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    Doctorate in Business Administration by EIMT

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    Careerera (WS104468) 36 Months Live Online

Agenda of the Training:

EIMT envisions generating highly-skilled and progressive professionals competent to meet the current raging business needs of the diverse global economy. We focus on preparing talents capable of managing a complex business environment with an emphasis on intensive research. To develop an efficient talent pool, the DBA program follows a well-designed structure with set objectives. 


  • Imparting the best methods to develop excellent communication in the field of global management in an effective, simulative, and progressive manner.
  • Develop the abilities necessary for employment in multicultural companies in a globalized culture.
  • Impart strong analytical and critical thinking to develop personalities capable of making informed decisions ethically. 
  • Applying information from business, technology, and other sectors while synthesizing, analyzing, and integrating it will help you find creative solutions to organizational issues.
  • Foster the intelligence to create, assess, and effectively communicate empirical scholarly work.
  • Develop the skills necessary to be a strategic global manager.

Outcome of the Training:

Graduating professionals from the DBA program will develop robust abilities to hold leadership positions and have the skills to navigate through business challenges. Upon the program completion graduating students will develop the following competencies: 


  • Display in-depth understanding and proficiency in the most current theories, concepts, and technological opportunities in a global field of business administration, 
  • Integrate knowledge from business and non-business fields to produce new concepts, plans, and workable solutions to problems faced by senior leadership in organizations.
  • Exhibit competent research techniques, including developing a research question, incorporating prior works into an acceptable literature review, designing a study, analyzing data, and being able to summarize and present the findings. 
  • Develop, analyze, and evaluate the moral duties and responsibilities of business for ethical management, 
  • Capable of managing complicated industrial issues within the confines of industry norms and regulations that lead to prescriptive conclusions.

Orientation Date: 20-October-2024 (America/New_York Time Zone)

Class Time: 02:30 AM-04:30 AM(America/New_York)

Note: Date and class time can change in the wake of unavoidable circumstances

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