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    Doctorate Of Business Administration By Collège De Paris

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Agenda of the Training:

Graduates of a doctoral business administration (DBA) program qualify for top executive
positions in corporate management, finance, and marketing. A doctorate in business
administration sharpens leadership and strategic management skills, providing a pathway to
career advancement for aspiring CEOs, project managers, and executive directors. A DBA
candidate is required to show his or her ability to conduct original investigations; test, apply and
examine his or her own ideas as well as others, and understand the relationship between his or
her theme and a wider field of knowledge.

Outcome of the Training:

Outcomes Upon successful completion of the taught stage of the DBA (Year One), you will be expected to demonstrate the following competences:

  • Deep knowledge and understanding of appropriate research methodology and methods in the business and
    management field at an advanced level;
  • The ability to identify and conceptualise an appropriate research project within your own organisation or industry;
  • An ability to critically reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses as a researcher and identify appropriate
    development opportunities;
  • An ability to synthesise appropriate business and management theory with the outcomes of your own research
    (pilot) enquiry;
  • Where appropriate, to suggest appropriate solutions to organisational problems based on your own research; and
    Communication of your work clearly and effectively in a format which is accessible to the nonspecialist whilst
    respecting appropriate academic writing conventions

Upon successful completion of the research stage of the DBA (Years 2+), you will be expected to continue to
demonstrate the above competences and, in addition, to demonstrate:

The ability to conceptualize, design, and implement an advanced research project in a business and management
field which will represent an original contribution to scholarly and professional thinking, and is of a quality
worthy of publication

Orientation Date: 04-December-2022 (America/New_York Time Zone)

Class Time: 10:00 AM-01:00 PM(America/New_York)

Note: Date and class time can change in the wake of unavoidable circumstances

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