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English is the language of international communications today. From business, politics to media, and the internet it has covered everything, and at every bit of it. The English language is the global language and, unquestionably, the king of all top languages that are used and spoken universally. Its identification as a second language or L2 is basically because it has originated from the Western world. Thus, English has attained a separate level in contrast to the native languages spoken over the world. The masters at Careerera, keep this in mind and execute the online English classes. At Careerera, our online English course and English learning classes are unique and cognitive. 

Starting from the Beginners level to the Advanced level of the English language, i.e from A1 to C2, the central focus is on an overall personality evolvement of the students. We want to give our students the best facilities and training that make them the masters of their independent domains tomorrow!


About the Course

The Intermediate level B1 Course takes you deeper into the ocean of the English language. Now, you have the power to judge for yourself and write and talk comprehensively for your personal and subjective identity by using certain English connectors in English. From developing vocabulary and focusing on the word and linguistic development to interpreting the environment and discussing environmental issues to entering into the world of comparisons, and language differences, the course settles the aspirants in a transitional phase of language development.


At Careerera we believe that - To Get Ahead in Race, Learners Need to Get Started in the Right Place First!

Careerera is the one-man army. One-stop for many educational solutions! With its Professional Certification and Language Training, they have tasted global success and made a legacy through their best-selling educational online programs and courses! At Careerera, we understand how crucial the English language can be in shaping the professional callings of new generations that are waiting to get their dream job. We offer the best English course online and our English Language Training Program surpasses others. Let’s see how - 

  • We emphasize extra on communication skills, interview, and presentation skills that build the full personality of the learners in the best measures relatable. 
  • We have come out with a real flexible program, that makes speaking, writing, and working in English more natural and enlightening. 
  • We center on regular up-gradation. At Careerera, we don't enroll you in a team that is at a different level of learning. We bring an equal and the same level of learning and improvement to all students.
  • At Careerera, the online English course has 12 people in every session. These are independent classes taken by expert mentors having the best course knowledge. 

The Assessment - 

In the assessment test, we provide 30 minutes of assessment. It has 100 MCQ questions. Here, we are not checking who passes or fails the assessment. Rather, we at Careerera conduct it to make learners more comfortable in their skin. In this English online course, the assessment is designed with a motive to check the level of the candidate and to see their knowledge measures. 



  • Intermediate level Course
  • A course that takes 45 hours duration to complete
  • Opportunity to learn from the finest industry professionals on-board
  • Live classes conducted through live video 
  • Dedicated Group Discussions
  • A complete provision of Student handouts, Lecture notes, and Revision topics to learners.
  • Working on Practical and Theoretical projects
  • Arrangement of Multiple Test series and Simulation papers
  • Offering Course Completion Certificate
  • Regular Job Assistance/ Chance to Get Placed with the best!

Learn English Online -

Intermediate Course - B1

B1 Course 

The first part of the Intermediate level comprises generating and holding over an expansive pool of vocabulary, word development, linguistic evolvement, and enhancement of overall social communicational patterns of the new learners. When aspirants learn English online courses, they become readily adept in considering the latest news stories, current live happenings, and events. It starts with talking about their independent personalities and traits, and expertise. They are pushed to enter new boundaries and explore their hidden abilities in the field of the English language to the maximum. At this level, learners are expected to illustrate procedures, frequencies, and problems. They are also trained uniquely to indulge in healthy discussions about forecasts and scenarios. They start understanding the environment and interpreting it. They are invested with the skills to decipher and encode hidden codes in the English language by making them more and more technically sound with otherwise complex English language styles and arrays. They will be able to make extensive comparisons by way of discussing advantages and disadvantages. 

Program Curriculum

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • Understanding the Basic information about English subject
  • Chapter - 2
  • A comprehensive introduction of Factual information
  • Chapter -3
  • English Grammar-Intermediate Level
  • Chapter -4
  • Information about education and studies
  • Chapter - 5
  • Understanding Leisure, hobbies, and entertainment
  • Chapter - 6
  • Comprehension-Intermediate Level
  • Chapter - 7
  • Letter Writing, Application writing-Advanced Level
  • Chapter -8
  • Direct and Indirect Speech-Intermediate Level

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Q1 : Is the English language difficult to learn?

As a second language, English has served as the basis of the functioning of all multinational companies. If a native wants to connect with what is happening abroad, English is the path that takes you to external countries. But, what is happening today is that due to its position as a second speech for the natives, the language is categorized as a difficult speech. In actuality, English is the easiest second language around the world. At Careerera, our experts provide you with what is the best. This is done by the mentors who make the complexities of the language vanish with the tinge of their working and knowledgeable minds.

Q2 : How long will it take me to learn English?

Q3 : Do I become an expert after this Intermediate B1 level?

Q4 : What if I have doubts and want to interact with the language expert?

Q5 : Will I get a Certificate after the completion of this course?

Q6 : Do you run any discounts or are there any coupon codes available for the extra discount?

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English Language Training( B1)

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John Smith

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Program with all the Mandatory Course Requirements with Distinction.


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Shashi Bhushan Singh

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