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Data Science
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Data Science with R Certification
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What is Data Science?

Data Science was introduced to understand structured and unstructured data in a better way; it combines data analysis, statistics, machine learning and their related methods. Jim Gray, a winner of the Turing award, imagined Data Science as the fourth paradigm of science. As per Harvard Business Review, Data Science will be creating the most attractive jobs in the 21st Century. The concept, which has been appearing over the past three decades, is currently being used in business intelligence, business analytics, predictive modelling, and statistics.

What is Data Science with R certification?

If you pursue a Data Science with R certification, you will get in-depth knowledge of data visualization, data exploration, predictive analytics, and descriptive analytics techniques. You will be a master in data visualising, transforming, and modelling. The study of Data Science offers a project-based case study, self-paced learning through assignments, and online instructor-led classes by industry experts.

What are the benefits of pursuing Data Science with R certification?

  • R certification enhances the career options

  • Data Science has a high demand for analytics professionals

  • Data Science helps you in meeting the skill gap

  • R certification has been a top priority in multiple sectors

  • R certification opens you to work in any industry

  • Data Science gives you in-depth practical knowledge

  • Data Science certification doesn’t require any prerequisites

  • Data Science prepares you to confidently apply your newly learned skills

  • R certification enables you to master in your given role right from the first day

  • Data Science commits to continuous learning

  • R certification helps the hiring managers in knowing the industry standards of your skills

  • R certification gives comprehensive coverage with effective and efficient program delivery

  • Data Science R certification keeps your skills marketable

  • Data Science solidifies your value to your current or future employer

  • R certification prepares you to stand one step ahead of your competition

What are the basic requirements of Pursuing Data Science with R certification?

As it requires a strong educational background, most of the Data Science with R certification holders are highly educated. More than 80% of all Data Scientists are master degree holders, whereas 45% are PhDs. If you are willing to pursue this certification in the future, you may pursue a bachelor degree in computer science, engineering, statistics, physics, mathematics, and social sciences. A graduation in any of these will help you in pursuing Data Science with R certification.

What is Data Science with R certification at Careerera?

  • 50 hours of e-learning sessions

  • 50 hours of instructor-led training sessions

  • Online training based on 80% practical

  • Sophisticated and well-equipped labs

  • The latest version of software and hardware

  • Real-life industry projects in retail, finance, insurance, airlines, and other domains

  • Practical-based mentoring session from the industry experts .

What are the responsibilities of a Data Scientist with R certification?

  • A Data Scientist conducts frame open-ended industry questions

  • A Data Scientist employs machine learning and analytics programs in the organization

  • A Data Scientist extracts a high volume of data from internal and external sources

  • A Data Scientist develops statistical methods of preparing data for predictive modelling

  • A Data Scientist cleans data to get rid of irrelevant information

  • A Data Scientist deals with data visualization predictions

  • A Data Scientist develops data-driven solutions to cope with the challenges situations

  • A Data Scientist makes cost-effective changes in existing strategies and processes

  • A Data Scientist develops new algorithms to solve problems

Why Data Science with R certification?

As data has replaced oil as the world's most valuable resource, the varieties of Data Science jobs are increasing. So, you may inspire your child to pursue this course if you are expecting a safe future for them. A professional with Data Science with R certification can choose his/her career without any limitation. He/she will get the flexibility to work in the IT sector, supply chain management sector, education sector, energy sector, government sector, or healthcare sector. The increasing amount of data is reshaping the landscape for many job roles. Therefore, the data scientists are likely to get unlimited numbers of job opportunities in the years to come.




For all who are completely new to this course will get a new platform to groom up themselves. Nowadays, data-driven decisions are widely used and thus increases the demand for data science certified candidates. Students can get an open door to success after the completion of this course.
All of the classes will be conducted via online streaming and during these sessions, you can ask any question from our instructor and also take part in group discussion.
Suppose if you have missed any class, then you can access the pre-recorded videos of each session on your Access Panel which will be provided by us after enrolling to Data Science in R program.
The role of data science needs a perfect experience, data science knowledge and utilizes every technique and tool in a proper manner. It is the best options for all new and experienced professional for making a good carrier scope. Any professional from a reputed background can go with this program and some of them are listed below: · IT professionals. · Finance and banking professionals. · Marketing managers. · UG/Graduate students. · Business Analytics. · Analytics managers. · New data analytics professional.
Yes, we give a 1-day money-back guarantee that will be based on the refund policy. You can easily raise a refund request via our Contact Us link.
You can very easily enroll for the Data Science in R program on our website. You can make the payment procedure online by using your credit card. Once the online payment is done, you will get an automated generated payment receipt and full access details on your provided email ID.
Our teaching staff is enriched with a highly qualified and certified instructor that will help to clear this program in very first attempt. You can avail the teaching assistant during the business hour too. For the specific subjects, the experts in that particular field are provided for the efficient learning of the course.
We provide a dedicated team of subject experts who are always there to help the students. Teaching assistants monitor the students pro-actively and help them to enrich their learning.
Don’t worry at all, we give recordings of every class after the session’s complete and you can easily go through the recording for that particular session that you missed.
For the convenience of students, we present them with easily accessible study material. Students can get the important links of their respective subjects, online test series modules and many more.
We always care about our student’s needs and never compromise with them in any condition. We have a team of dedicated professionals that proffer on-demand assistance whenever you stuck into any problem.

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