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Course Description

Corporations are recognizing the worth of reaching patrons through digital means. Understanding this value the firms are an outlaying maximum percentage of their marketing budget on digital, enabling patrons to use public and mobile digital platforms to study and use the top products.The Master in Digital Marketing program is structured to assist you in leading the key disciplines in digital marketing, comprising Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, pay-per-click (PPC), conversion optimization, content selling, email, web analytics, and mobile selling.

Lead the skill of online brand construction, sales generation, and keep your career in acceleration. Digital Marketing is growing explosively in the sphere of the industry. Though maximum brands using digital marketing passages to develop their extent and capita, there is a great demand for proficient Digital Marketing executives.

As of learning about plans, market analytics, growing content plans to know about email, search and social media marketing, Careerera in-depth courseware with applied examples and case states will deliver you the skills essential to strategize and takeoff positive marketing drives for business success.

Experts who may put on digital marketing techniques to confirm business stability are in excessive demand. We at Careerera realize this and so bring you a program i.e. Master in Digital Marketing which comprehensively outlines; how to use it for business advancements. To enrich the learning practice, directed step-by-step exercises will be given through simulated practices.

Audience Profile

  • The ideal contenders for the Master in Digital Marketing program are
  • Marketing Specialists
  • Aspiring Digital Marketing experts
  • Entrepreneurs and growing entrepreneurs
  • Digital Media Professionals
  • Online Campaign Professionals
  • Course Essential
  • There is some understanding needed for each field of certification, the Master in Digital Marketing requires its individuals’ to
  • Have creative thinking
  • Understand the target audience
  • Understand the Search Engine Optimization (on & off-page) both.
  • Understanding of Google base optimization

Course Objectives

  • Post completion of the Master in Digital Marketing; one will be measured as a tough and skilled Digital Marketing expert. This training program will help individuals to:
  • Detect digital marketing tactics that have the probability to win.
  • Drive digital marketing promotions under strict budgets.
  • Understand the varied range of online marketing techniques.
  • Be capable to run online search and display campaigns.
  • Methods to develop page rankings on search set up and successful social media page accounts.
  • Ability to manage and promote a brand online.
  • Understand the sort of audience and what selling strategy would work best for a given product.

Course Benefits

  • Business and head hunters prefer marketing experts with sincere knowledge, talent, and practice confirmed by a certification that is approved across trades.
  • In digital marketing, the firms are eyeing for experts with an overall skill set that cuts across sub-fields like PPC, social, email marketing, Search Engine Optimization and more.
  • Candidates are prioritized who have the certification and also offered good packages compared to the one who does not have.
  • Master in Digital Marketing offers both scope and depth of talents to support individuals who take their marketing career at a good level.

Course Highlights

  • The session is directed by practiced and qualified Instructors.
  • Various case studies have been conversed to attain practical experience and prepare for certain domains.
  • Candidates are offered access to quality study materials
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Real-world use cases and Scenarios
  • Practical Approach
  • 24*7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers

Course Delivery

  • We offer Master in Digital Marketing in the classroom and online modes.
  • We offer the superiority, skill to eloquent significant features of the plan like project aims, essential resources, risks, and rules, etc.
  • At Careerera, all the classes are well directed by the industry faculties.
  • The Careerera professionals are a great observer to know the candidates learning tactics to guide them within their understanding sphere.


Module 1:

  • What do you mean by digital marketing?
  • Why Digital Marketing is mostly preferred in the industry?
  • Understanding the process of Digital Marketing.
  • Enlightening Brand visibility
  • Niche Targeted Traffic Concepts
  • Implementing Strategies for lead Generation
  • ways of Converting Traffic into Leads and sales
  • Ways Visitors Engagement

Module 2:

  • Website Planning
  • Registering Domain & Webhosting
  • Mapping Domain Name to web Server
  • Significance of Responsive
  • Creating Blueprint for website
  • Creating web pages & content (WordPress)
  • Integrating themes and Plugins
  • Engagement Options

Module 3:

  • Domain Registrations
    • Domain for SEO Standards
    • Top servers for Hosting Space
    • Mapping your Domains
    • Tools to find expired Domains
  • Introduction for SEO
    • Introduction to SERP
    • Types of search engines
    • How search engines work
    • SEO Importance
  • Google algorithm and latest Updates
    • How Google algorithm works
    • Latest updates of Panda, Penguin & Humming Bird
    • How Panda, Penguin & Humming Bird Works
    • Fixing Panda, Penguin & Humming Bird
  • On-Page Optimization
    • Keyword Planning
    • keywords and its importance for SEO
    • Niche Targeted Keyword Research
    • Tools for keyword research
    • Tools for Competitor analysis
    • Steps to Fixing the right keywords Importance of Title tag
    • Importance of Meta Keyword and description
    • Website Structure
    • Static & Dynamic web optimization
    • Understanding URL's Structures
    • Importance of Content
    • Optimizing Web Pages
    • Importance of Blogs
    • Creation & Integration of Sitemaps
    • Google Analytics and webmaster integration
    • Website analysis Checklist
  • Off-Page Optimization
    • Introduction to off-page optimization
    • Importance of Domain & Page Authority
    • Importance of Trust flow & Citation
    • How to increase Domain authority?
    • Types of backlinks
    • Importance of link building
    • Types of link building
    • Do’s and Don’ts of link building
    • Strategies & Techniques for Link building (Page rank is no more)
  • Local SEO:
    • Local Business Listing
    • Google places optimization
    • Improving Rankings
  • SEO Reports
    • SEO Tools List
    • SEO On-page & Off-Page Audit Report
    • Monitoring SEO Process

Module 4:

  • Introduction - Success with AdWords Campaigns
    • Introduction to Pay Per Click
    • Advantages of PPC
    • Entities Involved in PPC Advertising
    • BluePrint of a PPC Ad
    • Properties of a Compelling PPC Ad
    • General Formula for Calculating PPC
  • Landing Pages
    • Introduction for landing pages
    • Types of Landing pages
    • Creating Niche targeted Landing Pages
  • Quality Score Defines Your Success
    • What is the Quality Score &what is its importance?
    • How High Should Your Quality Score Ranking?
    • Google Lets the Users Rank Your Ads by CTR
    • The Yellow/Pink Top Three Position in Google Ad Words
    • How You Can get the Quality Score of Your Keywords
    • How You Can Safeguard a High-Quality Score
    • Landing Page Quality Score Guidelines
  • AdWords billing Account and Campaign Structure
    • Building the Account
    • Prepay Budget
    • Post-pay Budget
    • Billing Method
    • Monthly Invoicing
    • Keyword Grouping
  • AdWords Tools
    • Keyword Tool
    • IP Exclusion
    • Traffic Estimator
    • Insights for Search
    • Ads Diagnostics Tool
    • The Google Ad Words Universe
    • Google Search Partners
    • Google Display Network
    • Google Video Network
    • Google Apps Network
    • Google Product
    • Mobile Ad network
  • Settings in Google Search AdWords
    • Locations and Languages
    • Networks and Devices
    • Bidding and Budget
    • Delivery Method (Advanced)
    • Ad Extensions
    • Location Extension Example
    • Call Extension Example
    • Advanced Settings
    • Ad Delivery: Ad Rotation, Frequency Capping
  • Settings for Google Ad Words Search Campaign
    • Language
    • Networks
    • Bidding and Budget
    • Ad Extensions
    • Advanced Settings
  • Keywords
    • Broad Match Keywords
    • Broad Match Modifier
    • Phrase Match
    • Exact Match
    • Keyword Research
    • Let Google Work for You
  • Negative Keywords
    • How Do Negative Keywords Work?
    • Sculpt Campaigns with Negative Keywords
    • Building a Great Negative Keyword List
    • How Do You Add Negative Keywords?
  • Google Ad Words Campaign Tracking
    • Google Ad Words Conversion Tracking
    • Linking with Google Analytics
    • Importing Goals from Google Analytics
    • Ad Words Search Funnel
  • Bid Management and Your Daily Budget
    • How to Set the Right Bid the First Time?
    • The Ad Words Auction
    • Shaping Your Daily Budget
    • Small Trick for Campaigns
    • Ad Group Level vs. Keyword Level Bid Management
  • Landing Pages–The Google Ad Words Extension
    • Test Your Current Landing Pages
    • Imitate Successful Ads and Their Wording
    • General Landing Page Advice
    • Remember Your Quality Score
  • Optimizing Your Ad Words Campaigns
    • It's All One Big A/B Test
    • How Much Time Do You Need?
    • Ad Optimization
    • Bid Management
    • Escalating Your Keyword List
    • Negative Keywords
    • Include Current Offers and
    • Quality Score Optimization
    • Importance of Conversion Tracking
  • The Ad Words Interface
    • Networks
    • Ad Extensions
    • Dimensions
    • Which is the Metrics that you will need in Your Ad Words Interface?
    • Features in the Ad Words Interface
  • AdWords Editor
    • Introduction & Importance of AdWords editor
  • My Client Center (MCC) Account in Google Ad Words
    • How Do You Get an MCC Account?

Module 5:

  • Overview of Social Media Marketing
    • Introduction
    • Promotion Types
    • Importance of landing Page
    • Tools that you should use in Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing (B2B & B2C Promotions)
    • Introduction to Facebook advertising in 2016
    • Evaluating your Competitive Facebook ads
    • Working on the power editor tool
    • Creating Facebook ads
    • Creating Facebook Ads Reports
    • Create Instagram Ads using Facebook Ads
    • Studying and improving Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Marketing (B2B Promotions)
    • Introduction to LinkedIn Ads
    • Competitive analysis on LinkedIn Ads
    • Crafting LinkedIn Ads
    • Makingof Analysis Reports
  • Twitter Marketing
    • Twitter Ads Campaign for Business
    • Analysis Report

Module 6:

  • Overview of Display Ads
  • Importance of Display Ads
  • Types of Display Ads
  • Display VS Contextual Ads
  • Working with Display Ad Networks
  • Tracking & Measuring ROI
  • Generating Reports
  • Multiple ad formats, targeting criteria and remarketing
  • Learn to adverse video on YouTube using AdWords
  • Adverse on the display network using the mobile platform

Module 7:

  • Why Use Email Marketing at All
    • The objective behind using a Professional Email Marketing Service?
    • Blue print of Email Marketing
    • Reasons to choose Email Marketing
    • Importance of Advertising Industry
    • Difference between Email Marketing and Advertising?
  • Types of Email Marketing
    • Opt-in email
    • Double-Opt in
    • Broadcast email
    • Auto Responder email
  • Setting up Email Campaigns
    • Creating Landing pages
    • Design and construction
    • Completion, testing and sending
    • Creating bulk emailing campaign
    • Advanced Tracking Segments
  • Tips for Email Campaign
    • Spam Violates
    • Guidelines for CAN-SPAM Compliance
    • Tips to send emails directly to inbox instead of the spam folder
    • Top email marketing software’s list
    • Implementing A/B testing to increase ROI

Module 8:

  • Overview of ORM
  • ORM Importance
  • Understanding of ORM Concepts
  • How can you deal with criticism online
  • Top 10 ORM Commandments
  • Creating a positive brand image online
  • Monitoring Tools for ORM
  • Top Examples of ORM

Module 9:

  • Overview of Google analytics
  • What is the mechanism of Google analytics?
  • Summary of Google analytics structure
  • Significance of analytics insights
  • The prominence of cookie tracking
  • Google Analytics Cookie Usage on Websites
  • Google analytics account set up
  • Addition of analytics code in a website
  • Status of goals and conversions
  • How can you setup goals conversions?
  • Bounce Rate & Exit Rate Importance
  • How are funnels vital
  • Set up funnels in goals
  • Integrating AdWords and analytics account
  • Marketing Strategies via Google analytics
  • Outline of Tag Manager
  • How to set up link tagging
  • Significance of filters and segments
  • Monitoring traffic sources & behavior
  • Web Analytics Reports

Module 10:

  • Mobile app fundamentals
    • Introduction to mobile apps for business
    • Platforms Apps development
    • Types of Apps Stores
  • Launching App like Pro
    • Ways to launch App
    • Pros and Cons of App
  • Make Money from App
    • Free VS Paid installs
    • Making money from App
    • Strategies for Making money from App
  • APP Store Optimization
    • Introduction
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitive Analysis
  • Ways to promote and market your app
    • Increasing Positive app signals
    • Strategies for Reviews to rank higher
    • Improving Apps download regularly
  • Apps tools
    • App analysis tools
    • App keyword research tools

Module 11:

  • About Affiliate Marketing
  • Models of Affiliate Marketing
  • How to produce and convert leads?
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies and secrets
  • inaugurate as an affiliate
  • How can you make money in affiliate marketing?
  • Top affiliated networks
  • How to get accepted as an affiliate by the top affiliate networks
  • Group Presentation
Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter - 1 About Digital Marketing outline
Chapter - 2 Website Creation:
Chapter - 3 Search Engine Optimization
Chapter - 4 Search Engine Marketing
Chapter - 5 Social Media Marketing
Chapter - 6 Online Display Marketing:
Chapter - 7 Email Marketing:
Chapter - 8 Online Reputation Management
Chapter - 9 Google Analytics:
Chapter - 10 Mobile Marketing:
Chapter - 11 Affliate Marketing
Chapter - 12 project


Digital marketing is described by the use of many digital tactics and mediums to connect with clients where they use up most of their time online.

After this program, you will receive a Master Certification in Digital Marketing from Careerera. Along with this, you will get a complete statement of your abilities and competencies related to digital marketing derived from your assignments.

This certificate also sets you up for Google, Facebook and HubSpot certifications in the field.

This program will need 4-5 hours of engagement every week, which is flexible, for the period of the program. The remaining time of engagement will be a blend of projects, sessions, mentoring sessions and meetings.

This curriculum does not only engage various marketing mediums but also educates you how to:

  • plan digital marketing campaigns
  • develop brands that your clients can connect with within the digital world
  • recognize and plan the use of related digital mediums
  • plan and assign financial and human resource across mediums


Our programs have a great experiential element that would make you ready to apply your knowledge in the job. Cases and industry projects will support you to experience actual challenges in marketing. These cases and assignments will allow you to fit in leading digital marketers at the organization and put to use the learning. All this will serve as a portfolio of projects you can show to your possible employers.

The Master in Digital Marketing consists of

  • Case Studies designed by our expert faculties
  • Industry projects that will help you use your learning

Our team is always there to assist you with the program concerns but, we don’t offer any internship upon the completion of the program.

Our experts will get a detailed profile and performance reports of our candidate. Depending on that, they will evaluate the ideal candidates and widen job chances to the great performers.

No, there are no such facilities. Careerera offers payment in installments for complete information on this kindly contact our support team.

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