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At Careerera, our online English course and English learning classes are very comprehensive, deep, and enlightening. We dive profoundly into what is being taught to the learners. The objective is to teach what is right and that which provides the learners with the best knowledge in the English language. We are proud to serve what is needed by the learners. What more? We rejoice in filling the gaps with our upgraded learning systems and our best experts on board. Our differently curated English language courses online bring English from its very basics to the next complex levels of advancement and promotion. We start with English, learn about its foundational requirements, and move to the complex areas by having healthy class discussions, and personal chats through the unique Careerera accounts. 

About the Course

The Intermediate level B2 Course deals with the freedom of expressing one’s views through the language that is learned. Learners are instructed in a way that they become comfortable in questioning and interrogating society and its views through the language. They get the power to opinionize their say. This level emphasizes more urgently the descriptive part of the language, and the use of financial language in a consumerist society. 

Careerera focuses on creating potential professionals that can suit the industry and marketplace needs in every way possible. Thus, to achieve this we focus on every independent student’s career objectives and growth. Careerera is a one-stop for many learners who are in the need to learn from the best industry educators online! The Professional Certification and Language Training courses and programs have already served as the best-selling educational programs and courses! At Careerera, we comprehend the importance of the English language in recent competitive times and its upright significance in attaining the best-paid jobs in the industry. Our courses are the best English courses online as - 

  • They center on the presentation skills, communication skills, and interview skills of all the aspirants who are here at Careerera, to develop their fullest potential. 
  • They are extremely workable and changeable and can be adjusted according to the needs of the independent learners. 
  • Our focus is on a regular policy of improvement. What is best about its execution is that it is done with the learners who are at an equal level of learning. Careerera is not about making you uncomfortable, but putting you at ease so that you can learn in the best environments. 
  • In our online English course, the strength is 12 people in each session. We keep the number minimum so that maximum attention can be provided to all the learners. 

The Assessment - 

The Assessment is for 30 minutes. It has 100 MCQ questions. The test is conducted not to detain any learner or to promote any scholar aspirant. The motive is to check which level is made for you, what is the texture and quality of your flair, and what is an aspirant’s language fluidity?


  • Intermediate level Course
  • A course that takes 45 hours duration to complete
  • Opportunity to learn from the finest industry professionals on-board
  • Live classes conducted through live video 
  • Dedicated Group Discussions
  • A complete provision of Student handouts, Lecture notes, and Revision topics to learners.
  • Working on Practical and Theoretical projects
  • Arrangement of Multiple Test series and Simulation papers
  • Offering Course Completion Certificate
  • Regular Job Assistance/ Chance to Get Placed with the best!

Learn English Online -

Intermediate Course - B2

B2 Course

This second part prepares learners to face the world. Here, they become aware of the immediate surroundings and can question what is happening in the world in the form of agreeing, disagreeing, commenting, and reporting through their speaking and writing skills. Here, we move to the more complex nuances of English and center on the descriptive aspect of language. In this online English course, the students and learners talk about advertisements and converse about trends and precautions in the realm of consumer society. What we focus upon is the freedom, and freedom of expression  - the ‘independence’ with which learners can interact with the practical life situations that surround them with the use of theoretical and complex grammatical structures. Next, we bring in the financial vocabulary where learners talk about particular approximate figures. This part centers straightly upon the subjective participation of the learner about the taught English language designs. Through regulated discussions about TV shows, music, and entertainment stories, vocabulary is upgraded. Students are asked to talk about their emotions, feelings, and sentiments by using the English language.

Program Curriculum

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • Understanding longer speeches and presentations
  • Chapter - 2
  • Understanding the articles written on topical issues, the position of the author, understands fictio
  • Chapter - 3
  • Information about education and studies. Understanding information about educational institutions an
  • Chapter - 4
  • Understanding professional texts. Different national cultures. Combs and practices
  • Chapter -5
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Chapter - 6
  • Information around us ,Current events
  • Chapter - 7
  • Economy and legal relations
  • Chapter -8
  • Society Political views and Positions

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Q1 : .How complex is the B2 Course level?

Once the learners pass the first part of the Intermediate level i.e B1, they become more confident to take up the B2 level of the course. It is not complex if you know how to write essays and other compositional passages using correct grammar, connectors, and idiomatic phrases. Here, learners only confront the world and learn to agree and disagree through the use of the English language

Q2 : How long will it take me to learn English?

Q3 : What if I have doubts at the end of the class, and I feel like discussing them with my mentor, personally?

Q4 : Will I get a Certificate after the completion of this course?

Q5 : Do you run any discounts or are there any coupon codes available for the extra discount?

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English Language Training( B2)

This Certificate is Proudly Presented to

John Smith

For Successful Completion of the English Language Training( B2)
Program with all the Mandatory Course Requirements with Distinction.


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Shashi Bhushan Singh

Director Training

Certificate URL : https://certificate.careerera.com/certificate/VFHLMYBpoQeWdIt


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