ITIL® Intermediate CSI Certification Training

Know your way around the ITIL® Intermediate CSI Certification Training.

ITIL® Intermediate CSI certification or ITIL® Intermediate Continual Service Improvement certification is designed to improve planning and optimizing skills in learners that is required for IT services in organizations. It also helps learners to measure and analyze their continual improvement processes using the key performance indicator and success factors. the course also help in gaining  


  • Successful completion of ITIL® Foundation certificate and achieve the 2 Credits.
  • Basic IT literacy with work experience of 2 years in IT industry.
  • Complete the required hours of CSI training.

Course Structure:

  • Introduction
  • introduction to CSI
  • Continual Service Improvement Principles
  • Continual Service Improvement Processes
  • Organizing for Continual Service Improvement
  • Organizing for Continual Service Improvement – 2
  • Technology Consideration
  • Implement Continual Service Improvement
  • Challenges, Critical Success Factor and Risks
  • Summary Case Studies Exam Preparation and Directed

Training Structure

The Intermediate CSI Certification training is a minimum 21 hours professional training which you can attend through classroom or e-learning base with any accredited institution or training providers. Our highly professional tutors and trainers provide an extensive training for each section of the CSI module. We at Careerera, provide e-learning sessions for learners where they can communicate with the tutor through voice and video chat. We record all our training sessions and avail them in our online database so that any learner can access them whenever they want.

Exam Format

Duration: 90 Minutes.

Type of questions: Multiple choice questions, 8 questions per paper.

Passing Mark: 28 Marks out of 40 available (70%)

Type of Exam: Closed book

Course Benefit

This course will provide a complete insight into continual development required for IT service industry and related activities. Successful understanding of this course will improve outcome qualities of IT services offered to customers through better service design, strategy and operations. It also helps to create and maintain value for organization’s service quality to customers. Learning through this course will improve your planning, implementation and service skills that are required for IT service development.

How do I get certified in ITIL® Intermediate CSI qualification?

To achieve the ITIL® Intermediate CSI Certification you will need the following:

  • Attend the required 21 hours of classroom based or online based CSI training.
  • Apply and attend the ITIL® CSI certification exam.
  • Score the required 70% marks within the specified time limit.
  • get certified with the 4 Credits for this module.

Program Curriculum

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