Which is better DBA or Ph.D. in Business Administration?


A Doctorate in Business Administration is the new era degree in Business that shapes professionals and aspiring professionals with business proficiency and the fundamental skills to bring about organizational growth. It entails attaining a high-level business education for solving business complexities and seeking solutions for the workplace. The question of which is better between a Ph.D. in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Business Administration depends on the career goals. Each of the degree programs is oriented towards different purposes. Let us delve into the details of each of the programs to help you gain a better comprehension of which degree program will be your best suit. 


Understanding what is the Difference between DBA & PhD

The fundamental difference between a DBA & PhD is that a PhD is an advanced academic doctorate degree oriented towards theoretical research while a DBA is a professional doctorate oriented towards practically oriented research. Both Ph.D. and DBA are advanced research-intensive study program that entails conducting original research, data analyses, and producing important findings.

PhD is an ideal degree program for you if you have an inclination toward a faculty career in academics as the program focuses on the development of theories, addressing the loopholes and gaps in the existing body of knowledge. Those interested in working as a researcher in research institutes will find this program ideal. 

On the contrary DBA program focuses on business problems in real-world organizations and entails exploring and researching original and secondary research, evaluating and addressing those problems. This degree is an ideal suit for those looking forward to a professional career in business and consulting.


Overview of DBA vs PhD

We may further dilate on the question of - What the difference between a DBA & PhD in Business Administration by laying out the major varying points:

Scope of Research

In a Ph.D. in Business Administration program, students are required to develop theories and ideas that are original, novel, and valuable to the existing body of knowledge. Their main objective should also include finding gaps in the existing state of the field and basing their research on this goal and other significant issues in the existing theories. However, in a DBA program, students engage in research and contribute by applying real-life business problems. They address issues pertaining to their organizations or other businesses, tackle them, and present case studies on them. 


Career Opportunities

This is another significant factor to point out what is the difference between DBA & Ph.D. Those interested in academic careers and research jobs may find a Ph.D. degree the best career path. hey can contribute to the field of study through intensive research in business administration. While DBA- Doctorate in Business Administration degree is best for those who want to land a higher executive-level position in the business management field.

When considering DBA vs. PhD, both of the degrees are equally significant and valuable. The question of which is better among the two will significantly be dependent on the career goals that one has. To bring a powerful impact in the business world by executing their expertise knowledge and skills, a DBA is an excellent choice while for those interested in theoretical research and contributing to the academic field, a Ph.D. degree is the stronger suit. 

Difference in Career Opportunities of DBA vs. PhD

Careers after a PhD in Business Administration

  • University teaching

  • Professional researcher

  • Consulting

  • Upper-level public policymaking

  • Leadership

  • Policy advocate 

Careers in Doctorate in Business Administration 

  • Organizational leadership

  • Upper-level corporate policymaking

  • Consulting

  • Entrepreneur/business owner

  • University and College Teaching Faculty


Defining Ph.D. and DBA

A Ph.D. in Business Administration

A Ph.D. in Business Administration is academically the highest degree in the business field. The program ideally equips professionals with the potential to render training and education at the University level. The program usually lasts for 3-5 years involving scientific research. It is ideally pursuable by any interested individual regardless of their discipline. It is not restricted to people with business management background alone but extends to almost all disciplines allowing enthusiastic individuals to attain the degree. The Ph.D. in business administration program lays emphasis on the development of the discipline, its evolution, and its dynamics with society. 


Doctorate in Business Administration

A Doctorate in Business Administration is a professional doctoral degree which is also the highest level. It trains professionals with extensive skills knowledge and practical competence in the business industry. Often professionals who are working in the business field pursue this degree to take their career to higher levels, for example in leadership roles. Typically most of the course papers require candidates to have several years of management experience. DBA program ideally delves into the latest research and theories, and explore the most updated trends in the industry thereby giving candidate exposure to practically oriented research learning. 

Given the significance and value of each of the programs, there is no comparison between the two as they both fulfill varying objectives. For professionals seeking career progression attaining a higher degree is a necessity, especially if they want to land managerial positions. Gaining a doctoral degree whether a DBA or PhD will open doors to various avenues and career opportunities. A doctorate in Business Administration and a PhD in Business Administration are both viable career paths,  for a successful profession in business. 

Numerous schools of business and universities now offer DBA programs and those with specific academic interests may move forward with the Ph.D. program while those with the aim to leverage their knowledge and skills for better business policies and be leaders in the business world may focus on the DBA program.

There are now multiple options through which enthusiastic professionals can attain these highest-level degrees. The program duration for DBA and PhD will vary depending on the universities and the institutions providing the course. Ideally, a DBA can be attained within 3 years. The possibility of accessing and attaining this degree online has made it a highly competitive program with a number of business professionals seeking growth in their careers. The DBA vs. PhD debate is only a question of relevance and there is no defining factor that will explain which is better as both are equally significant and valuable in today's competitive era.

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