Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate AZ-203 Certification Training

Know your way around the Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate AZ-203 Certification Training.

Organizations today are largely utilizing the cloud platforms as it provides innovative solutions as far as storage is considered. With Cloud platforms, the organizations have the flexibility of storage on a pay-as-you-go basis. The developers around the globe can upgrade their existing skills and knowledge through the Azure platforms offered by Microsoft, a renowned tech company. 

Amateur developers can make use of the zillions of opportunities and possibilities through this Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification training which will deliver an overall comprehension of the Azure architectures, Azure technologies, Azure storage services, security solutions, and so on. Grab your Azure certification and open doorways to new possibilities and opportunities in the Cloud domain. The recently Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification is a fusion of previously launched AZ 200: core solutions and AZ 201: advanced solutions. 

Build your development skills as far as the Azure platform is concerned through this certification and demonstrate your skills and knowledge to reap the multiple benefits of being an Azure developer with Microsoft’s backing.


  • Learners will get an insight into the selection of an appropriate or suitable solution as far s Cloud technologies are concerned. In order to get high performance out of the Azure architecture and technologies, it is mandatory to select a congruous Azure solution. Apart from this, you will get an overall understanding related to the usage of batches that can be utilized in order to gain from larger and high-yielding applications.

  • Learn the successful execution of auto-scaling as far as Cloud solutions are concerned.  Along with this, you will also get insight into the implementation of application message model, message scheme and exchange.

  • Learn the effective deployment of Computer vision in order to come up with appropriate Azure solutions that can be built with ease. The applications developed and curated by you will have a dimension of easiness associated with it as far as management of speech services and natural language processing is concerned.

  • Through this training, you will be able to become familiar with the process of deployment of Azure PowerShell, CSI and other similar tools that can be employed in order to curate best Azure applications and services. 

  • The training also focuses on building comprehension of encryption technologies so that the systems, communications along with Azure sensitive and restricted computing can be secured.

  • Get insight into connectivity patterns, Azure storage facilities and the networking topologies in order to curate, design, remodel and to come up with Cloud applications and services.

  • Familiarity with Cloud algorithms and codes that can be effectively utilized in order to read, update, modify and delete tables.

These are some of the major objectives associated with the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification training. 


Any interested candidate who wishes to take the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification training needs to ensure that they have the following prerequisites. 

  • A candidate needs to have prior understanding of the Azure methodologies.

  • Familiarity with at least one computer language that supports Azure is also beneficial for a wider comprehension of the concepts and theories included as a part of the training.

  • A candidate must also have a significant knowledge of how they can develop and curate scalable solutions as far as software development is concerned.

  • It is also beneficial to have knowledge and skills regarding the creation of Azure applications and services along with its tools and technologies.


The major benefits associated with the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification are mentioned below:

  • Predominantly, the certification is a validation of your skills and knowledge that can provide you with an edge over your colleagues and peers in an organizational setup.

  • Another most important benefit associated with the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification is that it opens many paths towards new opportunities and possibilities in the Cloud domain.

  • Since the cloud services have grabbed a momentum, therefore getting certified with the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification will provide you with added benefits in term of exposure and experience.

  • With the help of the certification, you will be able to learn from the real-life experiences of the professionals and will get a chance to become part of the Azure community which can further introduce you to new possibilities and opportunities.


  • The course curriculum is formulated with the help of the industry experts who are professionals in their line of work. The curriculum not only covers the theoretical topics and concepts but at the same time stresses more on the practical aspect of the certification that can seal the deal as far as growth and career acceleration is concerned.

  • The trainers appointed to deliver the online classroom training sessions are highly qualified and certified with having more than 20 years of experience that is industry-centric and hence are able to deliver knowledge from their own experiences. This adds a realistic dimension to the entire course and the candidates are able to grasp a better understanding of the concerts and theories included as a part of the training.

  • Personalized mentoring sessions are also delivered to attend the doubts and queries of the candidates so that they have a clear perspective at every stage and level of the training program.

  • Moreover, flexible timings and multiple rejoining sessions are delivered to ease the learning process for the working professionals who are juggling between the work and study.

  • The classes are highly interactive in nature, not only it provides scope for personal growth and development but at the same time offer professional growth and learning through which the candidates can come ups industry-ready professionals with optimum industry exposure to give them an appropriate kick start.

  • A realistic learning environment that comprises involvement in subject-centric projects that are meant to deliver an overall comprehension of the challenges that one may encounter in the real work environment.

  • Entire course ware is offered as a complimentary service from our end which consists of all the learning and study material in the form of handouts, in-hose materials and the essential published materials that can help with the studies. Along with this, preparation material is also delivered as far as the course is concerned that includes the sample papers, mock test papers and the practice papers that are crucial from the examination point of view.

Multiple modes of training are offered and a one time access to demo class that can be taken by the interested candidates who would like to gain insight into the training sessions and how it going to unfold after the subscription to the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification training.

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Q2 : What are the requirements for attending the live online virtual classroom session?

The requirements are pretty basic: You need an operating system supporting Windows or Mac version. Along with this, an Internet connection with optimum speed and a headset with a microphone facility to engage in the conversations and group discussion during your class. 

Q3 : Will I be getting certification after the completion of the course?

We offer a course completion certificate to all our participants based on their performance in the project work assigned to them by the trainer during their session. Credits are awarded and those are evaluated to generate the certification which authenticates their training and the skills they learned from the course.

Q4 : What is the cost of the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 certification examination?

The cost of the Microsoft certified Azure developer associate AZ 203 examination is USD 165 which is equivalent to INR 4,800 excluding taxes. The candidates need to pay this amount directly to Microsoft while applying for the certification examination.

Q5 : How do I get a refund? 

All the refunds are generated on the very same day as the filing of a refund request. All the candidates are supposed to drop a mail at listing their reason for the refund. The amount will get credited in the source of payment. All the refunds will be processed during the working days excluding all the holidays and weekends. 

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Q7 : Do these online courses include hands-on-training?

Yes, all our courses are designed to provide hands-on training because we understand the importance of practical knowledge in today’s time.  

Q8 : Will I be working on a project?

Yes, project work is assigned to assess the learning of the candidates. The project work carries marks that are necessary for gaining certification.

Q9 : Will I be getting a certificate after the completion of the course?

A course completion certificate is given to all the participants attending our course.

Q10 : Is it possible to get in touch with the instructor for any query?

You can communicate with your instructor at any given point during your sessions.

Q11 : Can I switch the batches if I have any inconvenience?

We provide flexibility to all our candidates hence you can switch batches. For more details contact us at 

Q12 : What kind of learning does Careerera provide?

Our learning follows a patterned curriculum wherein emphasis is given to the practical approach towards learning in order to produce candidates having contemporary problem-solving skills to tackle the current work complications. 



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