About ITIL® Intermediate SS Certification Training

The SS certification training or Service Strategy Certification Training is one of the five ITIL® Service lifecycle sub-modules which are designed to train individual to extend their design, development and organizational strategies. Successful completion of this SS module will grant 3 credits towards the ITIL® Intermediate Certification level. Training on this module imparts the knowledge of ITSM strategies by testing and validation the best practices documented in the ITIL® SS publications.

Course Objective

The objective of this ITIL® intermediate SS certification training is to train individual to understand the purpose, process and principles of service strategy used in the ITSM industry. It will make individual to identify the correct organizing policy and governance policy for IT service strategy. It explains the implementation and technological consideration of service strategy to individuals. ITIL® intermediate SS certification training enhances the capability of creation and operation of customer-focused ITIL® service strategies.


  • Successful completion of ITIL® Foundation certificate of 2 Credits.
  • 2 years of working experience in IT industry with basic IT literacy.
  • Pursuing minimum 21hrs of instructions provided by Accredited Training Organization or e-learning solutions.

Course Structure:

This course is designed to cover the following areas of ITSM:

  • Strategy management.
  • Demand management.
  • Financial management.
  • Service portfolio management.
  • Business relationship management.


The ITIL® SS certification requires minimum 21 hrs of training provided by any of the accredited training providers through classroom based training or e-learning based training. We provide extensive training on each section covered in the SS module with our highly experienced professional tutors. Our offered ITIL® intermediate SS certification training online will provide you a large extent of study materials with detailed audio-video lectures to avail the classroom training benefits to the e-learners. The quality of study materials and tutorials are maintained equally for both our classroom based trainees and ITIL® intermediate SS certification training online based trainees.

Benefits of ITIL® Intermediate SS Certification Training

Successful completion of SS certification course will grant 3 credits towards ITIL® Intermediate Certification. The Benefits of ITIL® intermediate SS certification are not limited only this but it also improves your understanding of principle, objective and purpose of service strategy in IT service management. This module is very important to understand the interaction of service strategy with other Service life cycle module. It enhances understanding of the role, responsibility, activity, measurement and functions of ITIL® service strategy to achieve operational excellence. This course will enrich your understanding of technological implementation of ITIL® service strategy. Individual will be well trained in this course to identify the challenges, critical and risk factors associated to service strategy used in ITSM.

How do you become an ITIL® SS Certified Professional?

To understand the criteria for “how do you become an ITIL® SS certified professional? is defined very simply. To become an ITIL® Certified SS professional you have to follow this process:

  • Complete the 21 hrs of required training.
  • Apply and appear for the ITIL® SS exam.
  • Hit a 70% score within 90 minutes of time limit.
  • Successful completion of ITIL® SS exam will grant you 3 credits.


ITIL® Intermediate SS Certification Training
E-learning (WS100017)


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