Top 10 Angular Books for Beginners


There are several frameworks in JavaScript, out of which Angular is the most popular for creating Web GUI that is component-based. If you are looking for the best resource such as the best angular books to broaden your knowledge and learn more about angular, here is your treasure trove. This article aims to assist enthusiastic developers to master AngularJs. There are several angular books that can give you what you want to learn without having to invest too much. 

Like any other learning process, the Angular books that we are going to discuss will help beginners begin their Angular journey smoothly, and advanced developers polish and upgrade their skills. We have categorized our list of best angular books into parts based on experience and knowledge level. Let's get into it.

Best Angular Books for Beginners

1. The ng-Book: A complete Book on Angular

     Author: Ari Lerner and Felipe Coury

With the help of this book, you can construct a tonne of sample Angular apps, discover best practices, and develop a thorough understanding of the concepts from the framework's foundation up to its apex. This book will teach you about testing, how to structure and streamline your app, adding components to your app, and other topics. The best part is that you may learn from this book without having any prior experience with Angular technology. After finishing this book, you will have a firm understanding of the Angular framework and be able to apply it to your Angular applications.

2. Angular Cookbook 

    Author: Muhammed Ahsan Ayaz

This book covers over 90 recipes in the Angular Cookbook that will help you hone your enterprise-level Angular development abilities. This is one of the best angular books for beginners as well as intermediate developers learning Angular. In order to improve your knowledge of Angular, you will also investigate industry best practices. 

You'll discover, among other things, how to:

  • Using Angular, you can construct Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) and incorporate animations into your Angular applications.

  • To control your app's reactivity, utilize RxJS.

  • To integrate state management in your Angular projects, utilize NgRx.

3. Angular: Up and Running

    Author: Shyam Seshadri

With the use of examples that will help to clearly explain ideas, concepts, and practice, this book will guide you as you gradually grasp the fundamentals of Angular. You may also learn how to create scalable Angular applications with the help of this book. A useful guide for learning angular for beginners. You will know a lot about Angular by the time you finish this book and be able to create your own Angular applications. This is one of the finest angular books for beginners addressing the following Angular concepts:

  • To build effective user interfaces, developing and testing component

  • Using forms that are driven by templates

  • Services for Angular

  • Sending HTTP requests

  • Routing and a lot more

4. Angular 5: From Theory to Practice

     Author: Asim Hussein

This book is for you if you're interested in web development but know nothing about ECMAScript principles, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript and want to learn Angular. You can learn how to create an Angular application from scratch using TypeScript and the Angular command-line interface with the aid of this book. 

You will also comprehend the most recent aspects of ES6, JavaScript, and TypeScript. It will also show you how to use RxJS and Observables to develop programs utilizing reactive programming concepts.

  • ES6 JavaScript & Typescript

  • Components and Binding

  • Angular CLI

  • Unit Testing

  • And many more

5. Learning Angular

     Author: Aristeidis Bampakos & Pablo Deeleman

Undoubtedly, this book is one of the best Angular books for learning Angular 10. Developing web applications utilizing Angular 10 may be learned in Learning Angular. You'll begin by learning about the foundational elements of Angular, including components, templates, forms, and services. Readers will get to learn:

  • Angular CLI

  • Methods for interfacing Angular components with one another

  • Ideal procedures and many more

  • Developers who wish to master the fundamentals of Angular and lay a strong foundation and grounding should give this book a read. 

Best Angular Books Ideal for Intermediate & Advanced Developers

Let us move further to angular books that are of a little advanced level and can be referred by intermediate and experienced developers that will help in broadening knowledge and gaining more information. 

6. Angular in Action

    Author: Jeremy Wilken

The fundamentals as well as more complex ideas like testing, dependency injection, and performance tuning are covered in this book. As this book is at a slightly higher level, readers are required to have knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to delve intensively into this book. 

This book is your guide to using TypeScript and ES2015 features to produce clean, well-architected code. You can create web applications using the tutorials provided by this application. Jeremy Wilken, a Google developer skilled in Angular, web technology, and Google Assistant has many years of experience in this sector and offered the knowledge in the book.

7. Angular 6 for Enterprise Ready-Web Applications

    Author: Doguhan Uluca

You will discover how to use Angular and RESTful APIs to create full-stack web applications in this book. The Kanban technique, mock-up tools, angular content, CLI tools, reactive programming using RXJS, and more will also be covered. Since you are fully aware of this, you will also be able to create strong authentication and authorization, unit test, and backend APIs using Swagger, as well as grasp router-first architecture.

An excellent book that covers design to deployment of production-level web apps using Angular. You will have a thorough understanding of Angular and enterprise applications that are cloud-ready once this book is finished.

8. Angular Development with Typescript

    Author: Yakov Fain & Anton Moiseev

Web developers that are proficient in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript should read this book. You will comprehend how Angular and TypeScript work together to construct web applications after reading this book. You will develop a fully functional online auction application throughout this book, which will teach you many intriguing topics about state management, data, forms, server interactions, and more. Yakov Fain and Anton Moiseev, two knowledgeable lecturers and web application developers, provide the knowledge in this book.

9. Pro AngularJS

    Author: Adam Freeman

You will discover the advantages of the potent MVC (model-view-controller) architecture in this book. The book's excellent writing and organization make it easier to comprehend the ideas. Additionally, you will discover how to use Angular to build dynamic and rich web app clients. This book is for those who are interested in learning AngularJS but have some prior experience with basic web programming. The book's third and fourth editions are also available.

10. ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular

       Author: Valerio De Santis

One of the best Angular books for developers is ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular.  Web development using.NET 5 and Angular 11 is covered in ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular. You'll first discover how to create, construct, and launch a Single Page Application (SPA) or Progressive Web App (PWA). Then, by employing a full-stack strategy, you'll learn how to deal with:

  • Handling of data


  • Designing applications

  • Testing

  • SEO

  • Security

  • Deployment

As you carry out advanced debugging and investigate the aspects of unit testing, you'll also acquire real-world practical skills. There is an in-depth discussion of the following topics in this updated edition of ASP.NET Core 5 and Angular:

  • Modules for Angular routing 

  • Angular CLI

  • Deploying applications on Windows, Azure, and Linux

  • Note that this book is ideal for developers with experience who want to integrate Angular 11. 

Those are the best Angular books that developers regardless of their level must get a hold of them and read. 

If you are wondering about the Angular projects being a worthwhile investment, you'll discover how to combine Angular 12 with other technologies to create effective and optimized online apps using Angular Projects. Ten diverse real-world applications will be your focus.

What is AngularJS?

Before we conclude, to give you context, let us briefly explain AngularJs.

A framework called AngularJS makes it possible to create web applications that are both highly functional and simple to maintain. The AngularJS framework's characteristics are listed below.

  • An effective JavaScript-based programming framework for RICH Internet Applications is AngularJS (RIA).

  • With the help of JavaScript and AngularJS, developers can create client-side applications in a neat MVC (Model View Controller) style.

  • AngularJS applications are cross-browser compatible. The JavaScript Code that is browser specific is handled by AbgularJs. 

  • Numerous developers worldwide utilize AngularJS, which is open source and totally free. The Apache License, version 2.0, governs its use

The Benefits of AngularJS are listed below:

  • Single Page Applications may be made with AngularJS in a very organized and manageable manner.

  • Data binding functionality for HTML is provided by AngularJS, providing users with a rich and responsive experience.

  • The AngularJS code can be unit tested.

  • Both segregations of concerns and dependency injection is utilized by angular js.

  • Reusable components are available in AngularJS.

  • Developers write less code and get greater functionality with AngularJS.

  • In AngularJS, controllers written in JavaScript handle business processing while views are just plain HTML pages.

  • All popular mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS, are supported by AngularJS applications.

That’s about it on AngularJs and the best angular books.

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