Paid Marketing via Google Ads Platform

Know your way around the Paid Marketing via Google Ads Platform.

It’s a world of advertising and marketing. Many of you will agree and nod here as this is the reality of the new world, today! Is it not? Certainly! We all panic when our website or a blog site lacks organic visitation by the audience, or we altogether fail in attracting the right audience for our page! Alas, everything goes wrong and we are not able to properly market our service or product. Here, Google comes to our assistance with its paid service - Google Ads. When the producer or a business fails in reaching the intended audience, Google helps and pushes the ad with its chargeable Pay Per Click (PPC) service. It’s an offer, the number of clicks is in direct proportion to the money that is offered by the advertiser to the one who advertises. Website owners/product owners pay for the marketed content and increase followers to the business pages! Sounds exciting and profitable? It is!come, and get admission to the Paid Marketing via Google Ads Platform course at Careerera and, be the game-changer of your business!

Course Description

The Paid Marketing via Google Ads Platform course at Careerera, is one solution for many problems! After having hands-on experience and the right theoretical and practical insight into how the PPC criteria work for advertising and paid marketing, the learner and aspirant can attract heaps of organic audience with the right content that s/he is offering to the consumers out there! It’s just a click game and any website owner can be a billionaire! There are two  considerations - First, you must know the necessary criteria and particulars of Google Ads, Google Ads Platform, and know about some technical terms that you get to learn while you enroll yourself into the course, and second, luck has to be at your side!

Here, the course teaches you about various google Ad-formats -

● Text Ads
● Responsive-Display Ads
● Image Ads
● App Promotional Ads
● Video Ads
● Product Shopping Ads
● Call-Only Ads

It must be noted, every Ad has unique and different monetary criteria that need to be evaluated by the owner of the website - the owner, businessman, or a blogger who is paying for featuring the AD on google to attract maximum visibility, traffic, and hence a pool of Loves and Likes!

Program Curriculum

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • The Google,How Google works?
  • Chapter - 2
  • Google Ads-Introduction
  • Chapter -3
  • Different Accounts in Paid Ads Creation
  • Chapter - 4
  • What is Landing Page , Tools to Create Landing Page
  • Chapter - 5
  • Search Ads-Campaign Creation ,Types of Extension ,Ad Creation
  • Chapter - 6
  • Display Ads-Types of Display Ads

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Q1 : What is Google Ads Marketing?

Google Ads is a way of marketing that is supported by the Google search engine. Basically, it’s a platform that allows advertisers to publish their content for inviting and attracting maximum traffic and visits to a website, or a blog page. Here, the role played by the keywords is of utmost importance. The business professionals that run ads for the website target the right keywords which helps them reach the top of the search results page on google search pages. It is a type of online marketing, which is monetized and paid.

Q2 : How to become a Google Ad Specialist?

Q3 : What is Google Ads Training?

Q4 : Is Google Ads Marketing and Training the same?

Q5 : Will I get a valid certification after completing the course from Careerera?

Q6 : What are the criteria followed for paying for Ads on Google?


Paid Marketing via Google Ads Platform

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