Is it Worth Getting PMP Certified?


In the past few decades there has been a revolution in every industy and every sector in the world. The main reason for this is technology. After the advent of technology, the capabilities of all businesses and organizations in the world have expanded. Now they wish to attempt projects of greater and greater magnitude and expand their reach farther and farther. As the ambit of their projects has grown, so have the requirements of each project. Companies have to hire multiple teams of very large size and assign them to different parts of a project. Or sometimes multiple teams are assigned to different parts of different projects but those parts are interlinked in some way. Or the same team has to complete work on different parts of a project.

All this requires a high degree of collaboration and communication. If the teams are to work together, they will have to have a strong and wise guiding hand behind them who can oversee all the work and coordinate all the team members’ efforts together. This is where a project manager is needed. He has a birds-eye view of the whole project and can step in and intervene to coordinate all the efforts of the team members, identify and avert risks, and prevent failures from happening. He also has to keep the work on the project from stagnating and keep it progressing at a good pace so that the project is completed before the deadline.

The PMP certification is by far the most popular, well-known, and prestigious certification in the field of project management. It is recognized and respected by all businesses and organizations in the world. If one gets a PMP certification they are immediately given the status of being very skilled and competent project managers. It acts as a certificate of validation for a person and it serves as a testament to their skills, knowledge, experience, expertise, and determination as project managers. Getting the PMP certification is not an easy task. The PMP certification exam has a failure rate of well over 70%. This shows what a difficult task it is to get a PMP certification. So it is recommended that one undergo PMP certification training before taking the exam.

Why should one get a PMP certification

Why should one get a PMP certification?

1. The candidate can show their determination and self-driven learning mindset -

Getting a PMP Certification is not an easy task. One has to create a detailed preparation strategy and stick to it dedicatedly for seveal months. One has to study hard and very intensely in order to become familiar with all the topics in the vast syllabus of PMP.


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All the above domains are very extensive and thus one has to spend long hours every day to make themselves well-versed with each of them. So a candidate who clears the PMP exam and gets the PMP certification can show their determination and self-driven learner’s mindset to their potential employers. Getting a PMP certification online will make one familiar with all these domains.

2. The candidate will get a lot of credibility for their efforts -

In today’s job market, there exist many unscrupulous elements which seek to gain entry into the companies’ payrolls by giving false information about themselves in their resumes and in the job interviews. Hiring managers are perplexed by these individuals and are at aloss about what to do about their activities. These unscrupulous elements sometimes even provide false references for their fictitious career and are the bane of hiring managers all over the world. So when the hiring managers see the PMP certification listed on someone’s resume, they immediately feel a lot of relief and give him first preference over all the other candidates in the hiring pool.

3. It opens the door to the highest paid jobs in the various industries -

The role of a project manager is an incredibly important one. It is central to the performance of a project. That is, it is the project manager who determines the success or failure of a project to a large degree. There are many moving parts in a project. Various teams are striving together or separately to complete the project on time. If the project manager is not skilled and competent, all their efforts can come to naught. Due to the importance of their positions, companies pay project managers very high salaries. Undergoing PMP certification training online will give one access to these highly paid jobs.

4. The candidate gains recognition in the corporate world at large -

The PMI or the Project Management Institute is the governing body of the PMP certification. It is a very prestigious and famous institute. Anyone who clears the PMP certification exam and becomes certified is given formal credentials by the PMI. Now, the PMI has a very extensive network of professionals throughout the world with many chapters. So a PMP-certified professional is given recognition by all his fellow professionals from all the chapters of PMI in the world and this recognition comes from the corporate world too.

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