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Know your way around the Tableau Certification Training Course.

Course Description

Tableau is the most in-demand certification of the year 2021. Looking at the expanding demand of the course, the Tableau certification allows many learners who aspire to be the best in the professional market, run on top against the cut-throat competition in the technological marketplace, and in turn prove their most questioned and needed competencies. To show their presence in the professional industry, learners are getting valid certification in the domain of Tableau.

What most learners want is - build the right stairway towards a more bright and successful future. The foremost way to become successful in the professional journey of one’s life is to boost one’s resume with the most in data expertise.

At Careerera, the Tableau Certification Training is designed in a way, which suits all current and future demands of the industry. The Tableau certification course online is curated by the best market experts and Business Intelligence industry intellectuals. It offers in-depth knowledge on Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, a whole lot of user Data Visualization, various Business Intelligence tools, Reporting, and Tableau Online.

Course Overview

The Tableau Certification training course at Careerera is an instructor-led Tableau Certification learning, where students are trained to understand and work on real and practical industry cases. These are mainly performed in the sectors of Retail, Transportation, Entertainment, and Manufacturing.

The training in Tableau is more of an intermediate or a median course that prepares you to sit for Tableau Specialist, Tableau Certified Associate, and Tableau Certified Professional certification. It helps you clear major concepts in Tableau and prepares you to crack the exams. It improves upon your basic, comprehensive, and advanced skills. As a middleman training certification, it enhances the capabilities of professionals to make better decisions in an organization or a business by employing skills that they have learned while taking the training. At Careerera, the tableau certification training course helps students to form a base understanding of the real theories and concepts which help them work in the same direction with more force and clarity.

In this Tableau professional certification, you get to learn with a team of dedicated and learned mentors who have valued experience, best knowledge, and the needed empirical agency. They take you on the right learning path. This helps you cluster all data, pushing you to learn beyond a fundamental beginners’ knowledge and understand Tableau software’s toughest problems on the land!

Fasten your belts and be with Careerera, on a learning journey. Take assistance from a team of professional experts, who are always there to guide you!

The Objective of Tableau Certification Training

Learning objectives of the training course -

  • Learning and understanding analytical techniques.

  • Acknowledging data visualization, tableau prep builder tool.

  • Data connection and geographical visualization.

  • Understanding comprehensive best practices in the domain of Tableau.

  • Creation of dashboards, and yielding meaningful insights using data.

  • Having both practical and theoretical assistance.

  • Hands-on calculations and computing, building charts.

  • Raised dashboard interactivity.


Skills We Cover

At Careerera, we help improve on many learning opportunities. In the Tableau certification training course online, we cover skills and competencies like:

  • Data visualization

  • Allowing data connection

  • Transformation of data

  • Enhancing calculations, computations, and expressions

  • Working with bar charts, graphs, and dashboards.

  • Knowing about Tableau Desktop, and Tableau Prep Builder

Prerequisites/ Requirements of Tableau Certification Training

The professional training course is for professionals who want to procure expertise in the field of analytics. It also satisfies the many technical demands of IT developers and testers, with data analyst professionals, data scientists, business intelligence professionals, other reporting professionals, and project managers.

At Careerera, the Tableau certification training course does not require any specific requirement. We train the students and working professionals with a clear understanding.

Program Highlights

  • Live sessions

  • Instructor-led classroom training

  • Provision of academic sample papers, and learning notes.

  • 24/7 assistance for students.

  • Visitation to LMS portal for recorded live class sessions. These sessions can be accessed to clear emerging doubts that come up in the path of learning Tableau.

  • Hands-on, practical training.

Why Careerera?

You can choose us as -

At Careerera, the professional training course offers a lot more than other educational training institutes. The Tableau certification training online provides co comprehensive and detailed learning modules for basic, intermediate, and advanced training and exams that the student is targeting. The course structures are prepared in a way that exactly matches the expectations of a modern and upgraded technical world. Here, the student gets a proper insight into why s/he is taking up the course and how s/he can make it big in the professional career of Tableau.

After the certification is complete, the student has many opportunities on its way - that are open. S/he can target a better position with a better salary hike in the industry!

Delivery of the Course

The course is delivered by instructors in a live virtual classroom training environment.

  • Thelive virtual classroom training is more practical.

  • Rather, both hands-on training and hands-on theory are focused upon.

  • We generate a better learning environment, where healthy interactive sessions are designed.

  • We have a clearly structured curriculum for the course. The mentors follow the same curriculum and instruct the trainees.

Benefits of Tableau Certification Training Online at Careerera

Here we map some of the benefits of Tableau Certification when you take it at Careerera -

  • Best techniques to understand Data Visualization.

  • Understanding the usage of Business Intelligence (BI) with the help of tools and techniques.

  • A former beginner’s introduction to Tableau.

  • Acknowledging the normal and server Architecture of Tableau.

  • Understanding Tableau Prep.

  • Working on Prep Builder User Interface.

  • Proper hands-on assistance and training using the Prep Builder tool.


Program Curriculum

courseID =295

See which topics you will have to assimilate.

  • Chapter - 1
  • Introduction to Visualization, Rules of Visualization
  • Chapter - 2
  • Data Types, Sources, Connections, Loading
  • Chapter - 3
  • Working with Continuous and Discrete Data
  • Chapter - 4
  • Using Filters
  • Chapter - 5
  • Using Calculated Fields and parameters
  • Chapter - 6
  • Creating Tables and Charts
  • Chapter - 7
  • Building Dash Boards and story boards
  • Chapter - 8
  • Sharing Your Work and Publishing

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Get the answers to your questions here.

Q1 : Who can take up this Tableau certification training course?

The Business Intelligence (BI) industry is expanding at a booming rate in the world. This automatically opens a better scope for the market professionals that are working in the domain of IT to develop their skills and be the leaders. These job roles can take up the certification training to upgrade their professional proficiencies - ● Data Analysts ● Business Analysts ● Project Managers ● Statisticians and Analysts ● Data Scientists ● Business Intelligence Managers The course can be joined by anyone, who has the potential to reach a better position in his/her career - be it working professionals or students.

Q2 : Why should you take up this Tableau online training?

If you are looking for an advancement in your career and want to take it to another level in the world of IT, you must opt-in for this course. We all know that Tableau is one of the best BI software tools that is getting popular among professionals in the year 2021. It is indeed helping firms examine and operate a vast amount of data. Today, in the modern technological world that is run by computation and computing, most of the visualization is done by data. Due to this, data visualization instruments have been securing popularity. The tools are recognized widely ranging from small to big organizations. These are needed to examine all of the significant operational data that is being exchanged between many firms. Other than this, it allows firms to come to the right authoritative decisions in the market.

Q3 : Do you get to work on live projects?

Yes, at Careerera, we assist in plenty of live projects. These help students in understanding what is conspiring in a practical business world outside. They get an insight into how theoretical knowledge can be rightly applied in a business and industrial atmosphere. The learners get proper hands-on assistance and training using the Prep Builder tool, which allows them to understand a complicated professional environment, where they have to function, work and hence, impose their talents in the future.

Q4 : How long does it take to complete the Tableau Desktop certification program?

It takes around 12 hours to complete the professional certification with Careerera.

Q5 : How to prepare for the Tableau certification exam?

It is simple. Understand what all you have with yourself and what all more you need to have. If you are a professional looking for a better position in the IT industry, then taking up this course can add perfect skill to your resume. It will highlight what better instance of knowledge you have with yourself with the Tableau software. If you are a beginner in the academic domain and have the right technical background, you can enroll in the course, get trained in the needed skills, and crack the beginner Tableau certification exam.

Q6 : What are the different levels of Tableau Desktop certifications?

Currently, Tableau is offering three different levels of certification. These are: - Tableau Specialist. - Tableau Certified Associate. - Tableau Certified Professional.

Q7 : Do I get an authentic certification from Careerera?

Yes, you get a valid certification from Careerera. It marks a fixed value of the learner in front of the employer and helps learners uplift their CV/Resume.

Q8 : What if I have any emerging queries regarding the sessions?

If you have any emerging queries regarding the classroom sessions, then you can reach out at 9250004000.



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