Is Cyber Security A Good Course ?


The answer to whether a particular stream of studies or course is ideal majorly depends on the prospects the course will offer in the future.  Considering that cyber security is becoming increasingly popular, a career in cyber security is without a doubt promising. This reflects the fact that doing a cyber security course will highly be beneficial in this modern-day world. 

Currently, cybersecurity is an excellent career to pursue because there is a huge demand for workers with these talents. 

As projected by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field of information security is going to amplify by 31% starting from the year 2019 up to 2029. This decade's span of positive growth specifically within the field surpassed the average growth percentage of all other vocations combined at 4%. The ample growth is backed by the massive opportunities that the field offers in terms of job availability. 

The field of cyber security is vast and covers a range of applications giving rise to multiple positions of work within the domain. Businesses in every industry confront cybersecurity concerns, from healthcare and banking to entertainment and retail, therefore there are opportunities in a wide range of sectors and specializations.

To pursue this exciting field thus entails undertaking a cyber security course. Hence, Yes, Cyber security is a good course with a promising future to look forward to. 

Is Cyber Security Worth Studying?

There is no denying that taking up a course in cyber security is worth the investment. There can be no better time to venture into this highly in-demand career of cyber security than to start now. The demand for cybersecurity personnel is significantly surpassing the supply, as cyber threats and attacks become more frequent and sophisticated. This disparity in demand and supply implies guaranteed jobs for cyber security practitioners who have undergone comprehensive and rigorous training. Hence, job security is what entails investing in cyber security courses. . According to Forbes, by 2022, there will be 1.8 million cybersecurity employment openings.

The one defining reason why is cyber security worth studying and the most crucial advantage is the training and knowledge that the course imparts to the prospective professionals. 

To become a cyber security specialist or professional one needs to fulfill certain qualifications which can only be obtained through a cyber security course

Cyber security courses are worth every bit of investment you make. Prospective professionals get to learn cyber security theory and put that knowledge into practice, gain specific knowledge and skills in the areas of technology, law, governance, policy, compliance, intelligence, incident response, and management. Ideally, most cyber security courses emphasize immersive experience providing learners with the real-world experience and the inherent skills they should be adept at to navigate the cyber security professional path and be successful leaders.

The growth rate of cyber security careers surpassing all other industries is one definite reason why one must plan to get into the field. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job market for information security analysts is rising at a pace of 31%, which is far faster than the average for other occupations as mentioned earlier. 

The high demand thus entails a high level of training and education to birth expert professionals ready and capable of outdoing the massive cybercrime occurring across the globe. Those with the necessary education and experience, have a plethora of options, with employment openings in practically every state and every industry, both private and public.

Let's now find out - Is cyber security in demand?

The first thing that probably pops up in one's head while deciding on a career course is the prospect the course will offer. So, it is natural and logical that you question - Is cyber security in demand?

Yes, the cyber security field has recently become not just a hyped vocation and buzzword that you hear often. Cyber security is the "It" factor that can provide safety and security to our digital expanse. 

The massive adoption of the internet and cloud platforms has fueled the need for experts to protect all the activities occurring in the digital space. 

With an estimation of over USD 6 trillion annually of cybercrime cost by 2021, the rate has spiked double the rate from the previous years and there have been reports of breaches and exposure of sensitive records at millions of rates. Firms and organizations are faced with the need to enforce expertise and professionals to do away with hostile cyber intent. They are in critical need of hiring professionals with in-depth security knowledge to win the cyber battle.

The rise in cybercrime has resulted in organizations of all sizes or structures and reputations susceptible to cyber threat targets. No one firm or organization is immune to cyber threats. Huge revenue losses and client trust are the resultant impacts that organizations have been challenged with falling victims of cyberattacks.

Qualified cybersecurity specialists are required by businesses. Companies and organizations are prioritizing the development and maintenance of a team of technologists and cybersecurity professionals who understand how attackers think now more than ever.

Hence, to answer the question - Is cyber security in demand, it definitely is and will only continue to expand in the coming future.

Which course is best in cyber security?

You must be an aspirant enticed by the rewarding and promising prospects that the cyber security field has to offer. Now the next thing you may probably do is the question of which course is best in cyber security?

Finding out which course is best in cyber security will be a tricky and tough job for starters as there are numerous choices and options available. Apart from the conventional university degree programs, multiple training institutes are providing field-related training. This compounds the complexity of channelizing one's career course. 

We have listed out the best cyber security course to help you figure out your career plan

Ethical Hacker Certification (CEH): This is a highly-skilled hacker's sole opponent. Someone who is just as well-trained in case if not better. As a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), you will learn to think like a cybercriminal, which is crucial in combating cybercrime. You'll be one step closer to becoming a Certified Ethical Hacker if you enroll in a cyber security training course that teaches the same strategies that cybercriminal masterminds use.

CompTIA Security+: It is a certification offered by CompTIA. Students who take a CompTIA Security+ course will learn how to install and configure systems to secure networks, apps, and devices. Students also learn how to conduct threat evaluations and respond with suitable mitigation approaches, as well as participate in risk reduction activities, all while adhering to applicable rules, laws, and regulations. This cyber security course can be an ideal option if you want to create a solid IT foundation and master the essentials from the ground up.

Professional in Information System Security Certification (CISSP): The Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP) is another training course to consider if you want to enter into the field of network security. This certification makes professionals stand out from the rest if they aim to work as system engineers, analysts, or IT security managers. Professionals already working in the field may use this certification for career progression, potentially leading to a better position and higher pay. In fact, if you want to work as a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you'll need to have this qualification.

Manager of Information Security Certification (CISM): A Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification course, like the CISSP certification course, requires at least five years of professional experience, including three years of experience working as an information security manager. In addition, professional expertise in three of the four CISM domains is required. This certification may be ideal for you if you already have experience in the field of cyber security and want to advance your career. This cyber security course follows ISACA best practices and is designed to help you pass the CISM exam the first time.

Auditor of Information Systems Certification (CISA)

Information auditing is the emphasis of the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification. With this qualification, you may demonstrate to potential employers that you are not only knowledgeable in the field of information technology, but also have extensive auditing experience.

You can obtain the skills you need to undertake an efficient security audit within a business by enrolling in a CISA course. This is frequently the first step in spotting any possible security vulnerabilities, and businesses place a high value on people who are trained to do so efficiently.

Is cyber security a good career in future ?

With all the above discussions, there is no doubt that cyber security would be the right career path for the future. To put it explicitly and to answer- Is cyber security a good career in future, we enlist the following few reasons:

Growth at an exponential rate

Because of the rapid expansion, cybersecurity experts may scale up and make significant financial rewards. In the United States, a cyber security professional can earn an average base salary of US$83,516 per year. Professionals can also readily bargain for the pay they want. The demand for cybersecurity specialists vastly outnumbers the supply due to a scarcity of technically proficient people. As a result, unemployment is close to nil, and finding work in this industry is much easier.

Role diversity in the field

Network Security Engineers, Information Security Analysts, Forensics Experts, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and Penetration Testers are all options. Vulnerability Assessor, Cybersecurity Manager, and Security Architect positions are also available. Certifications can help hopefuls advance in their cybersecurity professions, even if they start as entry-level system administrators. This will aid in gaining knowledge of cutting-edge core security technologies and procedures that businesses utilize to safeguard their assets.

Professions in cybersecurity are in constant demand

 The demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to expand at an exponential rate in the future. Furthermore, cybersecurity professionals are sought after for their analytical thinking, precision, efficient communication, and problem-solving abilities. These professionals can specialize in a variety of fields, such as safe network administration, secure systems administration, cloud security, or information technology.

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