What are the Features and Advantages of ReactJS?


React is a highly sought-after JavaScript library for web development. It is favored for building user interfaces. It is known by varied names such as ReactJS, React.js, React, and ReactJS. 

This front-end JavaScript framework has been created by Facebook.  React is utilized to construct composable user interfaces in a predictable and effective manner. The framework, which is open-source and component-based, is in charge of developing the application's view layer.

ReactJs majorly uses Model View Controller (MVC) and the view layer is in charge of handling both mobile and web applications. React is also known for its forte in building single-page applications and mobile apps. 

features and advantages of ReactJS

This article is focused on learning more about the best features of ReactJS and the benefits of learning it. 

What are the Best Features of ReactJS

As Reactjs is gaining swift popularity and is largely favored by web developers as the most ideal JavaScript framework, it is essential to dig into the unique features of ReactJS and learn how it plays a significant job in the web development ecosystem, especially that of the front-end. 

JavaScript Syntax Extension, or JSX

Many web developers prefer JSX as the better option. Despite that JSX is not needed in React development, authoring Reactjs pages is distinctively significant when performed on JSX and JavaScript. A JavaScript syntactic extension is called JSX. Using that, HTML structures can be added to the same file as JavaScript code.

Flow and Flux of Unidirectional Data

Since data can only flow in one direction, downstream, React.js is only intended to enable one type of data flow. To make data move in a different direction, more features will be required. React includes a collection of immutable data that are supplied as HTML tag properties to the component renderer. The components support a call-back function for doing modifications but no properties can be directly modified.

VDOM (Virtual Document Object Model)

React comprise a lightweight memory-based version of the real DOM, known as Virtual DOM. As there is no screen drawing manipulation of the Real DOM is considerably slow in comparison with VDOM manipulation.  Instead of updating all objects when their states change, VDOM just modifies the specific object that has changed in the real DOM. This expedites processes, especially when compared to alternative front-end technologies that must update each object even if just one object in the web application changes.


React supports a wide variety of extensions for application architecture. Flux,  Redux, and server-side rendering are all effectively supported in web application development. React was used in the construction of the well-known cross-platform React Native mobile app development framework.


React's broad community facilitates easy and straightforward testing. Even Facebook offers a little browser extension that speeds up and simplifies Reacts debugging. For instance, this extension adds a React tab to the developer tools menu of the Chrome web browser. The tab makes it easier to look into React components directly.

Data Binding

Since React uses one-way data binding, all operations continue to be quick and modular. Additionally, because of the unidirectional data flow, it's common practice to stack child components within parent components when constructing a React project.


React performs the "View' function in the architecture of the Model View Controller. It determines the functions and appearance of the program.  The MVC architectural pattern categorizes the application layer into three elements: Model, View, and Controller. The view is used for the application's UI logic, the model is used for all data-related logic, and the controller serves as an interface between the Model and the View.

Benefits of Learning ReactJS

React JS, a powerful Front-end web development framework, makes it relatively simple to create complex, interactive user interfaces (UI) for single-page web applications. The view layers of mobile and online apps are handled by this open-source JavaScript library. The ability to create UI components that can be used on numerous sites is another feature that makes React JS appealing.

React has become an essential asset for any firm to develop massive apps in an agile manner. You can develop web pages that dynamically update data without having to reload them after each update trigger. Application user interfaces (UIs) can be created quickly, easily, and flexibly. You can use React JS in conjunction with other JavaScript frameworks and libraries, such as AngularJS, within the MVC (Model View Controller) design. ReactJs thus offers numerous advantages resulting in massive benefits of learning reactjs. Let us dive into the merits of acquiring Reactjs knowledge and prowess further along the article. 

Merits of Learning ReactJS

Learning ReactJS will improve your ability to use ReactJS for building appealing and responsive user interfaces. The following points highlight the benefits of learning ReactJS and the terrific rewards of mastering the tool. 

Simple to Learn

This library is compact and just addresses the view layer of the application. You may begin creating practical web apps by simply grasping the fundamentals.

Reusable Components

The tool's structure is driven by components. The building blocks of a wrapper component are smaller components like a dropdown, checkbox, and others. The writing of higher-level wrapper components must come next. Up until the last root component or application is in place, this process is repeated.

Each component has its own internal logic and rendering philosophy. You may give your program a consistent look by employing them repeatedly while also expanding your codebase. Building large apps is simple if the components are appropriately arranged.

Performance Optimization with Virtual DOM

Performance problems are frequently encountered with web UIs that require frequent display refreshes and optimal user interaction. By using a virtual DOM (Document Object Model) that is kept in memory, React JS gets around bottlenecks. View changes are first transmitted to the virtual DOM, which then launches a differential procedure to compare the current and previous states of the virtual DOM. Additionally, it determines how to make changes with the fewest modifications possible.

Excellent Abstraction

You wouldn't be exposed to intricate internal procedures like digest cycles as a user. You must become familiar with the life cycles of components, props, and states in order to build forms. You become more productive while developing the architecture of an app since you are freed from the obligation to master paradigms like MVVM.

Flux Architecture Completes the Picture

ReactJS is optimized by Flux, a Facebook web app construction paradigm, which allows for a one-way data flow. A library contains all of the action creators and auxiliary methods. Method arguments are used to build actions, which are subsequently given a type and submitted to the dispatcher. Each action is forwarded by the dispatcher to the stores via callbacks, which the stores used to sign up with the dispatcher.

Once updating of stores takes place in response to a given action, a change event is generated. The controller views can retrieve new data from stores and provide it to the full tree of their own child views by listening for change events. The primary idea is that for updating stores, which then update views, actions are created and managed by the main dispatcher. Data intended for presentation by components is preserved in stores, syncing the data consistently throughout the program.

JSX as Templating Tool

JavaScript has been condensed into JSX, which makes HTML quoting easier. Subcomponents are rendered using HTML tag syntaxes.

Excellent Development Tools

You can use React Developer tools as a Chrome plugin. The tools provide a visual investigation of the states and props for hierarchy-embedded React components.

React allows for using any Technology

You may use this library with pretty much any other framework of your choice because React is quite versatile in terms of how it renders a view. 

For instance, many developers will combine React and Node.js to make use of server-side rendering. It allows you the freedom to use any additional technology that your project requires while still writing incredibly quick and clean code.

React allows for Time Saving

Writing code that is self-contained and compatible with the wider code set is necessary for efficiency. Among JavaScript frameworks, ReactJS is the only one that encourages productive labor. It's simple to create utility functions or other services in this vein as you're already working with a number of components that connect with one another. You can therefore use this architectural pattern in other frameworks and libraries. To put it another way, React's modular design lets you edit a component just once and it will be reflected throughout the entire site, as opposed to having to alter it for every single instance.

The best method to learn about the features of this cutting-edge tool is through React JS training. By integrating JSX, state management, routing, master components, hooks, and other techniques, the React JS course in instructor-led training sessions enables you to create rich internet applications. Your hands-on abilities would increase if you obtained certification from a reputable knowledge center, which would give you the opportunity to work on real projects and tasks with knowledgeable mentors.

A thorough hands-on React JS training program would familiarise you with all of the new features included in the most recent React 16.8 version. You'll discover how to create a web pack-based React development platform from zero and use the VSCode debugger to track down problems.

ReactJS as is preferred by most developers makes it a highly sought-after expertise, hence mastering the tool is going to be in your favor massively. Get hands-on knowledge of ReactJS and learn about all the practical implementation of the unique features of ReactJS. Sign up for a ReactJS Training to reap the benefits of having React prowess.


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