UI/UX Design Professional

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UI/UX Design Professional

UI/UX Design Professional
$1499.00 $999.00
Careerera (WS101426)

27 Days
80 Hour

UI/UX Design Professional

UI/UX Design Professional
$1499.00 $999.00
Careerera (WS101427)

27 Days
80 Hour

UI/UX Design Professional

UI/UX Design Professional
$1499.00 $999.00
Careerera (WS101428)

27 Days
80 Hour


Course Description

When things come to become a UI/UX professional or build up your skills, then it is always recommended to go along with a perfect certification program and UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training is one among those which is specially designed for those who want to make their career bright in the field of designing. User Interface or User Experience Design certification is the best and only approach for those who wish to demonstrate their UI/UX skills or add-on additional skills in their previous ones. Nowadays, every business is making its presence online and UI/UX design has become one of the fastest as well as important designing specialization.

It is always important to know about the main difference between UI and UX design before you take your step into any of these design certifications. UI designing focus on the first look and layout of a product such as how it will look that includes texts, buttons, patterns, images, and other visual interfaces. On the other hand, UX designing focus that how the created interface will work and about the user’s interaction with a product, application, or services. In simple words, these two terms are the supporter of each other and both require each one’s help to complete the concept of designing in a successful way.

Before becoming a successful UI and UX designer, it is always necessary to obtain the UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training to gain your knowledge and skills, and it is only possible when you pass this certification from a perfect certification training provider. And when things come to find the best, then Careerera is count as the world’s best training institutes where the entire requirements fulfilled without searching plenty of things. We always focus on each concept of requirements and skills that a candidate accepts from us and they get it without any difficulties. The main motive of our UI and UX design certification training is to help our candidates to design best in class digital products, experience, strategies, and services.

We at Careererera, always believe in providing the best certification programs that help every candidate to make their future bright and we never leave any attempt to achieve these things by implementing the world-class education strategies. We have well-reputed industry-niched professionals who have an experience of more than 20+ years in the field of UI and UX design field. Our highly educated and experienced faculty always focus on every single and trending skills that help you to up to date with digital and latest technology trends. Our UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training not only suits a candidate’s requirement even also suits their budget without compromising any skills or other things.

Who can take this course?

Anyone who has an interest in designing field can take this course and there is no specialization required. Below ones can go for this course:

  • Web Designers.

  • Visual or Graphic Designers.

  • Mobile Application Designers.

  • UI/UX Professionals.

  • Software Designers and Developers.

  • Information Architects.

  • Interaction Designers and Developers.

Main Objectives of UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training

  • Learn all the hidden concepts of UI and UX for developing and designing the best in class products or services.

  • Increase the designing skills that can help you to better interact with developers and customers that always improve the productivity and lower the risk rate of success by applying the required skills.

  • Deliver outstanding products or services after learning and implementing the current market trends.

  • Help to gain the satisfaction level and use the UI/UX design skills in a website or application as per the exact requirement of your customers.

  • Get meaningful and reliable interfaces, structures, and workflows that can make your work easier and help you to create the perfect products.

Eligibility for UI/UX Design Professional Certification Training

  • There are no eligibility criteria or background such as user design, experience or coding required to take this certification program.

  • After 10 or 10+2, one can go for this certification training program without any prescribed passing marks.

  • You must be able to use a computer and have some basic knowledge of the English language.

Course highlights of UI/UX Design Professional Certification 

  • The total duration of this course is 80 hours that you can get through Instructor-Led Online Sessions via certified professional.

  • You will get live project-based training from the 20+ year experienced trainer who always gives their best during the training.

  • Get access to video recording tutorials of the training sessions if any candidate misses their classes.

  • A proper understanding of all the described modules in the curriculum via the best combination of training approaches.

  • Necessary study materials, websites ref link and any other relevant things will be provided during the training sessions.

  • Once a chapter complete, we conduct a test for our candidates in order to get to know where our candidate needs improvement and we help regarding that.

  • We provide our online training that includes 80% particle with varied utilization of cases.

  • We are well-equipped with the latest version of software and hardware with digital labs.

Benefits of UI/UX Design Certification Training at Careerera

There is a long list of benefits that you can enjoy when you plan your certification training program with us and some of them are listed below:

  • Our certification training course will help you to enhance your skills that are mandatory in designing an outstanding product or service. You will up to date with current techniques and strategies that can help you to achieve your goals.

  • We give the necessary knowledge, strategies, and skills for the UI/US design certification training which is most important to become a successful UI/UX professional.

  • Our trainers are always available to assist the candidates on varied queries or problems by providing the required solutions. For this, we proffer the online chat and screen sharing facility to the candidates.

  • Our international recognization helps the candidates who want to work with the organizations with the global presence.

  • We proffer the best in class and affordable certification training that always suits everyone’s pocket.

So what you are thinking now? Don’ waste your precious time and go with Careerera to get UI/UX design certification training programs and save you valuable time along with money.


Sl. No. Chapter
Chapter - 1 Intro to UX UI Design
Chapter - 1.1 What is User Interaction
Chapter - 1.2 What is Cognitive Model
Chapter - 1.3 What is Mental Model
Chapter - 1.4 User Experience (UX) Design and its used?
Chapter - 2 Elements of UX Design
Chapter - 2.1 Elements used in User Experience Design.
Chapter - 2.2 How it Work Together.
Chapter - 2.3 What is Big Picture?
Chapter - 2.4 What is Persona in UX Design
Chapter - 3 UX Process
Chapter - 3.1 Defining the UX Design Process and its Methodology.
Chapter - 3.2 Flow Chat
Chapter - 3.3 User Map
Chapter - 4 UX Design Process
Chapter - 4.1 What is Research in User Experience Design?
Chapter - 4.2 User Needs and its Goals
Chapter - 4.3 How to deliver a research and it phases.
Chapter - 4.4 Tools and Method used for Research
Chapter - 4.5 Know about Business Goals
Chapter - 5 UX Design Process
Chapter - 5.1 Visual Design Principles
Chapter - 5.2 Interaction Design
Chapter - 5.3 Wire framing & Storyboarding
Chapter - 5.4 Screen Design and Layouts
Chapter - 5.5 Information Design and Data Visualization
Chapter - 5.6 Information Architecture
Chapter -5.7 Elements and Widgets
Chapter - 5.8 Project
Chapter - 5.9 Quiz
Chapter - 6 UX Design Process & Testting Methods
Chapter - 6.1 Design Testing Methods and Techniques.
Chapter - 6.2 Create plan for the Usability
Chapter - 6.3 What is Prototype and how we design it.
Chapter - 6.4 How to prepare Usability Testing?
Chapter - 6.5 Usability Testing – Types and Process
Chapter - 6.6 What is Tests?
Chapter - 6.7 Various Prototyping Tools
Chapter - 6.8 How to understand & refine Usability Test Results?
Chapter - 6.9 Quiz
Chapter - 7 UX Improvement Process
Chapter - 7.1 Understanding the Usability Test findings
Chapter - 7.2 Improving the design
Chapter - 7.3 Applying the Usability Test feedback
Chapter - 7.4 Project
Chapter - 7.5 Quiz
Chapter - 8 UX Delivery Process
Chapter - 8.1 How to communicate with implementation team
Chapter - 8.2 UX Deliverables and its process
Chapter - 8.3 Portfolio Preparation and Setup
Chapter - 8.4 Quiz
Chapter - 9 UI/UX Project
Chapter - 9.1 Web Projects
Chapter - 9.2 Toolset
Chapter - 9.3 Interface and Product Design
Chapter - 9.4 Android and IOS
Chapter - 9.5 POS System
Chapter - 9.6 Dashboard


UI/UX is one of the most demanded courses in the market where you learn all the important aspects of User Interface and User Experience that can help you to improve your skills in the field of design and development.
You can pay for this course through varied modes such as credit card, debit card, and net banking. You can also contact our support team regarding that.
We always believe in 100% customer satisfaction and if any of our candidates are not happy with our services or courses, then one can get a full refund within 1 day from the starting date of course.
Don’t worry at all if you miss any class as we provide you the recorded video of that particular lecture or class at your dashboard which is provided by Careerera after your enrolment.
Once you have done the enrolment process, you will get an email from Careerera that describes how to proceed further during or after this course.
You will get lifetime access to your course-related materials once you registered with the particular course.
You can very simply get enrollment to this course after clicking on the Enroll Now tab, your enrolment process will be started.

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