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Know your way around the English Language Training(A1&A2).

English is the top-notch language that has not only achieved global recognition but has set itself up as the king of all premier languages spoken worldwide. Coming from the Western foreign world, it has majorly settled itself as a second language or L2, not expressed as a mother tongue in many native/home countries, but deemed of national and international importance that shapes the future of almost all today! At Careerera, our online English course and English learning classes are very comprehensive. They include activities such as email writing and other conversational activities with our expert instructors on weekends. To check the level of our learners, we have devised an assessment plan that effectuates them towards choosing the right level course with us. This is conducted to check the level of English of students so that they know what level suits them best to sit for in the course.

About the Course

The Beginners level English online course at Careerera is one of its types. Our trained experts have structured it in a way that can best suit all the learners - be it beginners or fresh starters coming from around the world who have faced significant challenges and complexities while thinking about taking up the English language. In the A1 level course, students are made familiar with the grammar needed for communication, structuring the sentences, daily conversations, and curriculum is made keeping in mind the fresh faces who want to improve their English. We entirely understand that learning English is not a cakewalk. Neither is it a highly knotty and complex speech. Instead, it is an ace language that has foreign roots that beginners can easily digest if the right assistance is provided to them at the proper time. This course keeps a tenderfoot’s toe in the domain of English. We start with basic knowledge of the English language.



Careerera Gives You the Chance to Grab the Best Time to Learn English Online and Move Forward

At Careerera, we understand how significant the English language can be in structuring the professional careers of new generations hoping to get their dream job settled. Here, our English Language Training Program is the best English course online as -

  • It focuses on communication skills, interview skills, and presentation skills that add to the overall personality development of any aspirant.
  • It is a highly flexible program that will suit anyone looking to work, speak, and write in the English language.
  • We focus on constant improvement. What is even best about doing it at Careerera is that it is done with those at the same level of learning and upgrading. You won’t have initial panic or social anxiety while starting it with us. At Careerera, we comfort you to your most comfortable position possible.
  • Here, the online English course has a strength of only 12 people in each session that will be taken independently by our skilled language experts. The number of learners is our main concern to keep an eye on attention and scrutiny over every attendant who is here to learn and grow with us.

The Assessment -

We have devised 30 minutes of Assessment which comprises of quick 100 MCQ questions. It is not a Fail/Pass Test that shall raise your anxiety levels! Instead, we at Careerera devise it to make you more comfortable in your skin - What you are, which level suits your flair, and what needs to be added to make you achieve so much more in this online English course.


  • Basic Beginners level Course
  • A course that takes 40 hours duration to complete
  • Opportunity to learn from the finest industry professionals onboard
  • Live classes conducted through live video
  • Dedicated Group Discussions
  • A complete provision of Student handouts, Lecture notes, and Revision topics to learners.
  • Working on Practical and Theoretical projects
  • Arrangement of Multiple Test series and Simulation papers
  • Offering Course Completion Certificate
  • Regular Job Assistance/ Chance to Get Placed with the best!

Learn English Online -

Beginner Course - A1

This is the first level in English learning classes. At this Beginners’s level, we curate two different parts for you. In the very first, we focus on Grammar and its basics. It is not simply theoretical but comes with practical knowledge and real-life situations that help aspirants experientially learn English. For instance - greetings, salutations, small phrases are taught to those who have had access to very limited English.

This is not a case to worry about if you have had a basic knowledge of English all these years. At Careerera, the online English learning course is what you need to enroll in! Get a world-class education with our onboard experts and classified teachers selected after arduous screening and the most challenging selection processes.

Program Curriculum

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See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • Introduction To English Language
  • Chapter - 2
  • Greetings-understands short, simple texts and personal messages
  • Chapter - 3
  • Typical communication tasks
  • Chapter - 4
  • How to write notes and compile a very simple personal message/letter
  • Chapter - 5
  • Nationalities and languages.
  • Chapter - 6
  • Introduction to English Grammar
  • Chapter - 7
  • Education, profession, work
  • Chapter - 8
  • Service and commerce
  • Chapter - 9
  • Leisure, hobbies, and entertainment

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : What is the scope of english language?

After learning english language one can become Language trainer, translator, content creator, content writer etc. 

Q2 : How long will it take me to learn English?

For the A1 beginners level, it’s just a matter of 45 hours and you are ready to start learning the basics of English

Q3 : Do I have to learn English Grammar at this Beginner’s A1 level?

As the learners have got limited access to English as their first language, at A1 level, we begin with Grammer and its basics. Fundamentals are emphasized upon more regularly so that the learners can pass the course with a better foundational knowledge of English.

Q4 : What if I miss the class?

Cover-up sessions are provided. Also, we have a service support team. The learners can get in touch with them in any real-time queries.

Q5 : What if I have doubts at the end of every class and want a one-to-one interaction with the mentor?

Learners can directly get in touch with their instructors through the Careerera account IDs that have been provided to them.

Q6 : Will I get a Certificate after the completion of this course?

The students who complete the language course are given the Course Completion Certificate in the end.

Q7 : Is the English language difficult to learn?

• English is an external language and is generally accepted as an L2 - the second language in all the nations present globally. Because it is a second language that comes after the primary language that is spoken by the natives, it is deemed as a difficult speech. Although, if we look at the everyday lifestyles of people, English is the widely accepted language that makes communication easy for people. At Careerera, we use the ideal means that relax you and make you comfortable in studying it.

Q8 : How long will it take me to learn English?

For the A2 beginners level, it’s just a matter of some weeks and you are ready to express your thoughts in the way of descriptive writings and that too with an improved vocabulary.

Q9 : Do I have to learn English Grammar at this Beginner’s A2 level?

Here, we consider that you already have a basic knowledge of Grammar. At the A2 level, we use that knowledge of Grammar to frame sentences for both written and verbal communication. Although, this involves constant improvement upon the learned Grammar patterns.

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English Language Training(A1&A2)

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