Course Description

COBIT 5 is a modern version of ISACA’s universally approved framework. It offers a concluded business prospect of the authority of enterprise IT, imitating the crucial role of info and technology in creating a valuation for enterprises of all sizes. The integrities applies, systematic tools and models system in COBIT 5 prompt thought leadership and directive from business, IT and governor specialists around the globe.

The COBIT 5 Assessor for Security Certification Training gives way to executives and those accounted with decision making considering the use of technology in support of managerial aims. COBIT 5 helps business experts take out the wants of each investor across the enterprise and finally extends the value from info and technology.

The COBIT 5 Assessor for Security Certification Training program gives a source for assessing an enterprise’s method skills besides the COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM). Evidence-centered to let a stable and repeatable manner to amount IT process capabilities, this model favors IT leaders to increase C-level and board member buy-in for change and growth initiatives. The COBIT 5 Assessor for Security Certification Training prepares the applicants for the COBIT 5 Assessor for Security certificate’s exam.

Audience Profile

The COBIT 5 Assessor for Security Certification Training course is structured for respective job roles

  • Internal and External Auditors
  • IT Auditors
  • IT Process Owners
  • IT Quality Professionals
  • Consultants

Course Essentials

The applicants must be COBIT 5 Foundation qualified for taking the COBIT 5 Assessor for Security Certification Training course.

Course Learning

Once done with COBIT 5 Assessor Training course, attendees will understand

1- How to use the Process Assessment Model (PAM) in the use of a process capability measurement especially:

  • To apply the Process Reference Model, definite to be able to use the 37 processes mentioned in the PRM
  • To use and study the size model in measuring process capability standards
  • To relate and study the ability aspect by basic criteria defined in the PAM

2- How to know and estimate the roles and responsibilities in the process ability assessment method

3- How to do and assess the 7 stages mentioned in the Assessor Guide


  • Initiate a process assessment
  • Range a valuation, using the tools given and the PAM for the variety of the apt methods
  • Plan and brief the teams
  • Collect and validate the data
  • Do a process attribute rating
  • Report the findings of the assessment

Exam Layout

The exam mode is online and English is the language of the exam conducted in.

  • Objective testing
  • Every sheet includes 8 questions with 10 marks obtainable each question
  • 50% is mandatory to pass the exam i.e. 40 marks or above
  • Exam duration is 2 ½ Hours
  • open book
  • Only COBIT 5 guides are allowed for the exam

Course Highlight

  • The training is delivered from us for 2-day
  • The training session is managed by practiced and proficient trainers.
  • Case studies have been talked to get practical involvement and equip for certain fields.
  • Applicants are given access to value study assets
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Real World use cases and Scenarios
  • Practical Approach
  • 24*7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers



  • Q1. How can I mentor for the COBIT 5 examination?

  • Training is obtainable from the network of COBIT 5 Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs) and qualified COBIT 5 individual instructors who are considered and certified by Careerera.
  • Q2. Do I have to get training to take the certification exam?

  • It is suggested, but not compulsion, for applicants to join a teaching course before taking any of the COBIT 5 exams. The profound knowledge of the course may help you to clear the certification exam.
  • Q3. How do I take the exam?

  • ·        Accredited Training Organization (ATO) or attributed individual expert, as a fragment of an accredited teaching course. ·        Otherwise, contenders who would choose to self-study can take the COBIT 5 Foundation exam via one of our exam centers.
  • Q4. Are there any essentials for the COBIT 5 examination?

  • There are no such essentials for the foundation examination. The requisite for the rest of the COBIT Frameworks; COBIT 5 Implementation, Implementing the NIST Standards using COBIT 5, Assessor and Assessor for Security are that the candidate must have cleared the COBIT 5 Foundation exam.
  • Q5. Which languages is the COBIT 5 examination presented in?

  • The COBIT 5 Foundation exam is presently obtainable in ·        English ·        French ·         German ·         Latin American Spanish ·        Brazilian Portuguese ·        Chinese ·        Polish. The COBIT 5 Implementation, Assessor, Assessor for Security and Implementing the NIST Standards using COBIT 5 examinations are obtainable in English only.
  • Q6. How long is the COBIT 5 certification effective for?

  • he COBIT 5 certifications are not effective for a definite period and hence are valid throughout. There is no need for the renewal of any COBIT 5 certificate.T

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