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COBIT 5 is the structure of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association for the handling and supremacy of IT. The aim of the COBIT agendas is to offer a mutual language for business officials to interact with each other about IT- linked goals, purposes and outcomes.

The COBIT 5 Foundation course offers a complete foundation for the candidates and allows them to help their enterprises in getting their purposes for the supremacy and handling of enterprise IT. The COBIT 5 Certification Training also helps candidates working for different enterprises to make ideal value from IT by preserving a balance between knowing benefits, optimizing threat levels and asset use. The candidates will be able to control the enterprise IT in a complete manner. The COBIT 5 is a dealer-neutral and standard course which is beneficial for enterprises for all sizes, containing commercial, non-profit, and public sector.

In the COBIT 5 Certification Training course, you will study about the necessity of an IT governance outline and how COBIT speaks this need by offering the updated acumen into enterprise-wide governance of IT. Using a reasonable and example-directed approach, you will cover the elements and assisting materials of the COBIT outline.

The COBIT 5 Certification Training course will deliver you a thorough knowledge of the COBIT 5 Framework for handling and leading Enterprise IT settings. COBIT 5 delivers a concluded business viewpoint for IT control and redirects the role of IT in making value for enterprises. You'll lead COBIT 5 principles, enablers, implementation stages and process capability assessment models, and increase your chances of creating a valued career.

Audience Profile

The COBIT 5 Certification Training course is ideal for the following

  • Business managers

  • Process Practitioners

  • IT management consultants

  • IT governance professionals

  • IT auditors

Course Enables

After the training course conclusion, you will be able to

  • Understand the key challenges of using IT

  • Acquire IT governance ideas and profits

  • Completely know the COBIT 5 agenda, principles, and enablers

  • Describe the relationship between investor desires and governance

  • Devise an effectual execution tactic for using COBIT 5

  • Know the arrangement of the COBIT 5 process reference model

  • Define the workings of COBIT 5 processes

  • Other COBIT 5 enablers for IT supremacy and running

Course Highlights

  • 16 Hours of Instructor-Led teaching for the course

  • The training period is directed by skillful and competent Instructors.

  • Several case studies have been discussed to get practical experience and formulate for certain fields.

  • Candidates are delivered access to quality study resources

  •  Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions

  •  Real World use cases and Scenarios

  •  Practical Approach

  •  24*7 Support

  •  Expert & Certified Trainers

Course Delivery

  • Complete training for COBIT 5 Certification exam

  • 24 hours Teaching carried by Certified experts, plus E-learning

  • Complete exam prep support and assistance

  • Increase ability to give structural success by smearing the COBIT 5 Foundation idea

  • Careerera is a Recognized Training Organization

  • Free access to COBIT 5 e-Learning once you are registered

  • Course completion certificate from the Careerera.


  1. Introduction to COBIT

  • Course Objectives

  • About ISACA

  • Certification Program Overview

  • Certification Benefits for enterprises

  • Purpose of the COBIT 5 Certification

  • Target Audience of the COBIT 5 Foundation course

  • Learning Outcomes of the COBIT 5 Foundation Course

  • Learning Areas of the COBIT 5 Foundation Course

  • COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Examination

  • Preparation for the COBIT 5 Foundation Certification Examination

  1. Overview of the COBIT 5 Frameworks

  • Overview and Key features of COBIT 5.0

  • COBIT 5 and Other IT Governance Framework

  1. Learning Area Module: PR Principles

  • The COBIT 5 Principles

  • Principle 1- Meeting Stakeholder Needs

  • Principle 2- Covering the Enterprise End-to-End

  • Principle 3- Applying a Single Integrated Framework

  • Principle 4- Enabling a Holistic Approach

  • Principle 5- Separating Governance from Management

  1. Learning Area Module: EN- Enablers

  • Introduction to COBIT 5 Enablers

  • Enabler 1- Principles, Policies, and Frameworks

  • Enabler 2- Processes

  • Enabler 3- Organizational Structures

  • Enabler 4- Culture, Ethics, and Behavior

  • Enabler 5- Information

  • Enabler 6- Services, Infrastructure, and Applications

  • Enabler 7- People, Skills, and Competencies

  1. Learning Area Module: IM- Implementation

  • Introduction

  • COBIT 5 Implementation- Phase 1

  • COBIT 5 Implementation- Phase 2

  • COBIT 5 Implementation- Phase 3

  • COBIT 5 Implementation- Phase 4

  • COBIT 5 Implementation- Phase 5

  • COBIT 5 Implementation- Phase 6

  • COBIT 5 Implementation- Phase 7

  • The Business Case

  1. Learning Area Module: PC- Process Capability

  • Process Capability Assessment Model

  • Process Attributes and Process Capability Levels

Program Curriculum

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Q1 : How many numbers of questions are there in the COBIT 5 Foundation examination?

The COBIT 5 Foundation exam includes 50 MCQs with a time limit of 40 minutes.

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Q3 : Do you offer any practice exam as part of this course?

Q4 : What are the basics for a COBIT 5 Certification?

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Q7 : What is sheltered under the 24/7 support assurance?

Q8 : What are the basics for a COBIT 5 Certification?

Q9 : How often does the exam charge change?

Q10 : Do I need to renew my Certification?

Q11 : What is sheltered under the 24/7 support assurance?



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