What is the Job Role in SAP MM?


SAP MM Consultants have risen prominently in the modern business arena as they help in the smooth management of materials, warehouse, and inventory of the companies. Their job is to ensure the materials in the supply chain of the company are stored in adequate quantities without any shortage. They ensure timely and cost-effective material procurement and are competent in dealing with the daily changes in the processes. Building a career as a SAP MM consultant in today's time will be highly rewarding and promising as there is a massive demand for SAP MM specialized professionals while there are very limited talents that can cater to this growing demand.

SAP MM Consultants

Today in this blog, we shall learn comprehensively about the job roles of  SAP MM Consultants and what they have to offer to companies across the globe. We will also delve into the personality traits or skills that SAP MM Consultants are required to possess to carry out the critical job role in SAP MM business solution.

What are the Skills Needed by SAP MM Consultants?

As SAP MM Consultants specialize in businesses/clients to accomplish their goals in SAP systems. They connect with clients and organize their needs, gather them, and analyze data to check on the company's existing system's strengths and weaknesses. To identify practices that best suit the company, SAP MM consultants conduct research and develop pragmatic strategies to optimize and improve the overall performance and operation of the company. 

Core Technicals skills for SAP MM Consultants Job Role

The job role in SAP MM mandates that professionals have the critical skills of technical as well as soft skills. Let us dig deeper into those skills in the following.

SAP MM Configuration

SAP MM Consultants must have a thorough understanding of the Material Management module and be able to configure the module as per the business requirement. The configuring of Material management typically includes procuring, managing inventory, and Invoice verification. 

In the procurement process, SAP MM consultants must be capable of working with vendors and negotiating contracts. The process also includes: 

  • Creating purchase requisitions

  • Purchase orders

  • Contracts


Inventory Management:

SAP MM Consultants should also have a great deal of knowledge concerning inventory management processes like management of the physical inventory, stock transfers, consignment management, and vendor-managed inventory

Invoice Verification:

SAP MM Consultants must be competent at handling processes of invoice verification like tallying invoices and matching them to purchase orders and goods receipts, and resolving discrepancies


Soft Skills


Analytical Skills:

SAP MMM consultants must possess analytical skills to perform their tasks efficiently. They are required to interpret the complex information embedded in data from numerous sources and to identify the best method for working on a project. The major part of SAP MM Consultants' job role relies substantially on their analytical capabilities which include expertise in maintaining master data such as inspection characteristics, quality notifications, and batch management. 


Communication Skills:

Another significant skill required to perform the SAP MM Consultants job role is to have excellent communication skills. The job role mandates Consultants to work as the mediator between the Management department and the IT department in the company. This entails communicating critical information and complex issues in the best possible manner that both teams can understand. Their communication skills also come in handy while ensuring database integrity with timely updates, and also maintaining and communicating the information of the purchase order. 


This is another significant soft skill that SP MM Consultants must possess to come up with innovative ideas and solutions while performing their job roles. SAP MM analysts are responsible for finding innovative solutions to complex technical problems. They are required to think out of the box to discover advanced solutions for designing/redesigning inventory processes such as configuring changes and master data changes.

Business Acumen:

SAP MM Consultants must possess this most critical skill of business acumen, a great deal of comprehension of the business practices and processes, procurement methods, supply chain, and inventory management. 

Project management Skills

Another critical skill required to perform the job role in SAP MM is to have excellent project management skills essential to implement and manage projects. 

Overview of  SAP MM Consultants Job Role

The SAP MM Consultants job role is oriented within the product management sector of the SAP module. Let us learn more about the job role in SAP MM that Consultants are expected to perform. 


The primary job role in SAP MM is to implement solutions for clients and business entities by understanding their business requirements. 


SAP MM Consultants carry out configuration of the SAP MM module ensuring it meets the client's business needs and requirements. The process includes developing material master data and vendor master data, purchasing groups and organizations, procedures for pricing, and several other settings relevant to the SAP MM module. 

Testing and Training:

Another significant job role in SAP MM is to ensure smooth and efficient working of the SAP MM by performing system testing. 

Their job also entails training in the methods of using the module for end users. 

Support and Maintenance:

The SAP MM Consultant job role also includes offering support in troubleshooting issues, guidance on best practices, and executing fixes and enhancements to the clients. 

Integration with other modules in SAP

Another significant job role in SAP MM is for MM consultants to collaborate with other SAP consultants and work together with them to guarantee a proper integration of the MM modules with the rest of the SAP modules like Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO)


SAP MM Consultants are also responsible for documentation of the SAP MM module like user manuals, system configurations, and process flows.

Continuous Improvement: 

SAP MM Consultants are also tasked with the responsibility of continually reviewing and identifying areas for improvement. They work with clients, collect their feedback, and execute changes and modifications to bring improvement to their business processes. 

Overall the task of SAP MM Consultants is to map out the business requirements and develop/modify products to accomplish the demands of the clients. They execute this process by identifying, interpreting, and documenting the client's requirements, analyzing them, and providing suitable system solutions. A SAP MM consultant is expected to have years of experience, the competencies, and the accurate skills to perform effectively.

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