Is the PMP Certification still in demand? 


The short and simple answer to this question is that yes, the PMP certification is still very much in demand. The PMP certification is the most prestigious, meritorious, and exclusive certification for project managers. As the name suggests the PMP certification is a certification meant to be given out to professionals working in the field of project management. This certification very hard to obtain because it involves clearing a PMP certification exam. This exam is a most difficult and arduous exam and it is hardly a cakewalk to clear the exam successfully. In fact, many would say that the exam is prohibitively difficult and the mere presence of this exam disqualifies many candidates from ever seeing the prestigious PMP credentials next to their names. At least 50% of their way will be cleared by signing up for PMP certification training.

The most galling aspect of the whole procedure is that the PMP certification exam has several requirements which a candidate must fulfill in order to appear for the exam. One of those requirements is that a candidate must have a 4-year university or college degree. This degree must be obtained through fair and legal means and the academic record of the candidate must be absolutely clean. Another demand of the PMI or the Project Management Institute is that the candidate must have 36 months or 3 years of experience as a professional project manager. This means that he must have held a position of power, leadership, and authority for 3 consecutive years and must have led many projects to successful completion to even be considered for the PMP certification.

As we all know, beggars can’t be choosers. The fact that the PMI can set such stringent requirements and such exacting demands for the PMP certification requirements shows that they are operating from a position of strength. This can also be seen by the incredibly large number of applications which send applications to the PMI, which incidentally is a very good source of revenue for the PMI. The google searches for PMP certification alone are a testament to the fact that the PMP certification is still in huge demand and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future.

Is the PMP Certification still in demand

How to Apply for a PMP certification?

  •  The first step of this extensive procedure is that one must apply to become a registered member of the PMI or the Project Management Institute. This is a very important step and it cannot be glossed over, not least because it costs a large amount of money to apply for registration with the PMI. By getting a PMP certification online one can complete this step automatically.
  • To complete the first step, one has to send a payment of a total of $139 to the bank account of the PMI. This will give one full and complete affiliation and association with the PMI. This is advantageous because it costs $555 to appear for the PMP certification exam if one is a non-member but only $405 to appear for the PMP certification exam if one has membership with the PMI.
  • The next step is to fill up the PMP application form online and complete all the blanks in it. One has to fill in every detail which the PMI asks for in the form. Otherwise, the application will be rejected even before it is reviewed. The PMI will take up to 5 business days to review the application thoroughly and in an in-depth manner. Only after checking it with the greatest meticulousness and painstaking care will they choose to respond to the candidate. If the application is approved by them, they will send an invitation link to the candidate so that he can schedule his PMP certification exam and pay the application fees. This step of the procedure is outlined clearly in any decent PMP certification training online.
  • The next step is that one should create an account on the official website of Prometric. The candidate will have one whole year from PMI’s side to register for their examination on Prometric. If one-year passes and the candidate has not registered for the exam on Prometric’s official website, the validity of their original application which they submitted to PMI will expire. If they still want to take the PMP certification exam they will have to send an application to PMI again.
  • The last step is to actually appear for the PMP certification exam and clear it successfully. Only in this way can a candidate gain the prestigious, meritorious, exclusive, and valuable credentials of a PMP certified professional. Otherwise, they will have spent all the money which they have spent on the procedure so far in vain. In order to not waste the money, they have spent to meet the PMP certification cost one should prepare well for the exam and take it in a relaxed and fresh mood so that they can increase their chances of passing the exam successfully.

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