The administering Microsoft exchange server 2016 training and certification aims at delivering knowledge regarding the administration and support services as far as Exchange server is concerned. The training focuses on delivering knowledge as far as installation, configuration and management of Exchange servers is concerned. Through the training, the participants will gain an insight into the working of the Exchange server 2016.

Be a part of the administering Microsoft exchange server 2016 training and certification and learn how mail recipients can be supervised, along with this, you will be able to manage and handle public folders. The course also encompasses the execution of bulk operations with the utilization of Exchange management Shell.

Moreover, the candidates will be able to comprehend concepts such as client connectivity, message transport and hygiene. It will also provide familiarity with the administration and management of readily available Exchange server disposition. Come up with quick disaster recovery solutions and implement back-up plans whenever required as far as Exchange servers are concerned. 

Get all the necessary skills and knowledge related to the Exchange server in order to receive expertise. Take the course and start building on new IT skills and techniques.


  • With the help of the training, the candidate will become able to station the Exchange server. Not only this, but they will also get into the storage planning and arrangement as far as the Exchange server is concerned. 

  • The training will mould your understanding related to Exchange server so that you are able to curate and handle varied recipient objects in the Exchange server. 

  • As a participant in the training course, you will be able to comprehend Exchange server cmdlets and will learn how these can be utilised in order to carry out recipient management and Exchange server management. 

  • The course also focuses on rendering a clear understanding related to deployment services, hence the clients are able to position Client access services in the Exchange server. 

  • Not only will you be able to come up with readily available disaster recovery options for Exchange servers but will also look after the high availability as far as Exchange server is concerned. 

  • As far as Exchange server is concerned, the training covers the configuration and management of the Message transport. It also covers message security as well.  

  •  You will also get insight into how one can keep an eye on the working of the Exchange server and what troubleshooting options are available if any hindrance or glitch is encountered while working. 

  • With the help of the training, the participants will be able to look into the configuration of the Exchange server role-based access control permissions. Along with this, you will be able to organise Audit logging as far as Administrators and users are concerned. 

  • The training will allow you the scope to enact and administer unification with exchange online.

  • One of the major objectives of the training is to provide total comprehension of all the concepts and topics so that the candidates are able to achieve desired results in the examination.

These are some of the prime objectives of the administering Microsoft exchange server 2016 training and certification.


  • An interested candidate must make sure that they have a minimum two years of experience with the administration of Windows server, including Windows server 2012 R@ or Windows server 2016.

  • Along with this, a candidate must have some prior experience and knowledge of the following: TCP/IP and networking.

  • Some prior experience with the Active Directory domain services (AD DS) which must be of two years. Another two years of experience working with the name resolution that consists Domain name system (DNS) is quite crucial to get a full understanding of the concepts as far as administering Microsoft exchange server 2016 training and certification is concerned.

  • A candidate must have some comprehension related to security concepts that are authentication and authorization.

  • One should also be able to understand the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

  • One must have familiarity with the Windows Server 2012 R2 or any later version, and AD DS, along with an understanding of concepts such as planning, designing and deployment.

  • The interested candidates must also have some knowledge related to public key infrastructure (PKI) technologies which must include Active Directory Certificate Services (AD CS).

These are some of the requirements that an interested candidate must have in order to take the administering Microsoft exchange server 2016 training and certification.


  • First and foremost, after acquiring the certification the qualified professionals will be entitled to receive the right recognition for their work. Their skills and knowledge gets reflected in the work that they perform.

  • Moreover, certification entitles them to look for and go for new opportunities and possibilities as far as career acceleration is concerned.

  • The certified professionals are able to reap the advantage of the certification which is a higher pay scale and more added benefits in the workplace.

These are some of the common benefits associated with the administering Microsoft exchange server 2016 training and certification.


  • The course offers a planned schedule that covers the specifics and the content is delivered according to the curriculum which is curated by the experts who have more than 20 years of the industry.

  • The industry-centric approach is utilized in order to produce industry-ready professionals who are able to face the challenges of the real world organizational setup.

  • The training is delivered with the help of trainers and instructors who are competent enough to deliver practical learning uring the live online classroom session. The trainers are appointed based on their experience and skills. So they are highly experienced and skilled as far as the course is concerned.

  • Apart from the course, lesson delivery is accompanied by the course material that is given to all the candidates who participates in the course and they receive essential published materials along with practice papers and sample papers that are beneficial from the examination point of view.

  • Careerera also provide in-house handouts that are given by the trainers to ease the learning process.

  • As far as training classes are concerned, they offer flexible learning sessions that make it easy for working professionals to be a part of our learning community. They also get to have multiple rejoining session during the access period which is of 6 months from the date of registration to the course.

  • Interactive sessions are held in order to boost the confidence of the candidates. Moreover, they also get a chance to learn from the real-life experiences of the trainers and instructors. This adds a pragmatic edge to the whole learning experience and is quite instrumental in the whole learning journey and beyond.



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