excel in their professional life, they cannot do it without learning English. What Careerera does is, brings the opportunity, here and now for all the aspirants to learn English online!

At Careerera, the online English course is very comprehensive. Our experts offer both verbal and written training so that the students are ready for their exceptional professional career in life ahead! 

About the Course

We are happy to inform you that Careerera has earned the best reputation in the market when it comes to launching the online English language course. The A2 level is the second part of the Beginners level course. Here, the experts move a little bit forward with the beginners. The focus is improving on writing and communication skills. Our experts believe that English speech is all about the right expressions that must reach the reader and the audience in the most unique, flowing, and appropriate manner. This course is designed keeping in mind the learners who are less socially active, and barely reciprocate to the outside world!

Indeed, the English Language has no restrictions! As a learner at Careerera, and after completing the online English classes with us, you can readily lookout for a reservoir of opportunities in your professional life. These start with basic English teaching to tiny-tots, and private English tuition for primary schools to entering the corporate industry in the field of Media, Journalism, Publishing, and PR, and Advertising in both the private and government sector.


Careerera is one of the most prominent education providers in the education field currently. They who know how to reach the pinnacle of success and make a legacy through their best-selling educational programs and courses! At Careerera, we understand how significant the English language can be in structuring the professional careers of new generations hoping to get their dream job settled. Here, our English Language Training Program is the best English course online as - 

  • It focuses on communication skills, interview skills, and presentation skills that add to the overall personality development of any aspirant. 
  • It is an extremely flexible program that will suit anyone who is looking to work, speak, and write in the English language. 
  • We focus on constant improvement. What is, even more, best about doing it at Careerera is that it is done with the ones who are at the same level of learning and upgrading. You won’t have initial panic or social anxiety while starting it with us. At Careerera, we comfort you to your most eased position. 
  • Here, the online English course has a strength of only 12 people in each session that will be taken independently by our skilled language experts. The number of learners is our main concern so that we can keep an eye of attention, and scrutiny over every attendant who is here to learn and grow with us.


The Assessment - 

We have devised 30 minutes of Assessment which comprises of quick 100 MCQ questions. It is not a Fail/Pass Test that shall rise your anxiety levels! Rather, we at Careerera devise it to make you more comfortable in your skin - What you are, which level suits your flair, and what needs to be added to make you achieve so much more in this English online course.



  • Basic Beginners level Course
  • A course that takes 45 hours duration to complete
  • Opportunity to learn from the finest industry professionals on-board
  • Live classes conducted through live video 
  • Dedicated Group Discussions
  • A complete provision of Student handouts, Lecture notes, and Revision topics to learners.
  • Working on Practical and Theoretical projects
  • Arrangement of Multiple Test series and Simulation papers
  • Offering Course Completion Certificate
  • Regular Job Assistance/ Chance to Get Placed with the best!


Learn English Online -

A2 Course 

In this second part of the Beginners course, students get to keep their faculties function around polite language. This includes social conversational patterns, a grasp over different types of descriptive writing, the formation of paragraphs, essay writing, and writing compositional passages to improve upon normal vocabulary. 

This part mainly deals with a more proper understanding of the descriptive methods of writing. It is just an initial process that introduces the beginner learner to many different domains of descriptive and expressive writing. Other than this, many distinct formal and informal conversational patterns are kept in mind, to make the learner experience the best of both the writing and verbal communication domain. 


Program Curriculum

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter -1
  • English Grammar-A brief Introduction
  • Chapter - 2
  • understanding phrases that are directly related to everyday communication situations
  • Chapter -3
  • English Comprehension
  • Chapter - 4
  • Feelings and health
  • Chapter - 5
  • Homeland, Nationalities, languages
  • Chapter -6
  • Active and Passive Voice-Introduction
  • Chapter - 7
  • Basic Vocabulary
  • Chapter - 8
  • Letter Writing,Application Writing

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Q1 : Is the English language difficult to learn?

English is an external language and is generally accepted as an L2 - the second language in all the nations present globally. Because it is a second language that comes after the primary language that is spoken by the natives, it is deemed as a difficult speech. Although, if we look at the everyday lifestyles of people, English is the widely accepted language that makes communication easy for people. At Careerera, we use the ideal means that relax you and make you comfortable in studying it.

Q2 : How long will it take me to learn English?

Q3 : Do I have to learn English Grammar at this Beginner’s A2 level?

Q4 : What if I miss the class?

Q5 : What if I have doubts at the end of every class and want a one-to-one interaction with the mentor?

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English Language Training(A2)

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