What is the difference between Control Quality and Validate Scope


Control Quality and Validate Scope are two terms often and very effectively used in the field of Management.   Control Quality is focused on correctness of the deliverables while Validate Scope is focused more on acceptance of deliverables. Let us try and understand the meanings of these terms in detail. 

According to the PMBOK Guide, 6th edition, “Control Quality is the process of monitoring and recording results of executing the quality management activities in order to assess performance and ensure the project outputs are complete, correct, and meet customer expectations.” Control Quality basically implies that any product that leaves the organization in any form is defect free and meets the required industry standards. For example- a task to build a bridge is assigned to a department. The Control Quality will appoint an engineer to look into the crucial aspects like purchase and stock of raw materials, path to the bridge, machinery, labour, elevation and beyond. These are all quality parameters which must be adhered to at every step. Like they say, if the root is strong, the plant shall withstand all storms. If the base is laid right, the foundation is correct, all quality checkpoints are looked into, the final product will obviously be a reflection of the efficiency of the team. This is why this factor is really important.

According to the PMBOK Guide, 6th edition, “Validate Scope is the process of formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables.”  Validate Scope is done by the customer or sponsor. This simply implies that the end product must be accepted whole heartedly and in compliance with the requirements laid down at the time of delegation of the project by the client. This is essential not only for the team but also for the brand image of the organization. This step defines and paves way for the organization to get more and more projects. Citing the aforesaid example, the worth of the bridge shall only be validated by the users and existence of the structure even during calamities.
Some more differences can be cited-
1.     Control Quality is an internal process whereas Validate Scope requires external authentication.
2.     Control Quality checks the development process of the product whereas Validate Scope checks on its performance and final layout.
3.     Control Quality gets the product ready for delivery whereas Validate Scope gets the acceptance.
4.     Control Quality is the first step whereas Validate Scope is the closure to the whole task.

Whatever said and done, both these aspects are equally crucial for any Project to be successfully managed, implemented, delivered and accepted by the client.

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