Is Digital Marketing a good career?


The 21st Century brought in a new era, from technological revolution to digital transformation, changing how enterprises operate. With digital innovations unleashing drastic change and fierce competition amongst business firms, it has become inevitable for companies to employ professionals with specific skills to thrive with innovative and impactful methods distinct from their contemporaries. 

So is digital marketing a good career? A career in digital marketing is undoubtedly promising and rewarding. Aside from it being a broad field with plenty of job avenues and opportunities for learning new things constantly, there are many more reasons why this career path has the edge over other fields. 

To validate the answer to why a digital marketing career is good, let us look into a few aspects of this field.

Big room for employment: In today's world, employers are looking for soft skills people. If you are in the moderate-income range and have some digital abilities, you can advance your career by gaining more skills, particularly in this area. Planned skill development can help you succeed in your future missions.

Multifaceted Field: In several other fields, once you have already chosen a specialism, it can be tough to change your course. You may have to go through a lot of training. While in digital marketing, switching your course only need a little training. Individuals have the opportunity of improving their existing talents while also acquiring new ones. One can learn more about the numerous career opportunities in digital marketing by joining digital marketing courses, expanding their network, and exposure to varied opportunities. 

Growing Field: Career security is important while seeking a job in an ever-changing business. Digital marketing hence is a good fit as it is constantly evolving. There's always something new to learn and improve on if you're eager to do so. Since there are so many various tasks to fill in this business and so many different creative marketing techniques to design, digital marketing allows you to fully invest yourself in the field and have a secure position. 

Training at your convenience: Digital marketing is a field that requires professionals to learn new abilities to progress continually. The best aspect is that you may train at your own pace and your degree of comfort. You can improve your skills by enrolling in a digital marketing course online. You may enhance your skills by developing websites or writing blogs, and managing your social media page. 

Diverse Ecosystem: This field offers an excellent opportunity to meet different people with varying skill sets, and hence you will get to expand your creative side. Working with diverse individuals allows you to learn from them and find a new course in life, such as learning a new talent to expand your portfolio.

Is Digital Marketing a good career

Is Digital Marketing well paid?

The disparity of demand and supply has resulted in the demand for skilled professionals. Professionals with the right kind of skills and expertise are paid attractive remunerations. They also have a lot of room to negotiate their pay. When you work in a profitable industry with a significant skills shortage, you are a priced asset. 

Another attractive aspect of this industry is the flexibility to work from anywhere without requiring you to perform in-house. This allows the scope of working from home as a freelancer. Hence, if you have the necessary experience or expertise and the ability to demonstrate your accomplishments, you can negotiate and obtain your desired pay in this sector.

Is Digital Marketing in-demand? 

The rise of digital penetration in India and the e-commerce boom has resulted in the growing demand for digital marketing specialists who have the right skill sets. This industry is drawing prominent aspirants, both freshers and seasoned experts, and it offers a wide range of chances to provide to those with different skill sets. Digital marketing is increasing at a 25-30% annual rate and shows no signs of slowing down. Digital marketing today accounts for a significant amount of the marketing budgets of large multinational corporations like Unilever and P&G, and top-guns like Amazon and Zomato have even higher expenses.

What is the highest position in Digital Marketing?

There is no such hierarchy that defines a profile as being the highest in digital marketing. However, the more you learn and advance your skills, the higher the chances are to reach the summit of your career and fetch yourself the highest-paying job in digital marketing. 

Digital Marketing Specialist, Digital Account Executive, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and Copywriter are the top five most in-demand marketing positions, according to a study report given out by LinkedIn.

Furthermore, the fastest-growing job trend demonstrates that search engine marketing and search engine optimization remain a top priority for businesses. The top five fastest-growing careers are media coordinator, search engine marketing manager, social media coordinator, search engine marketing manager, and media manager.

What is the salary in Digital Marketing?

For your greater knowledge, below is a brief list of average salaries paid to the various job profiles in Digital marketing in the country.

  • Digital Marketing Manager- 4 to 10 lakhs per annum
  • SEO Manager - 3 to 7 lakhs INR per annum
  • SEM/PPC expert - 3 to 5 lakhs INR per annum
  • Web developer/designer - 3 to 6 lakhs INR per annum
  • Social Media Manager - 3.5 to 7 lakhs INR per annum
  • Content Writer- 2.5 to 5 lakhs INR per annum

The salary in digital marketing may differ according to your skills and the level of experience of each job profile.

To help you have a clearer picture, below is a list of the average salary in digital marketing in India based on their experience.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist

  • 0-1 year of Experience: 1,76,578 (INR) annually
  • Less than 4 years of Experience: 234,460 (INR) annually
  • 5 - 9 years of Experience: 4,58,532 (INR) annually

PPC Analyst 

  • Less than 1 year of experience: 3 lakhs INR per annum. 
  • More than 2 years of experience: 4-5 lakhs INR per annum.

Web Developer 

  • Less than 1 year of experience: 2 lakhs INR per annum 
  • More than 2-3 years of experience: 3-5 lakhs INR per annum.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

  • Less than 1 year of experience: 2,52,444 INR annually
  • Less than 4 years of experience: 340,924 INR annually
  • 5-9 years of experience: 6,85,923 INR annually

Search Engine Marketing Specialist 

  • Less than one year of experience: 2,80,000 INR per year
  • Less than four years of experience: 363,547 INR per year 
  • 5-9 years of experience: 9,75,000 INR per year.

Digital Marketing Manager

  • Entry-level - ₹5,48,755 (INR) per annum
  • Over 5-9 years of experience: ₹7,09,800- ₹10 lakhs INR per annum

How can I get a good salary in Digital Marketing?

The most practical and attainable way to get a good salary in digital marketing is to keep learning the industry's skills. The more skilled and experienced you are as a professional, the more chances and opportunities you have in your grab. Learn all the essential skills through a digital marketing course and remain dynamic, impactful, and productive. 

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