Top Data Science Jobs in India


The field of data science is highly dynamic which gives impetus to the technologically connected global environment. Each year of technological innovation is succeeded by another with more advances and improvements. This shift is perpetuating constantly and is predicted and expected to continue into the next decades. 

The demand for data science professionals is just not limited to any country. Data science experts are globally in demand. These job prospects have seen tremendous growth with the addition of over 1.5 lakh new positions post 2020. This upsurge is a response to the vitality of data in businesses and organizations in this digital age. 

Let us discover the top 10 highest-paying data science jobs in India and learn more about the future prospects of data science jobs in India. The following list of top data science jobs in India will give you a clear-cut idea of where to pursue your data science career adventure regardless of your work level whether you are in the entry-level or experienced mid-level.

For those aspiring to fetch a position in one of the best data science jobs in India, be informed that the salary package or the remuneration is not the only determinant of a job position to be considered as the best or the most ideal. There are other factors that make up for a good job including - career growth, reputation, and job security.

This article on the best data science jobs in India will help individuals in considering their career trajectory. The data science market currently offers jobs listing about 70% of job positions that require less than 5 years of work experience. Candidates however must possess and fulfill the requisite qualification and have the potential to work on their skill sets. Let us dive into the top data science jobs in India in detail.

Top Data Science Jobs in India

Data Analyst

Data analysts are responsible for transforming and manipulating big data collections. Their roles extend to assisting the higher-level executives in deducing insights from their data. Analysts should be well-versed in A/B testing and web analytics tracking. This position has always been preferred and considered ideal in India given its attractive salary. 

Qualifications that are preferred: A bachelor's degree with a focus on science, math, or statistics, is required for entry-level positions in this field. One must have proficiency in mathematics and logical reasoning and the caliber to work their way through these skills. Hiring managers usually give precedence to programmers—those who know SQL, Python, Oracle, and other programming languages.

Salary: In India, the average data analyst income is INR 419,465 per year.

Data Scientist

In comparison to a data analyst position, the Data scientist position is more technical. Their responsibilities include data preparation which includes data cleaning and organizing which effectuate companies to take strategic actions. Their role entails handling large data sets and uncovering functional patterns and trends in the data. 

Preferred qualifications: A master’s degree or advanced qualifications such as Ph.D. are desirable for the high-level position of a data scientist. Sometimes, companies seek sector specialists such as healthcare, information technology, manufacturing, retail, etc. to fill high-responsibility positions. 

The sound technical knowledge and academic background in Maths, Computer Science, and Information Technology, must be accompanied by effective hands-on experience for a data scientist role. 

Salary: The average data scientist salary in India is INR 6,98,413.

Machine Learning Engineer

A machine learning engineer is in charge of constructing data funnels and delivering software solutions. In addition, executing tests and experiments to monitor the system's functioning and performance would be part of your job.

Machine learning engineers are expected to have good statistical and programming skills, among other things. For these positions, software engineers with sufficient machine learning skills are preferred. With online classes, you may brush up on theoretical concepts while also gaining practical experience by working on projects. On the market, there are numerous online certificates that include industry mentorship.

Salary: In India, the average income for a machine learning engineer is INR 6,91,892.

Applications Architect

The job position of Applications Architect entails monitoring applications and their functionality of a firm and tracking how users engage with them. 

It is also their responsibility to create the architecture of the application including varied components like user interface and app infrastructure. If you are looking for a fast-paced and high-paying data science job in India, this job position should fit the bill.  

Preferred qualifications: A computer science degree, as well as industry certifications in programming and architectural design, are required for an opening as an applications architect. Application architects have one of the highest-paying data science careers in India due to the high and growing demand.

Salary: In India, the average application architect income is INR 1,937,856.

Data Architect

This position is not just popular in India but across the globe as one of the best and highest-paying top data science jobs in the world. The job role entails designing new database systems and enhancing the company's interconnected data ecosystem by employing the analytics of performance and design. 

To work as a data architect, you'll require a computer engineering degree as well as a good understanding of applied mathematics and statistical principles. You should have completed coursework in data management, programming, big data development, systems analysis, and technology architecture, at the very least.

Salary: In India, the average income for a data architect is INR 1,946,737.


The role of a statistician is to gather, analyze, and interpret data in order to assist decision-makers in their work. On a daily basis, they must also communicate results (data relationships and trends) to stakeholders and contribute to the development of operational strategies. It is not only one of the highest-paying data science professions in India, but it is also one of the most fast-paced.

Candidates with a bachelor's degree may be considered for entry-level positions. However, the majority of statisticians have a doctorate degree in mathematics, computer science, economics, or another quantitative discipline.

Salary: In India, the average statistician's salary is 508,647 rupees.

Those are the best data science jobs in India. To ensure that you land any of these positions, you must fulfill the key skills that are necessary for every position. These top data science jobs in India mandate prospective professionals to possess and be competent with the following skills:

  • Mathematical, statistical, and computer science backgrounds

  • Analytical Tools like R,

  • Calculus, multivariate analysis, data visualization, and other skills are required.

  • Ability to communicate complicated ideas in simple words, both verbally and visually

  • Intellectual curiosity, business acumen, and a desire to work as part of a team

Train and polish your skills and get ready for the best data science jobs in India.

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