Reasons Why Employers Want Their Managers to Get PMP Certification


The PMP certification is without a doubt the most popular and prestigious certification in the field of project management. In this article, we will look at the “Reasons for Why Employers Want to Get PMP Certification”.

Top 6 reasons for why employers want their managers to get PMP certification

Why Employers want their managers to get PMP certification | Careerera

1. It proves that the employee has a self-driven learning mindset -

One of the most important requirements for obtaining a PMP certification is that the candidate must have a self-driven learning mindset.

This means that he must be able to motivate himself to study for long hours and that he must be able to put in a lot of undeviated and uninterrupted effort into studying and learning the PMP certification training course material.

He must be able to approach the task of obtaining a PMP certification with the mindset of a humble and receptive student. He must not approach the course and the instructors like a full vessel thinking that he is already full of knowledge and just needs a finishing touch from the competent authority.

Instead, he should become like an empty vessel waiting for the nectar of knowledge to flow through him. If he approaches the task of studying and learning in this way the course instructors will be able to teach, guide, and help him in a much better way.

If a candidate is able to present the credentials of the PMP certification on his resume his potential employers will have an automatic guarantee that he possesses all the qualities of an ideal learner already and that he will be able to pick up the norms, rules, regulations, and order of things at the new company very quickly too.

2. It automatically gives a lot of credibility to the employee -

We live in a material world which is full of cheaters. One of the outgrowths of these cheaters finds its way to the doors of the corporate world too. The way they operate is that they present false credentials on their resumes. In short, they forge their resumes using various electronic tools and techniques.

Using this tactic, they are able to pass through the initial screening round and are able to get selected for the interview session out of all the candidates in the applicant's pool.

When they do appear for the interviews they try to trick the hiring managers by producing false lists of references and expanding upon their false resumes.

Since the hiring managers are already very busy and rushed, they are unable to take out the time to check each and every one of the details present on the candidate’s resume and those leaving his mouth. So many times they decide to trust what the candidate is telling them and pass him through the interview rounds too.

In this way, unskilled and incompetent professionals make it through the company’s screening processes and deny the more deserving candidates their rightful position inside the company.

Hiring managers all over the world are at a loss at how to combat this trick or what should be called ‘unfair tactics.’

But when a candidate has PMP certification training listed on his resume, the hiring managers can breathe an easy sigh of relief.

This is because a PMP certification guarantees that the candidate has all the requisite skills and knowledge to function as a skilled and competent project manager.

3. It shows that the employee deserves a high salary -

There is an emerging trend which has been observed in businesses and organizations all around the world. That trend is that senior employees of a company who occupy high managerial positions generally prefer to reward sincere and hardworking employees under them very richly.

This is because the currently accepted statement of psychology states that employees work far more and perform much better if they are given suitable rewards or compensation for their contributions to a company.

Senior professionals have accepted this statement as fact and are thus eager to pay employees high salaries.

But there is a very important catch here which should be noted carefully. The catch is that only deserving employees should be awarded high salaries, bonuses, and promotions.

If these rewards are handed out indiscriminately the workers will grow complacent and will think that there is no point in working hard since the rewards will come to them regardless of whether they perform well or not.

Now, the question arises that how can one identify which employees are deserving of great rewards? The answer is that either the seniors can individually analyze the performance and work output of each worker. Or they can simply decide to have faith in the abilities and talents of the workers who have the best credentials.

More specifically, employees who possess the PMP certification have already shown a capacity for hard work, a high amount of intelligence, and a very good working memory. They would have had to possess these traits in order to clear the incredibly difficult PMP certification exam.

So the seniors can simply have faith that workers with PMP certification training will have a very good performance and can assign them very high salaries with a lot of reassurance and with an easy mind.

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4. It gives the employee the ability to work in any sector or industry -

Any business or organization would prefer that the candidates they hire should have a lot of versatility and experience. The PMP certification training provides the candidates with exactly that. It brings learners who take the course into contact with a diverse range of concepts and topics from the field of project management.

Thus they gain a broad range of information and do not lack in any field of knowledge. Since the PMP certification training includes a lot of real-world examples the learners become very well-versed with how large projects are managed in the real world.

The course is taught by world-class instructors who possess decades of experience from working in the field of project management as professionals.

The instructors make every attempt to impart all of their practical knowledge and experience to the learners and leave no stone unturned in making them fully equipped to function as full-fledged project managers in the real world.

This is how the PMP certification training provides versatility to the learners. Now we come to the aspect of the experience. This course contains several assignments and capstone projects which are assigned to the learners as mandatory tasks.

The learners are required to complete these assignments and capstone projects and then submit them to the instructors so that the instructors can grade them and provide valuable feedback on them in the form of corrections and comments.

By completing these assignments and capstone projects the learners gain very valuable and practical hands-on experience. This is the way in which the course equips the learners with experience.

By gaining both versatility and experience the learners become capable of working in any sector or industry and this is why companies are so eager to hire them.

5. It proves the merit of the employee -

In order to clear the PMP certification exam successfully, the candidate has to create a preparation strategy very carefully and minutely. They have to study the syllabus of the exam very carefully and divide it into manageable sections which can be studied separately and systematically.

The course study materials themselves are of a very advanced difficulty level and require a lot of intelligence and very sharp memory. If the candidate lacks these he will not be able to comprehend the subject matter of the PMP certification exam.

The difficulty level of the PMP certification exam is well-known in the corporate world by all major businesses and organizations. Thus if a candidate can produce the credentials of PMP certification training and a PMP certification, the corporate world immediately gives him a lot of credit for his merit.

6. The employee can access corporate networks around the world -

The Project Management Institute or the PMI is a very widespread and well-established organization with chapters in many countries around the world. All of these chapters consist of very influential and well-connected PMP-certified professionals.

Any employee of a company with PMP certification training and a PMP certification will be able to access these chapters and attend their meetings.

He will be able to interact with all the professionals who are a part of these chapters and will be able to take advantage of the various networking opportunities he thus finds.

A candidate who can liason on the company’s behalf in these chapters will be considered to be a very desirable employee by the company’s hiring managers.

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