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The analysis of data certification course conveys skills and acquaintance to analyze envision and report data. This helps business analytics to make the most favorable decision to the business. The Microsoft Power BI Training covers the new tools to observe business growth. This course is best suited for business professionals who are asked to generate reports and analyze data.

This business tool comes in three forms:

  • An extension to Excel
  • A cloud-based service
  • A desktop-based application

The main objective of Microsoft Power BI Training & Certification Courses:

  • It helps you get, how to connect and import your data, reports, publish reports, create dashboards, and share with business users.
  • It doesn’t require a dependency on any IT staff or database administrator as it provides self-service business intelligence capabilities.
  • To reduce the stress of time-consuming processes and make business analysts workings easy to process.

Pre-requisites for Microsoft Power BI Training and Certification Course:

As such, there is no aforementioned technical knowledge mandatory to learn about Microsoft Power BI. However, formal experience with an understanding of Excel and formulas will be beneficial. 

  • Good understanding of relational databases and reporting.
  • Initial understanding of data warehouse schema topology (including star and snowflake schemas).
  • Fundamental understanding of basic programming constructs such as looping and branching.
  • Basic knowledge of key business priorities such as revenue, profitability, and financial accounting is desirable.

Advantages of Power BI Training and Certification Course:

  • Microsoft Power BI training course will let you get in-depth knowledge understanding of Power BI and how it works on different scenarios
  • You will be able to get the work done without being a Business Intelligence professional
  • Microsoft Power BI training certification course enables you to address important business issues like better business decision making, better-quality business transparency, gaining competitive advantage, etc.
  • After the training, you will be able to centralize your data.
  • You will be able to master concepts like Data Visualization and Integration etc.
  • Understand DAX and SSBI
  • You will be able to implement Custom Visuals

Who Should Do this Microsoft Power BI Training Course?

  • Individuals looking forward to their careers as Business Analysts, Business Development Manager, etc.
  • The one who is aiming to implement their statistics skills to derive business insights.
  • Marketing, Finance, Sales and other field Professionals who need wide business intelligence.
  • This course is also recommended for SQL Professionals and BI Professionals.

Course Highlights:

  • 24 Hours of the online sessions through our certified professionals.
  • E-learning sessions with in-depth knowledge of topics.
  • 1-day money-back guarantees with no further questions.


Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter - 1 Power BI –A Complete Package Introduction
Chapter - 1.1 Introduction to Power BI
Chapter - 1.2 Components of Power BI
Chapter - 1.3 Installing Power BI Desktop
Chapter - 1.4 Various Options in Power BI Desktop
Chapter - 2 Working with Different Sources (Excel, SQL Server, OData Feed etc.)
Chapter - 2.1 Import
Chapter - 2.2 Direct Query
Chapter - 2.3 Import vs Direct Query
Chapter - 2.4 Limitations of Direct Query
Chapter - 2.5 Query Editor
Chapter - 2.6 Working with Power Query Editor
Chapter - 2.7 Relationships (1:1, 1: Many, Many:1)
Chapter - 2.8 Basics of M Language
Chapter - 3 Reports Development
Chapter - 3.1 Reports Development in Power BI
Chapter - 3.2 Working with Different Visuals
Chapter - 3.3 Formatting Options in Reports
Chapter - 3.4 Working with Filters
Chapter - 3.5 Custom Visuals
Chapter - 4 Power BI Service (Power BI service domain account will be provided to hands on Service)
Chapter - 4.1 Overview of Power BI Service
Chapter - 4.2 Publishing the Reports
Chapter - 4.3 Dashboards
Chapter - 4.4 Gateways
Chapter - 4.5 Enterprise vs Personal Gateway
Chapter - 4.6 Work Spaces
Chapter - 4.7 Content Packs/ Apps
Chapter - 4.8 Security
Chapter - 4.9 Schedule Data Refresh
Chapter - 4.10 Power BI Premium
Chapter - 5 SSAS Tabular
Chapter - 5.1 SSAS Tabular Overview
Chapter - 5.2 Install and Configure SSAS Tabular
Chapter - 5.3 Building a Tabular Model
Chapter - 5.4 SSAS Tabular as Source
Chapter - 5.5 Live Connections
Chapter - 5.6 Deploy & Processing in Tabular
Chapter - 5.7 SQL Server Agent
Chapter - 5.9 Schedule Processing of Model
Chapter - 6 Data Analysis Expressions (DAX)
Chapter - 6.1 Introduction to DAX
Chapter - 6.2 Calculated Columns
Chapter - 6.3 Measures
Chapter - 6.4 Calculated Columns vs Measures
Chapter - 6.5 Variables
Chapter - 6.6 Table Functions
Chapter - 6.7 Evaluation Contexts
Chapter - 6.8 Calculate
Chapter - 6.9 Time Intelligence in DAX
Chapter - 6.10 Frequently Used DAX functions in Real time
Chapter - 6.11 Calendar Functions
Chapter - 7 Advanced/ Other Power BI Concepts
Chapter - 7.1 Parameters
Chapter - 7.2 Drill Through
Chapter - 7.3 Bookmarks
Chapter - 7.4 Row level Security
Chapter - 7.5 Dynamic Measures
Chapter - 7.6 Dynamic Axis in Charts
Chapter - 7.7 Dynamic Filters
Chapter - 7.8 Power BI Template file
Chapter - 7.9 Wallpapers
Chapter - 7.10 Themes
Chapter - 7.11 Q&A
Chapter - 7.12 Editing the Themes
Chapter - 7.13 Power BI Updates
Chapter - 8 Live Project
Chapter - 8.1 Course Prerequisites
Chapter - 8.2 Before attending Analyzing Data with Power BI course, students must have:
Chapter - 8.3 Good understanding of relational databases and reporting.
Chapter - 8.4 Some basic knowledge of data warehouse schema topology (including star and snowflake schemas).
Chapter - 8.5 Fundamental understanding of basic programming constructs (such as looping and branching).
Chapter - 8.6 Basic knowledge of key business priorities such as revenue, profitability, and financial accounting
Chapter - 8.7 Familiarity with Microsoft Office applications particularly Excel.


It’s a business intelligence platform that offers nontechnical business users with tools for collecting, analyzing, visualizing, and sharing data. It’s deep mixing with other Microsoft products makes it a very multipurpose self-service tool that requires little sincere training.
Microsoft Power BI is used to find insights within a firm’s data. It also helps in data transformation and creates charts or graphs to provide visuals of data. All of this can be mutually shared with other Power BI users within the firm. Power BI can also provide executive dashboards for administrators or managers, giving management more insight into how departments are doing. The reports of Power BI help in forecasting to make sure departments meet business metrics.
Excel when united with Power BI, offers you with broad data analytics and visualization capabilities. Power BI allows you to view, analyze and share Excel files on the web
Out of three forms, only Power BI Desktop is free. The other two forms of this tool i.e. Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium are chargeable. Power BI free is encompassed in all Office 365 plans for which you can sign up anytime.
Power Query is an in-built free add that lets you influence, transform, consolidate, enrich, and merge your data. It’s designed by Microsoft for Excel and Power BI Designer. This is the tool that extracts, transforms and then loads the data either in Excel, Power Pivot or the Power Designer.
Once you complete 24 Hours of e-learning from our website, we will issue your certificate with no extra cost.
You may access from your Careerera account for quite a time as all the classes are recorded.
Yes, every individual will be receiving the performance-based graded certificate.
Yes, one can contact tutors through chat and mail from their respective IDs.
Yes, but with prior information.
We offer online instructor-led live sessions for various courses.
The Careerera provides instructors who are highly experienced industry professionals in their respective fields.
We are there for you to serve 24*7 with our support team to provide you extra assistance.
Contact us at for any concerns you have
If you have a satisfactory quotient with our service you can ask for a refund to our Support Service team within 1 day from the course start date.

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