Top Blockchain Career Paths in 2022


It is not uncommon to have doubts about a certain career path for those desiring to pursue a career in blockchain. With the surging popularity and importance of blockchain technology, a career in blockchain has become intriguing as well as enticing for many. The wide variety of professional prospects offered in the blockchain industry also offers a potential guarantee for career advancement. Your career choices might be a crucial instrument for helping you gain the competence needed for in-demand blockchain-based job jobs. Let us discover some of the best jobs available for those pursuing a career in blockchain.

Blockchain Career Paths

Job Opportunities with A Career in Blockchain

Blockchain Engineer

One of the most popular options for a career in blockchain for aspiring professionals is blockchain engineer. 

Blockchain Engineers' main responsibility is to build applications from the ground up using the unique technical characteristics of the organization. Professionals

who wish to become blockchain engineers are required to possess the essential aptitude and openness to learning. They also focus on adopting and adjusting to new blockchain technologies and associated ideas at the same time. 


Blockchain Developer

The most sought-after career path at the moment is that of a blockchain developer. The advent of smart contract programming on blockchain networks provided massive opportunities for developers. They are essentially programmers who use blockchain technology for developing applications. It might interest you to know that blockchain engineers' average yearly salary is up to USD136,000, depending on their qualifications and expertise. 


Blockchain Advisor

A Blockchain Advisor is one of the highest-paid positions in the industry. Their main duties include creating plans for the blockchain transformation. They are capable of recognizing the requirements and complexities that firms are challenged with while implementing blockchain-based solutions. Hence, they are capable of providing crucial information for workable solutions as well as the technical expertise needed for those solutions. Furthermore, a blockchain consultant's appeal is superior to that of a blockchain engineer, consultant, or developer. The success of an organization's blockchain transformation projects is ensured by the expertise of blockchain consultants in identifying, assessing, and managing risks.


Blockchain Solutions Architect

With the help of team expertise, including developers, network administrators, UX designers, and IT operations, the Blockchain Solution Architect is responsible for planning, allocating, and connecting the various parts of the Blockchain solution. 


Blockchain Project Manager

A project Manager in Blockchain is in charge of establishing connections between Blockchain projects and professionals whose job is to create blockchain solutions. Blockchain project managers must possess the same qualifying skills similar that of Cloud Project Managers. They are also required to be technical experts to comprehend blockchain technology fully. Another important quality is excellent communication skills. These skills are essential when working with non-technical workers, providing helpful updates, or requesting resources from higher authorities.


Blockchain UX Designer

The design and user interface of Blockchain are crucial now that it has been adopted by so many businesses. A Blockchain UX Designer performs the job of creating a User Interface that inspires confidence and appeals to average users. These professionals must be detail-oriented, creative, and, most importantly, tenacious because their line of work requires them to spend a lot of time in front of computers.


Blockchain Quality Engineer

A Quality Engineer is present in every development environment to conduct tests and guarantee that all project components meet the necessary standards of quality. In the area of blockchain, a blockchain engineer performs a similar role by ensuring that all operations are performed to the highest standards. Or, to put it another way: Blockchain frameworks are tested and automated. These professionals need a third eye when it comes to paying attention to detail because even the tiniest mistake they make affects everyone who utilizes their technology. Having great communication abilities would be very beneficial for maintaining positive professional connections.


Blockchain Legal Advisor

Legal difficulties inevitably come up as firms attempt to understand how to integrate Blockchain technology into their operations. Companies searching for legal advice on what factors to take into account when investing as they introduce this new technology. They are concerned with managing their identities, financial management, and how their actions will be interpreted. It is crucial that professionals in this domain have effective communication abilities. Blockchain is a technology without boundaries, hence being well-versed in international legislation is critical. Another advantageous factor is for professionals to be fluent in as many global languages as possible. 

Highlighting Blockchain Career Salary

Blockchain Career Salary is reflected in the nature of being in high demand given its wide applications across multiple sectors, the remuneration is equally high. Although many factors affect the pattern of salary, Blockchain experts are highly paid anywhere across the world. 

Below is a brief highlight of the blockchain Career salary across the globe in different cities:

  • India- INR460K per annum

  • US -$96 K per annum

  • UK - ₤ 68 K per annum

  • Singapore - S $95,865 per annum

  • Canada - CAD $ 95 K per annum

  • Germany- $ 60K to $150K per annum

  • Switzerland - USD 180K per annum 

  • China -  ¥ 45 K to  ¥60 K


Blockchain technology will continue to grow and evolve, eventually offering a wide spectrum of opportunities to interested professionals. Regardless of whether you are a fresher or already working in the field, this exciting career is here to stay for years and years and will continue to be in high demand.


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