What is the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security?


If we talk about Artificial intelligence we can say that it acts both as a boon and curse to the customers as well as for the business.

If you want to see a better example of intelligent technology than alexa and siri are the best examples. This also provides us with speech recognition of technology. Facebook and Google's search engines also use face recognition technology. Many credit cards have also started to use AI technology to make a solution for financial institutions in securing billions of dollars worth of fraud each year.

artificial intelligence in cyber security

But one important question is, why do we use the ideas of AI and machine learning for cyber security, what are their applications? Whether it is beneficial or harmful to the digital security of any company?

What is Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security?

In today’s world everything revolves around data and technology. Protecting your data from cyber attack is very important if you want your work not to be effected.Keeping and securing your data is very important. And when you secure your internet connected device such as mobile phones and computer by providing the security to the data, software and hardware from the hacker’s threats in basically known as cybersecurity. There are many cyber security courses available which will teach you about all these things in detail.

This procedure is used by people and organisations to prevent unauthorised access to servers and other computer systems. To recognise and prevent system assaults, the cyber security team needs the greatest cyber security training

We need a cybersecurity plan that is effective against hostile assaults that are designed to access, alter, remove, demand money from, or destroy the data of an organisation or specific systems and steal critical information. The most important factor in preventing cyberattacks that try to bring down or corrupt a computer system or other device's operation is cybersecurity.

The modern company creates a lot of data, many of which are sensitive or secret, and the number of people utilising devices and programmes has significantly expanded. As a result, artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is of the utmost importance since data theft on these systems is getting worse with each passing year. By using a variety of attack techniques, the volume and level of maturity of the methods used by cyber attackers further exacerbate a number of issues.

Different Components of Cybersecurity

There are different types of security provided in the device on which cybersecurity components are based and For the cybersecurity programme to be successful, internal firm integration of all of these is important. The following components are among them:

  • Application security 

  • Information or data security 

  • Network security 

  • Disaster recovery/business continuity planning 

  • Operational security 

  • Cloud security 

  • Critical infrastructure security 

  • Physical security 

  • End-user education

Working in the Field of Cyber Security:

For all organisations, maintaining cybersecurity is a problem given the dynamic nature of the threat environment. The old and traditional strategies are no longer sufficient, we need some advanced and focused resources for the system security against the most significant known risks and don’t leave well known dangers undefended.

To stay on top of shifting security issues, a more proactive and adaptable strategy is required. Several significant cybersecurity advisory organisations offer sound advice. The National Institution of standard and technology advises continuous monitor and real time evaluations that will help us guard against both known and unanticipated risks as a part of a risk assessment strategy.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity:

Artificial intelligence is not something which is new to the market when it comes to cyber security. In fact, two years ago, individuals would talk in forums about how machine learning and artificial intelligence in cyber security would change the future because data was at the core of cyber security trends. Artificial intelligence is useful in cyber security because it helps professionals better comprehend, examine, and analyse crimes. 

It advances the tools businesses employ to fight cybercrime and aids businesses in protecting client data. Artificial intelligence in cyber security, on the other hand, may be a highly comprehensive resource but might not be realistically useful in every application. Most importantly, it can give cybercriminals a new weapon, as they might use this technology to improve their techniques and their cyberattacks.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security:

Artificial intelligence is becoming more efficient and intelligent over time,as the name implies, it has the capacity to enhance network security over time. Machine learning and deep learning are used by artificial intelligence to understand more about a network's behaviour over time in an organisation.

According to the rise in viruses and advanced social engineering, where attackers try new tactics to destroy the system, it becomes vital to transition to updated solutions in order to stop new attacks from hurting the system. 

When AI has combined with cyber security it has been said that it is one of the greatest combos for security technologies in terms of detection and protection from the unknown attacks that are responsible for destroying an organisation’s network infrastructure.

Artificial intelligence enters the scene to identify any potential risks that are disguising itself as routine activities, and it turns out to be the greatest option because it is so useful.


Because hackers discover new ways to launch various types of attacks each year that have a specific goal, it is impossible for a normal human to recognise and stop all the threats faced by a company. So it is very important to take help from artificial intelligence in cyber security to advance your technology.

If you fail to detect, identify, and prevent these new forms of unknown threats, the network might sustain significant damage, and they could have a significant impact on the organisation. A normal mid-sized startup or business has heavy traffic due to the volume of activities taking place on its network. 

This indicates that a substantial amount of data is exchanged everyday between clients and the company's servers. Hackers must be stopped from reading or altering the sent data in order to prevent collateral harm to both the user and the organisation. It is no longer possible for cyber security specialists to monitor all communications to find any potential dangers.


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