COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training

Know your way around the COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training.

Course Description

Get a useful appreciation of how to use COBIT 5 to specific business issues, pain facts, cause events and threat scenarios in the organization. Study how to tool and apply COBIT 5 into your firm and how to efficiently use it for patron initiatives. Contenders will move forward with an appreciation of how to successfully use COBIT 5 for various organizational settings.

The course material is held by practical exercises and case-centered scenarios. Contenders study how to apply the COBIT 5 repeated progress lifecycle method to talk needs, form and retain a workable approach to governing and handling enterprise IT as a general business practice.

The Implementation phases of COBIT 5

The three correlated workings of the Lifecycle model are

    • Program management
    • Change enablement
    • Continual improvement lifecycle

Chief features for successful implementation

      • The best management giving way and mandate for the enterprise as well as viewing current assurance
      • All parties helping the governance and controlling manners to know the business and IT aims
      • Effective message and enablement of the essential changes
      • Adapting COBIT and other supporting worthy practices and standards to  suit the sole context of the enterprise
      • Converging on quick wins and arranging developments that are the most useful and easiest to use.

Audience Profile

The audiences ideal for the COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training are mentioned

  • Senior IT Management
  • Seniors Business Managers
  • IT Auditors, IT Managers
  • IT Quality Professionals
  • IT Process Owners

Course Essentials

The competitors or applicants must be COBIT 5 Foundation certified for taking up the COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training course.

Course Objectives

By the end of this COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training course, you will be able to:

  • Classify the seven phases of the COBIT® 5 implementation lifecycle
  • List the main issues for successful implementation of COBIT® framework
  • Clarify the determination of the three correlated workings of the COBIT 5 implementation lifecycle

Course Learning

On positive completion of this COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training, contenders will be able to apply the COBIT 5 worthy practice continual improvement lifecycle tactic to attain it, tailored to favor the needs of an exact enterprise. In particular:

  • How to analyze enterprise drivers
  • Implementation trials, root sources and success factors
  • How to define and evaluate current process capability
  • How to range and plan developments
  • Potential implementation pitfalls
  • The latest good practices.

Exam Layout

  • Objective testing
  • 4 questions per paper with 20 marks obtainable per question
  • A minimum of 40 marks is needed (out of 80 available) to clear the exam- 50%
  • 2 ½ hours duration
  • Open book; only COBIT 5 guides are allowed in the exam.

Course Highlights

  • It is a 2-day instructor-led training program.
  • The teaching period is directed by skilled and qualified professionals.
  • Quite a few case readings have been talked to attain practical experience and prepare for certain arenas.
  • Candidates are given access to worthy study assets
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Real World use cases and Scenarios
  • Practical Approach
  • 24*7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers

Program Curriculum

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See which topics you will have to assimilate.

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : Who will profit from this COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training course?

This course is worthy for anyone desiring to attain the COBIT 5 Implementation Certificate. This training course is even useful for those who wish to get an understanding of the possibility and construction of COBIT 5 or wish to advance IT Governance in their or concerned client’s firms.

Q2 : What is IT Governance?

IT Governance of the guidance, administrative structures, and method that confirms IT withstands and spreads the firm’s policies and purposes. Further, active IT governance may expect the worth an organization makes IT.

Q3 : How many numbers of problems are there in the “COBIT 5 Implementation Certification” examination?

The COBIT 5 Implementation Certification exam includes 4 questions every paper with 20 marks per question. 2 ½ Hour is the total time given for the exam.

Q4 : What marks are mandatory to get the certification?

A minimum of 50% is required to get the certification of the course, i.e. at least 2 must be rightly answered.

Q5 : Do you give any trial test as a unit of this course?

Yes, we give rehearsal tests to the contenders and quiz as a course unit for COBIT 5 Implementation Certification Training course to gear and prepare you well for the actual certification exam.

Q6 : What is given in the 24*7 assistance statement?

·        Careerera gives its contenders thorough support through mail, chat, and calls ·        The Careerera robust team always assists its clients through its free setting. ·        There is allowance till infinity to the unrestricted forum, also after the course finishes with Careerera

Q7 : What are the settings for COBIT 5 Implementation Certification?

The entrants who have prearranged to sit for the certification exam for the course is directed to must have the ·        COBIT 5 Foundation Certificate. ·        There must be a great understanding of Foundation

Q8 : By what period can Careerera voucher be purchased?

The fee is comprised of an exam voucher too with it. Yet, you should buy the exam voucher in six months following the date of course bought. If there will be any hike in the fee and you haven’t booked, you’ll be responsible to pay the modified sum in fee to Careerera.

Q9 : How continually does the exam fee alter?

The exam fee is active and planned by the certification body. Usually, fee alterations are done at the end of the year. You will have to pay the difference in altered sum to Careerera, if you have not booked the examination and the exam fee is augmented in the between.

Q10 : Do I need to renew my COBIT 5 Implementation Certification?

The COBIT 5 supports are in force for an unlimited period and do not collapse, so there is no want for restoring the certificate once you successfully cleared the test and have been qualified.



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